How To Kill A Cockroach Without Touching It In 8 Simple Ways

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So are you one of those that shivers even thinking about a cockroach? I agree cockroaches are nasty. Worst when they fly towards you. Unfortunately, they can invade your home. So, it is better to know all the tricks to remove them. I know what you must be thinking, how to kill a cockroach without touching it?

The following are the most effective ways to eliminate cockroaches without touching them. 

  • Use Boric Acid
  • Cockroach spray
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth
  • Place adhesive traps
  • Cockroach gel
  • Bait stations
  • DIY cockroach killers
  • Spray Anti-Cockroach concentrates

I have explained all of these methods in detail below. So, continue reading to find an easy and effective solution to eliminating this nasty creature. 

[8] Tips To Kill Cockroaches Without Touching Them

It is challenging to eliminate cockroaches but not impossible. It will take some effort and time. But, soon you will get rid of these persistent nasty pests. Cockroaches love dirty, warm, and moist surroundings.

Your kitchen and bathroom are the main breeding points. So, keeping them both clean and clutter free is the key to the entire process. Below are a few tips to help you. The bonus is you will never have to touch the nasty bug.

Use Boric Acid

Boric acid is the most popular and effective method for eliminating cockroaches. It works effectively even for a massive nasty infestation. But, it is also not safe for humans and pets. To use Boric acid, remove things from the countertops, cabinets, and drawers.

The next step is to clean the surfaces with either vacuum. You can also use mild detergent and water for thorough cleaning. Then spread boric acid all over the place. Make sure you go behind the appliances and drains. It is better to apply it at night as cockroaches usually come out of their nest during the dark. For severe infestation, you will have to reapply it for two days or more. To make a Boric acid bait combine it with sugar and flour. 

Cockroach Spray

Imagine chilling in a lounge, and you saw a massive cockroach moving towards your couch. In this case, it is better to use cockroach spray. You can use a DIY cockroach killer or a chemical pesticide. Use the spray directly on the cockroach for at least 30 seconds. You can spray it from a distance targeting the bug. It will save you time and energy. And you will never have to come directly in contact with the cockroach. 

If you want to use cockroach killer spray for massive infestation, first clear out the place. Remove all the food containers, clothes, etc. Then after vacuuming, spray the killer on all the areas required. Remember to wear a mask while using chemical roach sprays. Also, disconnect your gas lines if using them in the kitchen. Cause most of these chemicals are flammable. It is also advised not to use harsh chemicals when you have children or pets.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is one of the oldest and the most effective in killing cockroaches. It might appear as a fine powder to you. But they have a crystalline structure that can penetrate the insect’s skin. Diatomaceous Earth Powder cuts through the cockroach’s skin, causing water loss. So, it kills cockroaches through severe dehydration. 

It is safe for humans and pets as long as it is not inhaled. So, use a mask while dealing with it to protect your lungs. After cleaning the required area, spread the powder evenly. You might have to reapply and do it for a day or two for good results.

Place Adhesive Traps

Adhesive or glue traps are effective in removing a big cockroach. It is not the best option to use in a massive cockroach infestation. If you have a cockroach infestation use another method along with this. Adhesive traps work for almost all pests. Place them at the pest entrance and wait for them to come out.

You can purchase the Adhesive traps from the market or make one yourself. Take a large piece of duct tape and place peanut butter at the center. Place these traps where you suspect a cockroach hiding place. Check traps after 2 to 3 days. If it is full discard it and replace them with a new one. If it hasn’t caught any cockroaches on it, move it to another place.

Cockroach Gel

Cockroach gels are a strategic weapon against a massive cockroach infestation. It attracts roaches towards itself, making it their last meal. Cockroach gels are available in many different formulas. It lures the pest into eating the Gel Bait. Cockroaches mistake the gel for food and ingest the poison contained inside.

