Why Do Squirrels Keep Dying In My Pool [4 Reasons And 8 Solutions]

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The swimming pools are dangerous to wildlife and small pets. You might have often come across dead bodies in the swimming pool but why do squirrels keep dying in my pool?

The squirrels keep dying in the pool because there might be a squirrel infestation in the neighborhood. Someone in the vicinity might have poisoned them with a blood-clotting agent like Warfarin. This is a dehydrating agent. 

Once the squirrels are dehydrated, they come out to search for a water source desperately. They cannot travel long distances as it strains their bodies and tires them out. Hence, they drown in it and die. 

In this article, we will state some of the reasons why squirrels fall into the water to their death. 

Why Do Squirrels Keep Dying In My Pool
Why Do Squirrels Keep Dying In My Pool

[4] Reasons Why Do squirrel Dying in Pools and Water


1) An Accident Might Have Caused Them To Fall 

It often happens that the squirrels fall into pools accidentally without realizing that there is water present inside them. According to the National Geographic Society, squirrels are quite curious and often roam from one place to another. 

When they look down in the pool without realizing its depth, it is often that they fall to their own deaths. The squirrels know how to swim, but if they are in the swimming pool for a long time without food, they may die due to weakness.

2) To Cool Off Their Bodies

Like humans, the squirrels also feel the scorching heat and desperately need to cool it out. That is why they are constantly in search of shade and to cool off. Water is the best source for reducing the temperature of the body. 

That is one of the reasons why squirrels prefer getting wet inside the pool. Moreover, the prevailing weather conditions make the squirrels thirsty. If they do not come across a good water source, relying on the pool’s water is all they might have. 

3) To Seek Shelter From Predators

Sometimes the squirrels are running for their lives and may not be aware of their surroundings. It so happens that the water level in the pool might be low, and the squirrels cannot detect it. That is why they drown themselves when they jump in it. 

Also, other times, the squirrels misjudge the swimming pool’s depth. This way, they might fall and not be able to swim their way back up to the surface. That is why they end up in deep waters. 

4) The Back Yard Of Your House Can Be Their Home

The squirrels make a home for themselves in the trees of your yard. They may also make a burrow in the ground to store their food supplies, dry stalks, etc. The squirrels design their habitat this way. 

They may also become used to returning to your house pool for daily activities like hiding food particles, storing them, playing with other squirrel mates, and hiding from predators. While carrying out any of these activities, the squirrels can fall into the pool and die. 

To find solutions for squirrel drowning in the pool, read on!

[8] Solutions That Will Prevent Squirrels From Dying In Your Pool

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The pool is the problem and also the solution. Pool safety is also very important for animals as it is for human beings. You might not like the sight of dead squirrels in it now and then. It will grip your heart with all the guilt and will drive you to take some action immediately. 

The eight ways in this article will help you save the lives of countless squirrels that die each year in a pool. The methods have been stated below:

1) Designing A Safe Pool 

safe pools

Remember, whenever you design a pool in your house, you must keep animal safety in mind. If you already have one, you can always do modifications to make it animal safe. 

The edge of the pool can have a floating ramp attached to it. This way, it will help a drowning squirrel to get out of there timely. An example of this device is Skamper-Ramp. The best thing about this is that it can attach to the pool wall, and squirrels can climb on it to get out easily. 

Usually, these ramps have a white light on them. It can be seen by the squirrels easily, and they may follow pursuit. 

2) Installation Of Escape Nets

The escape nets are also available in the market. They can also be purchased online through Amazon. The veterans design such products, and it can easily be deployed. The material is also durable and long-lasting. 

As it is waterproof, it does not wither away with the flow of the water. The color combination is usually white and black. This helps the squirrels in finding their way out of the pool. It acts as a guide to help them re-surface to the water. 

3) Ropes On The Pools Edges

Ropes On The Pools Edges

The squirrels can swim, but swimming tires them out considerably. The pools often have very slippery edges. This does not give enough space for the squirrels to hold on and climb out of the pools. 

The ropes, on the other hand, have a more challenging material. Squirrels can have a firm grip on them even after getting soaked. This enables the squirrels to climb out conveniently. Furthermore, these ropes should be added to all four sides of the pool. 

You may never know on which side the squirrel may land in water and be in peril. All sorts of solutions must be provided while considering the problem at hand. 

4) Using Nets For Covering Pools

Nets For Covering Pools

Many people have a small length fence built all around the four edges of their pools. You can also put up a mesh wire as a fence. This will also not alter the landscape of your yard and will give you the look you desire. 

The mesh can be extended to the ground. So, even if the squirrel is on edge, it can hold on to it for support and prevent itself from drowning in the water. However, sometimes the mesh material may be very stiff, making it hard for the squirrels to hold on to it. 

For this purpose, you need to search for the best materials of mesh wires and then have them installed. If you invest your money, it better be worth it.

You can also put a net around that covers the pool. Nets are flexible, and you can attach them to some sticks. The hooks hold them firmly. You can lift the net from time to time. This will keep the squirrels filtered away from the pool.

5) Getting Rid Of Sources Of Food 


The food sources should be eliminated from near the pools. The squirrels are always on the lookout for food particles. Though they are vegetarians by nature, they still feed on anything they can find or lay their hands on. 

Thereby, you must remove the food sources from the pool. It can be the cause of attracting squirrels. You should avoid keeping the garbage near the pool. It should be kept in sealed-off containers and placed at a distance. You can burn it away if you do not have proper disposal. 

6) Cutting The Trees Nearby Pools

tress near pools

Squirrels are quick to jump and are very agile. Though they have perfect balance, they can sometimes fall from a height. That is why you must trim out some branches timely. 

Trimming out the branches will prevent the squirrels from falling from a height. Another thing you can do is to cut the surrounding trees so that no squirrels may be able to build their homes on top of it.

 After all, more than one squirrel can inhabit the trees as the little ones may live alongside the mother squirrels. You can either trim the trees or get rid of them altogether. 

7) Installation Of Water Sprinklers

Water is frequently used to deter animals away, and the same can be done to sprinklers. Motion-activated sprinklers are available in the market, and you can install them in your yard or nearby your water pools. 

The sensors are quite efficient in picking up small movements across the yard. Suddenly, the sensors spring to life and start sprinkling water in the vicinity. This way, the squirrels get the cue to keep away from the pool and must not go near water. 

8) Alternate Small Pool For Squirrels

If the squirrels frequently visit your pool, you can do them the favor of building a pond for them. A pond can serve all the purposes a squirrel needs during the summer. 

When the squirrels feel thirsty or want to cool their bodies down, they can just go to that alternative pool instead of the big one. This way, they can protect themselves from drowning, and they will also get what they want.

Do Dead Squirrels Float?

The rodents are small in size and drown in the pools after falling. A dead squirrel will start to float on the water’s surface after some time. You spot the squirrel’s dead body in the water and decide to do something about it.

The ground pools are designed to make it easier for the animals to get inside, but they have a tough time coming out of the pool. When the animals tire out, they stop fighting and ultimately die.

Wrapping It Up

This article has stated all the reasons why squirrels die in the pool and many solutions to counteract it. You can implement these ways to prevent the squirrels from dying.

This way not only will you be saving a living organism but you will also be keeping yourself from all the efforts of cleaning the pool water once the squirrel has drowned.


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