Will Pine Sol Keep Rats Away [Truth Revealed]

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Pine-Sol is a domestic antiseptic and cleaner that has the power to eradicate a variety of pests. Rodents, such as mice, rats, murids, and squirrels, detest the strong refreshing smell that pine sol emanates. Will pine sol keep rats away?

Yes, pine sol can keep rats away. Pine contains very strong components that make it a potent essential oil that can keep rats away from getting near the area of the scent.

It must be used properly to be successful against rats. Please continue reading to learn the proper application method and effectiveness of Pine Sol as a rat deterrent.

What Is Pine Sol?

A home cleaning product called Pine-Sol has been in existence since 1929. Pine oil, polyphenol, and an oil blend are the ingredients that make up the liquid repellant. Pine sol works best as a herbicide and pesticide when applied directly to the target area. And by diluting to the appropriate concentration.

Pine-sol is a useful weapon for preventing rats .it can also kill them rather than just scare them away with any bait. Pine Sol Oil, the primary component of Pine-Sol, has a potent odor that repels numerous pests, including rats.

 Rats are effectively repelled by Pine-rat Sol’s repellent properties. It is simple to apply throughout the place because you can just spray it on any areas that call for a rat prevention measure. Spraying pine sol direct on the rats will have the greatest effect if you’re trying to repel rats.

Do Rats Like The Smell Of Pine Sol?

No, rats hate the smell of pine sol. Rats can be actively discouraged from entering an area by the aroma of pine. Rats also dislike pine soles due to its oil’s potent combination of strong components.

 Rats are put off by the strong aroma of pine and run away to hide at maximum capacity. Rats detest the actual pine aroma used in Pine Sol. Pine crude extract is employed as the scent. Rats are capable of adapting to strong odors that might repel other pests and mammals.

 One of the most effective deterrents for rats, mice, and other rodents is pine sol, which is usually prescribed. This is because it is not poisonous to people and doesn’t smell bad to them. It can be too strong for rats. However, since pine sol evaporates when exposed to air, its efficiency as a rat-repellent varies. In other words, this could deter rats.

Will Pine Sol Kill Rats?

Yes, pine sol can kill rats. Pine sol is deadly to mice and rats; it’s a very dangerous substance. Rats are sensitive to the powerful smell.

When rats come into contact with diluted pine sol, they can be killed extremely quickly. Simply combine it with some vinegar, and liquid dish detergents, and wait to use it on rats. To draw them in a little bit faster, you can also scatter some poison all-around solution.

 For pine sol to be effective, the rats do not even need to swallow it in powder form. And also just the smell of diluted pine sol will kill them. Pine sol can be just as powerful as a retail location but far less expensive. Most folks hate cleaning up the mess left behind by a standard mouse trap, therefore it’s preferable to solve the issue without needing to observe the solution.

How Do You Use Pine-Sol To Repel Rats?

Pine-Sol works wonders as a natural rat deterrent. How to use Pine-Sol to ward off rats is shown here.

Step 1:

Combine 1 liter of water with Pine-Sol. As pure pine sol could damage some surfaces, such as raw timber or limestone structures, the first step is to dilute pine sol. Six spoons of Fresh Pine-Sol should be mixed well with one liter of water for dilution.

Step 2:

Fill a plastic container with the mixture. Pour the mixture into a bottle after properly mixing it. It will make applying quite simple. Additionally, change the bottle’s spray setting to a thin layer to avoid dark spots.

Step 3:

Disperse the solution throughout several areas. I spritz the mixture around the house in areas where mice and rats like to hide Rats and mice will be repelled for up to 8–12 hours by the pine sol. If necessary, repeat the steps.

Pine Sol Uses

Use Case How to Use Pine-Sol Effectiveness
Floor Cleaning Dilute Pine-Sol in water as per the instructions on the bottle, then mop the floor. Effective
Disinfecting Surfaces Apply a mixture of Pine-Sol and water to surfaces, then let it stand for a few minutes before wiping clean. Effective
Deodorizing Trash Bins Rinse out the bin with a Pine-Sol and water mixture to help neutralize odors. Effective
Cleaning Bathrooms Use a mixture of Pine-Sol and water to clean tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets. Effective
Washing Walls Dilute Pine-Sol in water and use a sponge or rag to wash walls. Effective
Laundry Pre-Treatment Apply a small amount of full-strength Pine-Sol directly to stains (except on wool and silk) before washing. Effective
Pest Repellent Use Pine-Sol to deter pests due to its strong scent. Less Effective
Herbicide Apply Pine-Sol to plants in an attempt to kill them. Less Effective

[3] Effective Household Products Which Keep Rats Away Besides Pine Sol

Rats are not only annoying but also harmful to your health. They cause food poisoning when they come in contact with it and act as airlines of over 20 pathogens. Therefore, it’s imperative to immediately remove them from your property. The following are some practical household items to get rid of rats and deter them from returning.

Peppermint Oil

Although we enjoy the cooling scent of peppermint oil, rats find it to be a bitter smell that they cannot stand. Spread peppermint oil-soaked cotton balls throughout your home, pantry, attic, or any other area where rats are a problem.

These will undoubtedly keep rats out of your house. Additionally, establish peppermint trees along the perimeter of your home to protect it from these pesky rats.


This is a common cleaning product that also poisons mice and rats. Rats can’t take the strong scent of ammonia and will flee the area, making it a potent and effective repellent.

 Create a solution of ammonia and water for this. Add 1/4 cup of water, 2 teaspoons of detergent, and 2 cups of ordinary ammonia in a bowl. After that, leave this dish in the rat-infested area to do its work.


Rats can be killed by bleach, but only if they ingest a lot of it. Rats are deterred by bleach’s strong aroma, but the fumes are also effective cleaning agents.

 Even the tissues of the face, eyes, mouth, and lungs of rats are permanently harmed by bleach.

If rats consume bleach can burn their esophagus and other internal organs, which could be fatal.


Rats, like humans, dislike the strong smell of the bleach-like odor. Strong, all-purpose cleaners for the home include Pine-Sol. Pine-Sol products kill rats instantly, much as bleach.

To keep rats away, some owners advise spraying Pine-Sol around the affected area. Pine-Sol, like many other rat-repelling sprays, includes the pungent oil of the pine tree, which rodents loathe. However, avoid using Pine Sol straight from the bottle. Just spray it, though.

A rat is scared off by any strong odor because it will alert them to a change in the surroundings. You can also use the other cleaners mentioned above as rat deterrents.