Can Possums Climb Chain Link Fences

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You see it every time climbing your chain link fence. You’re not sure whether it is possum or skunk. So the question may arise in your mind, Can Possums Climb Chain Link Fences?

Let’s not forget the devilish noises the animal makes at night. You are not alone. Millions of people complain of possums climbing their fences and destroying their properties.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why today in the post, you will learn what makes possums climb chain link fences and how to stop them.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Makes Possum Climb the Fence?

Possums are nimble climbers with strong legs and claws

Let’s face it.

Possums can climb fences, and they have a speed of 3.5 miles per hour. Although they have short little legs, they don’t have any problems climbing your chain link fences.

These creatures have long claws and thumbs on their hand feet, making it easier to climb brick walls, wooden fences, and trees.

What’s more, their feet are strong, making them walk and run on different surfaces efficiently. It is these strong feet that make them excellent climbers on any surface.

But that’s not all.

They have a prehensile tail which they used to grab anything. The tail is used for climbing trees, holding branches, and stabilizing them when they climb. Besides that, the tail can also carry nest materials while using its feet to climb the fence. Like bats and monkeys, possums can use their tail to hang on tree branches.

Why are Possums Climbing My Fence Into the Yard?

Possums are scavengers who will eat anything they find on the way and build their nest. In other words, if you don’t have an excellent way to keep your trash cans, you could be having uninvited visitors in your yard. Possum diet consists of insects, plants, vegetables, and many more.

Do you know why?

They love trash cans that are overflowing with stale food, pungent smell, and garbage. But that’s not all. They are also known for making their way into compost heaps and containers kept outside.

These creatures also love to set their habitat near moist areas around sewers, drainage ditches, swamps, or ponds.

And since they are nocturnal creatures, you will never see them during the day. They sleep during the day and cause havoc during the night. In short, the main reason why possums are climbing your fence is that you have something like food attracting them into your yard.

How do Know whether you have a Possum or Skunk Climbing your Fence

Stale food and other dirt attract opossum into the yard

The possum looks like an ordinary house cat in size. They are small, and they do most of their activities during the night. That said, if possums have been climbing your fence, chances are you’ve heard them during the night. You will hear them scratching when looking for food.

These animals also make screeching and hissing noises when they feel threatened. Besides that, they cause minor property damage and leave your trash cans in a mess. When a possum comes to your house, they will leave scratch marks on the garbage or the floor of the house.

If you have an outdoor food store, you will notice foul smells or missing food. That is a sign of possum. The presence of nesting materials inside holes or cracks in your basement, attic, and any tight spaces should tell you that you have a possum and not a skunk in your residence.

How to Keep Possum from Climbing your fence

Opossums like playing dead to scare off predators

The main reason possums are climbing your fence is because they need food. What you can do here is to cut off their food supplies. The creature won’t settle where there’s a shortage of food sources. Here are the ways you can do that:

  • Never store your garbage cans outside. Ensure they are kept in a garage or an excellent place where the possums won’t have direct access.
  • All foodstuff, including pet food, needs to be in a sealable plastic container. That way, you will prevent possums from getting the food and other pests too.
  • Takedown bird feeders because they are a host to unwanted pests like possum and other insects.
  • If you have a bird, ensure the house is locked. Possum loves to go into birdhouses to scavenge on bird food. But that’s not the only thing. Keeping birdhouses closed prevents the spread of diseases from the possum.
  • Never add animal products when you are making compost manure. Animal products attract possums. They will dig and pick the food. Ensure that your compost pile is permanently locked in a container that prevents the possum from getting inside.
  • Garden produce is an excellent source of food for a possum. Although they won’t attack your fruits or vegetables off the vine, they feed on fallen or overripe veggies and fruits. Lastly, keep your garden clean and neat to keep away these creatures.


Good repellents will deter possums from climbing on your fence. That’s because possums are sensitive to smells. The smell of ammonia, mothballs, and naphthalene will keep the possum away. We have different kinds of repellents that keep possums away. Electronic repellers will repel using light, sound, or water. 

You can also purchase predator urine repellent that can keep them away. For instance, Natural fox urine is an excellent example that you can apply in any area on your fence. Always make sure you use the repellent in high concentration and regularly.

Doing so will warn the possum that a predator is around. Safety and security is one thing possum takes seriously.

Be wary of repellents that build toxins in the soil and are not recommended by the local authorities for pest control.


We can’t take away that opossums are nimble climbers thanks to their strong legs and claws. That is why they are on your attics, climb your fence, or on the roof. The only solution we have is to make our residents unattractive to them using the tips we have shared in this post. Most importantly, try the possum deterrents and repellents products that we recommend. It won’t take that long before you realize that opossums are not coming into your home.