The best part is it spreads the poison from one cockroach to another. Cockroach feeds on their dead ones. So it will spread through their entire colony. It is a simple technique with quick results. The Gel Bait can also reach the area which is hardest to cover. That are cracks and holes in doors, windows, and walls. Just push a pea-sized amount through the syringe. You will see results within a day or two.

Spray Anti-Cockroach Concentrates

Anti-Cockroach liquid concentrates are available in the store. Dilute the liquid by adding water to it. Then spray it on all the places where cockroaches hide. It works best to kill cockroaches in crevices and cracks. You can also pour a few drops of this liquid into a large bucket of water and mop your house with it.

Bait Stations

When you have a severe cockroach infestation, it might be hard to find its source. In that case, cockroach bait stations are the most practical option. They work effectively on all types of cockroaches, big or small. The baits contain harsh chemicals that kill roaches after ingestion. Most of these premade baits have a compound that lures cockroaches toward them.

So, it usually takes 24 hours to get rid of the massive cockroach colony. When a cockroach finds something edible, it will carry it to its nest, killing itself and others. It is to use and makes no mess. Simply place them where you see cockroaches roaming. Use it under sinks, near drains, behind appliances, and in toilets. 

DIY Cockroach Killers

If you want to avoid using abrasive chemicals that are not pet or human-friendly, DIY baits are always an option. So, skip going to the store. And try making some on your own using things at home.

Fabric Softener 

Fabric softener kills cockroaches by suffocating them. The chemicals in this will block the pores on cockroach skin. Mix 90 ml of fabric softener with 60 ml of water. Then pour it into a spray bottle and shake it vigorously. Spray it where you know cockroaches are hiding. It works best when you spray it directly on the bug.

Soap And Water

It is an inexpensive method and kills cockroaches by suffocating them. Add three tablespoons of dish or any other liquid soap to a cup of water. Mix it well and pour it into a spray bottle. It also works best when you spray it directly on the cockroach. But it only takes 2 to 3 sprays to kill a cockroach with it.  

Baking Soda And Sugar Mixture

The food attracts cockroaches more than anything. Humans can ingest baking soda. But it is deadly for small animals. Eating baking soda will cause severe acidity in the cockroach, leading to a painful death. Take a large bowl and mix equal parts of baking soda and sugar. Place this anywhere you have seen cockroaches. It is also effective for severe cockroach infestation. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils like clove, rosemary, cedar, and eucalyptus have proven 100 percent mortality against cockroaches. Use Essential oil with a concentration between 2.5 to 30 percent. Take 100ml water and pour ten drops of the Essential oil in it. Mix it well in a spray bottle. Spray the solution where needed. This also deters other types of bugs.

What Naturally Kills A Cockroach?

The most effective natural cockroach killers are Borax and sugar and Diatomaceous Earth. Both of these kill cockroaches by causing severe body water loss leading to dehydration. Diatomaceous Earth is a white powder made from diatoms which are tiny organisms. It has fine crystalline particles that pierce through the outer skeleton of the cockroaches. 

Borax is a chemical that kills them by ingestion. You can use Borax Powder directly or combine it with other ingredients. Borax mixed with sugar lures the nasty bugs from all their hiding places. Combine Borax with equal quantities of sugar and flour. Then knead it like dough using water. Make small balls and place them where needed. 

How To Kill A Flying Cockroach Without Touching It

Flying cockroaches can be a nightmare if you have a cockroach phobia. Dealing with them is slightly complicated but not impossible. The steps below will guide you on how to kill that nasty bug without panicking.

  1. Turn on all the lights in your room and open doors and windows. Cockroaches hate the brightness and will look for a way out. 
  2. Grab an insecticide and spray it furiously on the cockroach for 30 seconds. 
  3. Rush out of the room and close the door. 
  4. Check the room after ten minutes. You will find it dead or gone. 
  5. If a cockroach is still there, you can use a vacuum to suck it. Connect the vacuum and point the sucker toward the cockroach. It can get stuck in the mouth of the vacuum cleaner. Just run to the place where you can discard it. 
  6. You can also splash water on the cockroach. Grab a large bucket of water and throw it on the bug using all the power. Water might not kill the cockroach. But it can paralyze it for a while. During that time, throw it away using a broom and dustpan.

