Do Bird Mites Die in the Washing Machine? Surprisingly Yes

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Bird mites are tiny insects that are hardly visible to the naked eye and primarily reside on the skin of various birds. They can have a long-lasting impact on you if they get inside your home. So do bird mites die in the washing machine?

Yes, bird mites do die in the washing machine. In washing machines, bird mites should be destroyed at temperatures exceeding 135 degrees Fahrenheit or 57 degrees Celsius.

Bird mites may die by drowning while washing garments in a washing machine with cold or warm water, or they may be rinsed out of the substrate while still alive. Read the article below to know more about bird mites.

Bird Mites

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Fowl and chicken mites are the most common and essential bird mites. Numerous domestic and wild birds, such as chickens, pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and robins, serve as hosts for bird mites and may also be carriers of several diseases.

Most of the time, these bird mites spend their entire lives in bird nests. Bird mites lay their eggs in birds’ nests or on the feathers of birds. If birds are nearby, adult bird mites can be seen five days after hatching in two to three days.

Pet birds such as parrots, pigeons, canaries, and hens may unwittingly introduce bird mites into a home. Although bird mites can bite humans, they cannot reproduce on human blood. No evidence or research proved that bird mites could cause disease in humans.

What Kills Bird Mites In Washing Machines?


Bird mites are killed by high heat, laundry detergent, hot water, and bleach. Machine-washable items can be cleaned in laundry detergent and dried in the dryer to eliminate bird mites and associated allergens.

To eliminate bird mites in the washing machine, wash bedding and clothing in hot water once a week. However, warm water is frequently used for washing. Bird mites are killed by allergen-wash washing detergent.

A few laundry detergents can eradicate bird mites. The majority of allergy-specific detergents contain essential oils as a component.

Between 60 and 83 percent of mites may be removed from clothes by washing them with water, detergent, and bleach, with water and detergent, or in cold or warm water alone. Washing with warm water removes significantly more mites than with cold water.

Can Bird Mites Live In Your Clothes In Laundry?

Clothes In Laundry

Yes, bird mites live in your clothes. One of the most significant hiding places for bird mite allergies is bedding and clothing. As they are hardly visible to the naked eye, you cannot easily recognize whether they are on your clothes or not, but they must be.

However, bird mites do not live on people, still, if they come into contact with clothing due to an infestation, they may unintentionally “hitchhike” when the garment is moved around the house, and they can start living in your clothes.

The burden of allergies might be lessened if the mites and their remains are completely removed from the clothing during laundering. Between 60 and 83 percent of mites may be removed from clothes by washing them with water, detergent, and bleach, with water and detergent, or in cold or warm water alone.

Does Bleach Kill Bird Mites And Bacteria?


Yes, bleach does kill mites and bacteria. But do remember that using bleach to kill mites directly is practical; however, bleach won’t consistently kill mite eggs or larvae. Therefore, eliminating a mite infestation isn’t the most efficient technique.

It’s also critical to remember that extreme caution must be exercised when using it to kill mites due to bleach’s potential for harm. The method you employ will determine how long it takes for bleach to kill mites, but when bleach is directly applied at high concentrations, it can kill mites in just a few minutes.

Because sodium hypochlorite, the main ingredient in bleach, is good at destroying bacteria, it is a powerful and efficient disinfectant.

However, bleach is a harsh chemical that must always be diluted and handled with extreme caution, even if it may kill the mites.

Will Bird Mites Drown In Water?

Bird Mites

Mites will drown in water when washing clothes or something in your washing machine. Numerous mites die by drowning or are washed and flushed of the substrate while still alive, especially when washed with cold or warm water.

To get rid of bird mites, it is possible to drown them. This may be the method that people use the most frequently to try to eradicate bird mites.

You can take advantage of the fact that bird mites are easily removed by washing them away with water. In the washing machine, warm washing effectively eradicates and drowns more mites than cold washing.

Can Bird Mites Be Killed In The Dryer?


Yes, dust mites can be killed in the dryer. Dust mites are killed by high heat, laundry detergent, and hot water.

The tiny arachnoids known as mites flourish in the skin flakes, dust, and other detritus that collect in the crevices of a home’s bedding, stuffed animals, padded furniture, and carpets. 

The best technique to get rid of dust mites is using a multifaceted strategy; there is no one great dust mite killer. It can reduce dust mites and clean houses by reducing humidity, eliminating dust, and drying plush toys and fabrics.

Stuffed toys cannot be cleaned in hot water, so stuffed toys in the washer can be tumbled in a hot dryer for 15-20 minutes to kill the bird mites from clothes. Machine-washable goods can be tumble-dried before being washed with laundry detergent to kill mites and associated allergies.

Can Mites Live In A Washing Machine?

When several live mites and allergens in cleaned versus unwashed and washed versus unwashed mite-free products. Results: 60% and 83% of the live bird mites were eradicated with detergent or bleach while washing clothing and bedding in water alone.

High-loading washing machines, whose tubs are filled with water and kept there while being agitated, have been used to wash blankets in hot and cold water to remove dust and bird mites. 

Numerous bird mites drown or are washed out of the substrate while still alive when cleaned in cold or warm water. In contrast, many more recent electronic washing machines are front-loaders that conserve water by constantly wetting and spinning the laundry without letting it sit in water. 

Laundry Detergent That Kills Bird Mites

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Bird mites are tiny insects that are mostly found on the skin of different birds and are hardly visible to the naked eye. Bedding and clothing are two prominent hiding places for bird mite allergies. You cannot quickly tell if they are on your clothes or not because they are hardly visible to the unaided eye, but they must be. 

In the washing machine, bird mites do perish. Bird mites should be killed in washing machines at temperatures above 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Bird mites can be washed out of the substrate while still alive or drown while washing clothes in a washing machine with cold or warm water.

Bird Mites and bacteria in the laundry are killed by bleach. Bleach’s primary component, sodium hypochlorite, is a potent disinfectant that is effective at eliminating bacteria. Even though bleach may kill the mites, it is a strong chemical and should always be handled with great care.


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