Do Raccoons Kill Ducks [Shocking Facts]

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Do you think raccoons have prey instincts and can kill ducks? Are raccoons predators, so they target ducks to feed themselves? Yes, it’s all true! Raccoon is a small animal with adorable features which make it look quite docile. But that is not the reality! Raccoons are omnivores who don’t wait for another opportunity and grab everything they see, let it be fruits or meat.

Coyote urine is an effective repellent to deter raccoons. The odor of coyote urine has powerful repelling properties that target the sense of smell of raccoons. Raccoons are frightened of coyotes and steer clear of the area when they detect the odor of coyote urine from a distance.

In this article, we will discuss how raccoons kill ducks and every detail related to this interesting scenario. Are you ready to digest some exciting information and get answers to all your questions? Let’s get started!

How Do Raccoons Kill Ducks?

Most people have ducks in their homes, backyards, and farms. Well, raccoons can be found in the nearby surroundings, which can be dangerous for your little ducks.

Even if the ducks are closed in the cage, raccoons being the ultimate opportunistic, attempt to insert their claws through the wire spaces of the cage and hunt the ducks.

Both ducks and raccoons are omnivores and can eat both plants and meat, but raccoons are much stronger than ducks which creates the possibility of them killing the ducks.

Moreover, the attack mechanism of raccoons is much smarter and faster than ducks.

However, ducks don’t have any severe defense mechanism making them weaker and more vulnerable to raccoons. These reasons explain the factors that assist raccoons in killing ducks.

Are you wondering how raccoons manage to kill the ducks? Don’t worry; we’ve got your answer! The first thing a raccoon does while killing the duck is to enter the cage.

After entering the cage, it will attack the most vulnerable duck there using its claws and teeth.

The injured duck then becomes unable to do anything, and the raccoon manages to escape with it. Lastly, it eats the duck after killing it and enjoys the meal.

Do Raccoons Eat Ducks?

Yes! Raccoons do eat ducks! What’s the purpose of killing ducks if raccoons are not interested in consuming them?

Absolutely nothing! As mentioned earlier, raccoons are omnivores, and they love to eat meat and fruits, and vegetables. However, ducks being their favorite meal, are always at risk.

Not only do the raccoon’s slaughter and kill the ducks, but they eat the meat to fulfill their appetite and nutritional needs, which they cannot source from vegetable sources.

Usually, most raccoons focus on the abdominal part of the duck and leave the rest when they feel satiety. 

Will A Raccoon Kill A Full Grown Duck?

Do you think the size of ducks affects the capability of raccoons to hunt or kill them?

If yes, then you’re absolutely wrong! Regardless of whether the duck is miniature or giant, the raccoons have very strong preying traits and powerful attacking mechanisms that never pull them back to kill even a full-grown duck.

But in a few cases, the raccoons are smaller than some ducks, which might be a little tricky for them. In that situation, two or more raccoons gather to attack a full-grown duck.

Also, if a tiny raccoon tries to strike a full-grown duck, there are chances that the duck might get hurt, but the raccoon fails to catch it.

The attacked duck, however, doesn’t remain normal and is traumatized for the rest of its life sometimes.

Will Raccoons Steal Duck Eggs?


Raccoons eat the meat of several small animals and birds, but another interesting fact about them is that they are quite good at poaching eggs as well.

Yes, you heard right! When the dugs lay eggs in a pond, the nearby raccoons try their best to get access to them and steal them as their meal.

The only solution to this is that you can change the location of the eggs or even the ducks so they can nest somewhere else away from the raccoons.

Can Ducks Defend Themselves?


Ducks are one of the most sensitive and weakest birds to keep and grow when it comes to ducks.

Raccoons and many other animals prey on ducks and hunt them to have their meal. But ducks are an obvious target for all of them, including the raccoons, as they don’t know how to defend themselves.

Yes, right! Ducks don’t have any defense mechanism as they lack sharp noses or claws to hurt the attacker. Also, they are unable to fly, which could have been a nice way to defend against the attackers.

But unfortunately, none of these features are present in ducks making them more vulnerable.

The only way to protect ducks is to make sure that their owner is taking all the precautionary measures to protect them. Do you want to know some of them? Have a look!

How Do I Protect My Ducks From Raccoons?

Being a duck owner, it is important for you to know that raccoons are brilliant, tricky, and creative.

Thus, to fend them off, you’ll need to beat them unexpectedly! Here, we are going to mention some easy yet successful ways to protect your ducks. Let’s get started!

Block Any Gaps In Your Coop And Fence

The primary thing you will need to check for is holes in the coop and its fence. Don’t you have a wall encompassing the cage yet?

Get one ASAP! The wall will help with keeping out raccoons as well as plenty of different creatures who might need to nibble on the eggs and birds, all things being equal. They incorporate snakes, catamounts, and coyotes.

Second, as we’ve effectively referenced, raccoons are clever and will regularly persevere relentlessly to get to a promptly accessible food source. On the off chance that they can’t fit through an evident hole, they might make an effort to broaden the spot until they can!

Along these lines, your ideal choice is to ensure no holes or openings, even small ones, in your fence.

Use Hooks Locks On The Coop Door

Have you at any point seen a raccoon’s hands? They seem as though minimal human hands, making them exceptionally skilled at opening things that most creatures would experience issues with.

Hence, ensure you’re not utilizing a primary sliding lock; raccoons will open those easily.

All things being equal put resources into snare locks, which raccoons will battle much more because they don’t have thumbs.

Utilize Smaller Mesh On Your Coop Fence

Ok, indeed, one needs more ways for precarious raccoons to exploit their weird little hands.

Assuming you have a mesh that is too wide for your fence, raccoons can, without much of a stretch, stick their hands inside, gathering up eggs or whatever else they desire.

Therefore, you will need to introduce a fence whose net is around ½ inches or finer. Anything more excellent will prevent your duck and its eggs from the risk of being grabbed up.


So, the answer to “Can raccoons kill ducks” is yes. Raccoons can kill ducks, and they will eat the dead duck as their nutritious food. That is why if you have lots of ducks, you must make sure that the cage or house of your ducks is safe and has locks. It would help if you prevented raccoons from entering your ducks’ enclosure.

It first requires going into the pen. Raccoons are highly resolved while searching for food, and they will make a special effort to get food. The warm-blooded animal will paw, tunnel, and break into your duck pen with the end goal to get in. If there is a feeble, flimsy, worn, or torn space, the raccoon will endeavor to enter through it.

If a raccoon can’t get into the walled-in area, it might stand by at the fence until a duck draws near; the raccoon will then, at that point, snatch the duck by its head and attempt to get it through. Ducks are large-bodied creatures with tiny heads, and the raccoon cannot get the entire duck through the fence and wind up ripping the duck’s head off.