Does Coyote Urine Repel Raccoons [Top Tips To Know]

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Raccoons are a nuisance and irritating creatures commonly present in urban areas. Although they don’t harm humans, they may cause significant damage to your property. Various animals’ urine works as a strong raccoon repellent. Point to ponder now, does coyote urine repel raccoons?

Coyote urine is an effective repellent to deter raccoons. The odor of coyote urine has powerful repelling properties that target the sense of smell of raccoons. Raccoons are frightened of coyotes and steer clear of the area when they detect the odor of coyote urine from a distance.

If you have raccoon infestations on your property, read the below guidelines to repel them using coyote urine.

Does Coyote Urine Attract Raccoons?

Yes, coyote urine attracts raccoons and other predators like rats, skunks, and squirrels. According to Physiology & Behavior Journal, coyote urine can elicit anti-predatory defensive mechanisms in animals, including avoidance, danger estimation, and a decrease in seeking behavior.

Although raccoons hate the smell of coyote urine, they are drawn towards it because it warns them of danger, causing them to avoid it. As raccoons have dominant olfactory receptors, they sense the smell of their predators from a long distance. Therefore, spray coyote urine where you think raccoons may be present because it has a persistent odor.

Does Urine Keep Raccoons Away?

Yes, urine is an effective way to keep raccoons away. Raccoons hate the smell of ammonia. According to the book Stat Pearls, ammonia is a natural by-product of the human body and has a pungent odor. Therefore, raccoons don’t wander in areas close to stale urine because of ammonia.

Similar to humans, urea is a waste product of raccoons. Urea consists of nitrogen and turns into ammonia when excreted from the body. Raccoons respond unfavorably to ammonia’s smell the same way as people do. As they are clean animals, raccoons even avoid their urine spots. Ammonia or urine odor can therefore serve as a good raccoon deterrent.

How Does Coyote Urine Work?

Coyote urine can keep raccoons and other pests away when utilized appropriately. When you want to repel raccoons, you can use coyote urine by applying it to some fabric, including torn pieces of cloth and cotton balls. After that, you can spread them along the way of raccoons to keep them away from your property.

When a raccoon approaches the wet fabric or cotton balls, it detects the coyote’s scent from the pee and avoids coming closer to such area for its safety. When this happens, the raccoons will flee and look for a new home to stay in.

How Long Does Coyote Urine Remain?

Coyote urine has almost the same power in repelling raccoons as hot-sauce branded deterrents. Although coyote urine has a consistent odor, you can’t use it for a very long period to deter raccoons. That’s why it isn’t advised as the only DIY pest control option. When a coyote’s urine comes in contact with the oxygen in the air, it oxidizes quickly, and the stench eventually goes away.

If coyotes are continuously urinating outside, you must know that the air will devoid of the stench of their droppings. For this method to be effective, you must reuse the coyote urine frequently, especially on a rainy day.

Does Coyote Urine Truly Work?

People believe the stench of a large predator like a coyote will keep pests like raccoons out of their vicinity because they are afraid of being attacked. When it comes to employing coyote urine as a raccoon repellent, the efficiency is, however, relatively low.

As mentioned above, once coyote pee is exposed to air, it oxidizes quickly. As a result, the pee will no longer smell like coyote urine and won’t even be noticeable. Therefore, even if it can be effective for a brief while, the raccoons will return as soon as the smell goes away. Hence, It’s not a perfect repellent, for sure.

How to Use Coyote Urine Effectively to Keep Raccoons Away?

As coyotes are one of the primary predators of raccoons, their urine serves as an effective raccoon deterrent. Using coyote urine to repel raccoons is somewhat tricky. You need to be diligent while employing it on your property. Below are some ways by which you use coyote urine effectively to repel raccoons:

  • You can use coyote urine in conjunction with other physical obstacles, such as fences and traps, to boost the efficiency of each.
  • Coyote urine is available in the form of liquid, powder, and capsule. You can purchase it from a nearby pet shop.
  • You can put the liquid or urine inside a plastic dispenser bottle and hang it on a tree in your backyard.
  • Besides using coyote urine and other preventive measures, you should remove food supplies from your property that may attract raccoons.
  • Apply alternative repellents for raccoons in addition to coyote urine because if you use it regularly, they can become resistant to it.
  • Above all, replace the coyote urine with a fresh one after every two weeks because it loses its potency quickly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Coyote Urine Repellents

Although coyote urine works well to deter raccoons, it might not be the ideal solution for total control. Coyote urine works best when you use it in combination with other remedies. Before using coyote urine, you must know the following pros and cons:


  • Coyote urine is a naturally occurring repellent. It can be used as a natural remedy to get the same outcomes without pesticides.
  • Moreover, comparing coyote urine with other chemical and mechanical methods, it is one of the safest options for your kids and pets.
  • Coyote urine is readily available and comes in different forms like powder, granules, and liquid.
  • Additionally, it is far less expensive than traps and repellents with chemical bases.


  • Coyote urine is not beneficial in the long run because it oxidizes in the air.
  • If you use coyote urine regularly, raccoons get used to it and will not repel.
  • Moreover, the smell of coyote urine does not always draw in other animals.

Best Forms of Coyote Urine

Raccoons can be deterred by several urine-based items, although not all contain urine at the same concentration. Below are the best available coyote urines in the market.

American Heritage Industries Coyote Urine

American heritage industries coyote urine is one of the best brands of coyote urine in the market. It can help in repelling all sizes of coyote prey. Furthermore, American Heritage offers a 16-ounce jar of coyote urine.

To get maximum efficiency of this coyote urine, you should spray it frequently on desired locations to keep away raccoons permanently. Moreover,  you should apply coyote urine in close-by places where you notice raccoons entering your property, such as your garden, balcony, or wood lines.

