Do Rats Eat Roaches [Some Facts]

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Rats and cockroaches are two pests that are frequently found in kitchens because there is a wide variety of food that serves as a welcoming habitat for these pests. Do rats eat roaches?

Yes, rats eat roaches they enjoy eating both large and small species of cockroaches. Cockroaches, among other things, can be found in the typical mouse diet as roaches are high in protein and fat than mice require to survive.

Rat has been ranked among the top three cockroach enemies but cockroaches can be challenging for a mouse to catch and eat because they move so fast. Read the article to know more.

Will Rats Eat Cockroaches?

Rats eat a variety of foods, including roaches. Because rats are good hunters, they will chase and eat roaches around the house. Cockroaches can be consumed by rats, only as a last resort.

Dead roaches have also been observed to emit a decaying protein odor that attracts rodents. Female roaches with delicious milk in their stomach are preferred by rats. Rats are extremely intelligent and will seek out tasty recipes unless they are separated.

They can’t go a week without eating, and when they’re hungry, they’ll eat almost anything. To survive, they will eat both alive and dead roaches. Eating dead roaches is harmful to rats and mice, especially if they have died as a result of poisonous insecticides. 

The dangerous substances will still be present in their bodies, and rats who consume them may experience stomach pains. Clean roaches contain proteins that can help a rat’s immune system.

Do Rats Like Cockroaches?


Yes, rats like roaches because they are part of a mouse’s natural diet. Although cockroaches can be challenging for a mouse to catch because of how quickly they move, it is still worthwhile for the mouse to make the effort because cockroaches are a great source of both healthy fats and proteins, two nutrients that rats need to survive.

Additionally, cockroaches have minerals that are crucial for a rat’s food including wings and other exoskeleton components that can help a rat digest food. Rats prefer female roaches because their milk is high in nutrients.

Because it contains carbohydrates and healthy fats, this milk is sweet to rats, mice, and other rodents. Simply by running after, catching, and eating the cockroaches, rats will hunt them.

Do Rats Attract Cockroaches?


Rats don’t attract roaches, not even other rats, houses. They prey on insects and the majority of smaller animals. Cleaning the house is one way to keep roaches away from the house.

After each meal, the food should be taken away from the pet animals’ cage, which should be cleaned frequently. Rats are very clean individuals who enjoy grooming themselves. They also make an effort to keep their environment tidy and clean to keep roaches and other pests away. They are also not harmful to people or other animals and don’t carry any diseases.

According to reports, roaches contain protein, carbohydrates, and fats that attract rats to eat them. Without falling into the trap themselves, they can rescue themselves from it. However, people should avoid using pet rats to hunt for roaches because these insects can spread diseases and pesticides that can be fatal to your pet rat.

Do Mice Eat Dead Cockroaches?

Rats can survive by eating both live and dead roaches. Because cockroaches contain nutrients necessary to the diet of mice. Rats and mice should avoid eating dead roaches, especially if they died as a result of poisonous insecticides.

The harmful substances will remain in their bodies, and rats who consume them may suffer from stomach problems. Eating live, clean roaches would be beneficial for rats as they contain proteins that aid the immune system of rats.

The only thing worse than a regular insect infestation is a rodent infestation, but the association between cockroaches and mice has one significant benefit: one infestation will warn of the presence of the other pest. The presence of roach components in traps, such as heads and legs, may indicate the presence of mice.

Do Mice Keep Roaches Away?

Although mice or rats can help to reduce the number of roaches in a home, mice cannot be relied on to do so because it takes too much effort to catch and eat the roaches. Roaches present difficult moving targets due to their quick and unpredictable movements.

A mouse has very little chance of successfully pursuing and catching a cockroach. Mice would rather eat leftover food and other sources than chase cockroaches. Roaches are simply another source of food for mice. If the roach infestation is that bad and there are hundreds of them moving around at any given time, then roaches can only be a significant source of food for mice.

Mice will have to work very hard to capture the roaches, and clearing out the infestation will take even longer. In other words, keeping mice or rats inside your home to get rid of cockroaches is not at all a smart idea.

Do Mice And Roaches Coexist?


Rats and roaches must coexist to survive. Roaches can eat mouse droppings for food. This means that even in homes without any other food sources, roaches will survive and even thrive. Mice consume roaches as well, so they are not to be outdone.

When these two pests are present in your home, a vicious cycle of mouse and cockroach infestation develops. Mice and cockroaches frequently coexist in the same home. Both mice and cockroaches are active at night and prefer to live in isolated, dark areas.

