Do Squirrels Attack Ducks ? Wildlife Interactions

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Squirrels are small rodents and generally live on top of trees. Usually, they feed on whatever they find on land, naming nuts, seeds, fruits, and berries. Sometimes, the squirrels act as predators but do squirrels attack ducks?

Yes, squirrels attack ducks. These little creatures are capable of all manner of treachery. You should not be fooled by their bushy tails and soft round eyes. They are carnivorous, and will squirrels attack and kill birds if they have to.

In this article, we will read through how and why squirrels attack ducks. What can be done to avoid this, and how can you save your ducks from squirrels’ attacks? Happy Reading.

Can Duck Defend Themselves From Predators?


Every animal in this world has some protective mechanism by which it defends itself against the attack of predators. It is either by flying or swimming in the water for the ducks.

Ducks are birds, and they fly to a certain height. However, that height is not that high, contrary to the other birds that fly high up in the sky. This height is sufficient for the ducks to keep themselves away from predator attacks.

The ducks are adept at swimming and will quickly run towards the water body where they live to avoid predators’ attacks. The squirrels, on the other hand, are good swimmers but not great ones. They might be able to chase ducks for a while but not for long as squirrels are land animals and ducks are purely water animals.

What Can Kill A Duck?


There are many duck predators out in the wild. They will wait for the right moment to attack ducks and eat their flesh. That is why the ducks prefer staying near the water bodies so that they can escape whenever possible.

The most common predators of ducks are the red foxes. They are primary predators of ducks and limit duck production in many areas. Predators include skunks, raccoons, coyotes, minks, corvids, badgers, squirrels, and gulls.

Though squirrels are not classified as the proper predators of the ducks, if there is a need to attack ducks, the squirrels will not hesitate to do so. Sometimes, the squirrels attack the baby ducklings so severely that they kill them.

How Do I Keep Predators Away From My Ducks?

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For those people who fear that squirrel attacks will kill their ducks, they have come to the right place. You do not need to fret over this anymore. There are several ways by which you can keep the predators away from your ducks. 

  • It would be best to keep your ducks locked in cages at night. It would be best if you took care to keep the feed inside cages. This will take away the incentive of the predator. 
  • You can use a predator-safe coop. You should install a coop around the yard and start looking for ways to cover the gaps between the ground and fencing. Squirrels are great at digging a burrow and coming out on the other side of the fence.
  • Installing Hardware cloth. This is a kind of open mesh fencing in which a galvanized square mesh is used. It offers the best protection against the predators that dig. You can also use the chicken wire to keep the ducks and predators out. 
  • Motion sensor lights can also be used for active predators at night. Although this does not apply to most squirrels as they sleep at night, one type of squirrel hunts at night- the flying squirrel. So, you must beware of all the possibilities of attack. Better safe than sorry!

Do Squirrels Eat Duck Eggs?

Duck Eggs

Many people are of the view that squirrels feed on acorns and peanuts throughout their lives, but what about bird eggs? Squirrels are capable of eating both meat and plants. That is why they explore both of their options thoroughly!

Squirrels can eat baby birds and bird eggs. They are quick to raid bird nests in the trees and steal eggs for themselves from the chicken coops! The same is the case when it comes to ducks.

Usually, it is the wild squirrels who come out to take away the eggs of the ducks. That is one of the reasons why the mother duck is always on the watch out and has her offspring near her all the time. The squirrels eat this food and give it to their little ones.

Do Squirrels Attack Ducklings?


Yes, the squirrels can attack ducklings too. These attacks can be sudden, and a squirrel usually looks for an opportunity to pounce on the little ducklings. The attacks are often initiated without any warning.

A squirrel first makes sure that the baby duckling is alone. Then it comes closer until it finally attacks by using its paws. This can often be accompanied by chittering vocalizations as well as squeaking. These signs indicate that they are about to attack.

The squirrels like to eat ducks, but they do not attack them often. The primary food source remains the nuts and acorns for the squirrels. Also, attacking ducks is risky as they might strike back in the form of a group.

Do Squirrels Eat Ducks?


Yes, the squirrels do eat ducks after attacking them. Like many mammals, the squirrels are opportunistic omnivores. A squirrel ensures the ducks are dead before munching their meat with their teeth.

However, a duck is a large animal and needs more than one squirrel to finish it. This allows the squirrels to gather around the dead duck and feed it together. Sometimes, the mother squirrel takes up the dead duck for its little ones for lunch.

It must be kept in mind that although the squirrels can dead meat, it is usually the wild ones who are more into hunting. They have the perfect characteristics to go on a hunt and attack prey like ducks.

Do Ducks And Squirrels Get Along?

The ducks and squirrels do not necessarily get along with one another. They can reside in the same locality without harming the other one. The squirrels do not rely on their hunting skills only. They try to gain food by other means and then eat bird flesh.

The duck feed usually attracts them. Squirrels come near ducks to steal bird feed away. The ducks keep ignoring them till squirrels start disturbing them in their comfort zones.

The ducks depict aggressive behavior by lowering their heads to the ground and chasing the squirrel away. When both animals are raised together, the duck and squirrel will be pretty friendly to one another.

Wrapping It Up

The squirrels may seem harmless creatures, but when it comes to filling their stomachs, they will go to any length. They rely on all the food sources that surround them in their habitat. This includes eating birds like ducks as well.

The squirrels are capable of eating baby ducks as well as duck eggs. If you own ducks, you must be looking to protect them from squirrel attacks. Though they are rare but can still happen at any time and anywhere.

You must go through the protective measure mentioned above and see what you can do to keep your ducks safe from furry creatures!


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