PredatorPee Original Coyote Urine

Coyote urine is one of the most well-liked natural urine deterrents by PredatorPee. This repellent comes with fragrance tags, which are helpful when it’s time to reapply your scent marks because they make the scent more potent and last longer. Moreover, PredatorPee offers a 62-ounce jar of coyote urine.

To use it effectively, apply it in areas where you have raccoons on your property. These may be your yard, balcony, or the boundary of your property. Simply spray it around your plants instead of directly on them to get excellent results. If you employ the fragrance tag, you can hang it on a tree where you want to scare away raccoons.

Coyote Urine Granules

Although using coyote urine granules is not as effective as a liquid, they can produce fantastic effects when used appropriately. Shake-Away Coyote Urine Granules are among the best-known granule brands available. Although it is best to repel deer, you can use it to keep raccoons away.

You can use coyote urine granules by sprinkling them along the way of raccoons. Remember, you must use them frequently, especially after rain, to achieve maximum efficiency.

What Other Animals are Repelled by Coyote Urine?

Coyote urine is an effective repellent for various animals in addition to raccoons. Some of the animals that repel by coyote urine are listed below.


Coyotes are predators of rabbits. The rabbits will keep away if you apply coyote urine to your yards, plants, and balcony. When the rabbit smells that its predator is near, it starts looking for a remote location.

Above all, there is no assurance that the rabbit continues to run away each time you spray coyote urine in your yard because the scent wears off over time. Thus, you should use coyote urine regularly to keep rabbits away permanently from your property.


Coyotes are the natural predator of squirrels. You may prevent squirrels from entering your yard and keeping away from your house using coyote urine since they do anything to avoid their natural predators.

You can buy coyote urine from a nearby commercial manufacturer. After that, you can use it as a spray or by soaking cotton balls in it. These moist balls can now be dispersed in potential squirrel attack zones. As the squirrels smell the odor of their predator, they flee from the place and never dare to come again.


Coyote urine works well to keep groundhogs away. Because coyotes regularly hunt groundhogs, the smell of their urine in your yard serves as a warning sign for groundhogs that danger is present.

You can use 2-4 ounces of coyote urine by spraying it on the ways of groundhogs. Although dusting coyote urine on a tree’s trunk is preferable, you can apply it directly to the ground to last a long time.

White-Tailed Deer

If a white-tailed deer attacks harvest your gardens, you can use coyote urine to keep it away from your fields. Deers detect the smell of their predator urine, such as a coyote, which makes them reconsider their intentions to raid your gardens.

Moreover, the white-tailed deer is alarmed by the scent of the liquid or granular coyote urine, which makes them think a predator is nearby. You can directly spray the coyote urine on your plants or hang the bottles of urine on your trees to keep deer away from your crops.


Skunks are black and white stinky pests. They can damage your crops by sprinkling musty substances in defense. Utilizing naturally occurring coyote urine is the most effective technique to keep this pesky pest away from your property.

You can simply get coyote urine from your nearby outdoor shop. But remember that if it rains, you’ll need to spray more urine when the ground has dried. You must know that skunks are stubborn, so if you want to deter them, you should be persistent. Spray the coyote’s urine regularly until the skunks vanish.


Although birds are not dangerous as other pests for your property and crops, they may cause havoc if they stay for a long time. You can deter birds from your yard by applying coyote urine to it. The smell of the urine causes the birds to believe that the potential predator is nearby.

You can directly spray the coyote urine on your plants or the nests of birds to repel them. The only disadvantage of using coyote urine is that you have to sprinkle it regularly to get maximum results.

What Other Animal’s Urine Deters Raccoons?

Animals like raccoons are intelligent and creative. They regularly gather food from your pet dishes and trash cans. Aside from using coyote urine, you can use the below-mentioned repellents to keep them away from your home and property.

Mountain Lion Urine

The mountain lion is a wild predator of raccoons. Pure Mountain Lion Urine gives a genuine sense to raccoons that Mountain Lions are nearby. Coyotes respond instinctively when they believe this dangerous predator is around.

You can buy mountain lion urine from your nearby commercial manufacturer. Use coyote urine by soaking cotton balls or spraying it in areas where raccoon attacks are suspected. Moreover, in addition to acting as a pesticide to keep raccoons away, mountain lion urine acts as a powerful territorial decoy.

Fox Urine

Fox urine is a powerful olfactory deterrent, therefore, it lures the raccoon’s sense of smell. It is a formidable repellent due to its volatile elemental makeup and pungent stink. The foxes’ urine odor causes mental stress in raccoons because they serve as their regular prey.

Raccoons flee in defense in response to fox urine odor because it serves as a benign cue for prevention. Spraying fox urine all over your property will successfully dissuade raccoons if they are a natural species in your area.

Wolf Urine

Wolf urine is one of the most widely used repellents to keep pests away like, coyotes and raccoons. Raccoons have such a keen sense of smell that the odor of wolf urine can alarm them against the enemy. Therefore, if a raccoon wanders on your property, you can use wolf urine to kick it off.

To use wolf urine effectively, you can spray it once a month on your property but not on your plants and vegetables. Above all, a 12-ounce container of wolf urine is sufficient to cover a 100-120 feet area for a month.

Bottom Line

As raccoons are intelligent and resourceful pests, getting rid of them is a daring process. There are various ways to deter raccoons, but using coyote urine is an effective method combined with other deterrents.

Remember that urine will become less effective with time and that rain can wipe the odor away. Thus, if it rains frequently, you must reapply coyote urine regularly in designated areas. Moreover, you can also use a urine fragrance tag in a raccoon-infested area.

Lastly, if the above strategies don’t work in repelling raccoons, you should contact a professional pest control company for an effective measure.


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