Roaches and mice get along great when they are around one another. Cockroaches eat the droppings of mice, whereas mice eat cockroaches. Roaches are by many orders of magnitude worse than mice. Cockroaches are essentially impossible to eradicate. Rats will happily consume a wide variety of insects, including wood roaches if they can catch them.

Do Mice Eat Roach Bait?

Naturally, cockroaches will pass the traps and get caught. Some cockroach traps are pre-baited to entice the insects inside, but if they are not placed along the cockroaches’ usual runs, they won’t draw in many of the pests.

Rats can easily eat the roach bait without any issues. Cockroach bait typically contains their preferred foods, like carbohydrates and meat. Rats have almost the same taste buds as humans, so any bait containing both will be devoured by them.

The roaches will be killed by the bait if it contains just a small amount of poison, but the rat will only become ill temporarily. Rats have strong immune systems and will make every effort to eliminate the toxic bait. The only way the bait can kill them is if it contains a lot of toxic chemicals, which is generally uncommon for roach bait.

How Do You Keep Rats Away From Roaches?

Once you have cockroaches, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of roaches because one cockroach can produce thousands of offspring in a single year. Here are some tips on how to get rid of roaches if you have an infestation so you can avoid rats.

Roaches adore both moisture and food. It will be harder for them to get what they need if the trash can lids are kept on and your dry food is stored in closed containers.

In humid areas behind refrigerators, in bathroom vanities, close to plumbing, or anywhere else where cockroaches are entering, glue traps can be effective.

Cockroaches will become poisonous from ingesting boric acid, which you can sprinkle into cracks.

Cockroaches are instantly killed by food-grade diatomaceous earth, which is non-toxic to both people and animals.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches And Mice?

The two non-insect pests that invade homes most frequently are rats and roaches. These recommendations are the best ways to get rid of them

  • Seal any cracks and look for openings near vents and pipes to check for entry points because rats can squeeze through small places
  • Place traps use different kinds of bait and traps to catch rats.
  • Bring a cat, rats are afraid of the smell of cats, even if the cat isn’t a mouser.
  • Roaches adore both moisture and food. It will be harder for them to get what they need if you keep trash cans covered with lids and store your dry food in closed containers.

In humid environments, glue traps can be useful for catching roaches.

Cockroaches will die by ingesting boric acid, which you can sprinkle into cracks.

Cockroaches are instantly killed by food-grade diatomaceous earth, which is non-toxic to both people and animals.

Does Killing A Cockroach Attract More?

They do! Roaches are cunning little pests that can be a real annoyance in your home. They are drawn to places where food is easily accessible. When a cockroach dies, oleic acid is released. This smells strong, drawing other cockroaches in the process.

For a variety of reasons, a cockroach is drawn to the smell of dead cockroaches. They can detect the smell of death from a distance because it is distinct and somewhat strong when they die. Long-lasting odors can affect everything around them because of how they permeate the air.

Cockroaches have a strong desire and will consume other cockroaches. Cockroaches will eat anything if there is no accessible food source and their population has exceeded their food source. A dead roach is one of them.

What Attracts Roaches To Your House?

Roaches enter homes looking for three things: food, cover, and water. They have also mastered the ability to enter your home through even the smallest cracks.

Dryer vents, exterior wall cracks, or even spaces between walls and ceilings are all potential entry points for them. Make a thorough inspection of your house exterior house’s seal and any openings you find.

Roaches require moisture to survive, so even the cleanest homes will become infested with them as a result of their search for water. Cockroaches are frequently attracted to leaky faucets and pipes.

Roaches have a history of hiding out between exterior doors and floors. They can enter the home through windows with improperly flushed window screens. They can enter a home through window screens with rips or tears or ones that aren’t flush with the frame.


The rat is one of the top three cockroach enemies, but cockroaches can be difficult for a mouse to catch and eat because they move so quickly. Rats eat roaches.

Cockroaches, for example, can be found in a typical rat diet because they are high in protein and fat, which mice require to survive. They will eat both alive and dead roaches to survive.

Eating dead roaches is toxic to rats and mice, especially if they were poisoned by insecticides. Eating live, clean roaches would be beneficial for rats because they contain proteins that help rats’ immune systems. Roaches can feed on mouse droppings.

If there is no accessible food source and their population has outgrown their food source, cockroaches will eat anything. Rats, in their search for water, discover roaches even in the cleanest homes.


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