What Are The Preventative Measures To Keep Cockroaches Away

Cockroach infestation is common all across the world. It is hard to deal with and can take days to leave your house. Seeing even one cockroach in your house can send shivers. And it can lead you to a thorough inspection of your home. So, it is necessary to take early measures to be safe rather than sorry.

  1. Remove the clutter from all around your house. Cartons, old magazines, and books can be the hub of their growth.
  2. Clean your kitchen drawers and pantry at least once a month. Also, clear away the crumbs and spills using detergent.
  3. Disinfect the kitchen counter once a day. 
  4. Store food items in containers and sealed bags. And avoid keeping unnecessary food items around.
  5. Take out garbage daily. Piles of old food and waste material can be the source of cockroaches. 
  6. Similarly, avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight. 
  7. Give a good clean to the bathroom at least once in two days.
  8. Don’t leave dirty clothes on the floors for days. Cockroaches and other pests can hide there. 
  9. Seal all the cracks and crevices in doors, windows, and walls. It will keep cockroaches out in the first place. 
  10. Restrict food consumption to only one place in the house.

What Kills Roaches Overnight?

Borax, Baking soda, Diatomaceous Earth, Gel Bait, and traps can kill cockroaches overnight. But it depends upon the infestation. In severe infestations, any method can take days to eliminate.

All of these cause slow and natural death. If you want to get rid of cockroaches overnight, use bait along with them. Combine the chemical or cockroach killer with food to lure them towards it. Cockroaches will spread the poison among their colonies without knowing.

So, you will probably find numerous cockroaches dead bodies in the morning. Avoid using Borax, Gel Bait, and traps when you have children and pets. Borax and gel baits are equally lethal for humans. Also, don’t use Diatomaceous Earth if you have respiratory issues. 


Cockroaches are nasty and hard to deal with. There are dozens of methods to kill cockroaches. So, touching cockroaches to kill them is not an option, as they contain numerous bacteria. So, next time you see a cockroach, instead of squishing it use a spray on it.

In case of severe infestation, look for their source. Then decide on the chemical to use against them. Poisons are always the best options. Cause they can wipe out their colonies within hours. Above I have discussed some of the most effective tips. If you fail to eliminate roaches using them, contact a professional service. 


What Kills Cockroaches Instantly?

Adhesive traps, essential oils, Gel baits, soap water solution, and cockroach sprays kill cockroaches instantly. Use either of these When you see a cockroach roaming around your house. You will see it dying within seconds. The key is to use them directly on the cockroach in ample amounts. 

Does Killing A Cockroach Attracts More

No. Killing a cockroach will not attract more. It is a myth. In fact, killing a cockroach with poison-like gel baits will kill more. Cockroaches are social insects. But they are tiny and scared as well. So they don’t take revenge. Nor do they go to a place where they had a bad experience.

How Do I Keep Roaches Away From My Sleep?

Cockroaches avoid humans. But when you are sleeping, a cockroach can crawl up to you. Cause cockroaches are attracted to warm and moist places. To keep roaches away from your room, keep it clean and clutter-free. Also, make sure that no food or garbage is lying around. Plus, keep the doors and windows securely closed.

Why Should You Not Squish A Cockroach?

Squishing cockroaches is as dirty as it sounds. Touching a cockroach itself is nasty. And when you squish it, you will spread more diseases and germs. Cockroaches carry many bacteria that can live in the environment for a long time. And can spread diseases in humans and pets.

What Is The Most Powerful Way To Kill Roaches?

Boric acid, when used correctly, is the most powerful way to kill cockroaches. It is odorless. So, cockroaches can crawl over it without realizing it is poison. It absorbs through the cockroach’s outer skeleton and affects the nervous and digestive systems. It leads to a slow and painful death.  


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