What Temperature Kills Cockroaches In an Effective Way

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I am sure you are not a fan of pesky little creatures. But they love the warm and humid environment of your home. So, this is why you frequently find them inside your bathroom and kitchen. So, what temperature kills cockroaches?

Cockroaches die at the temperature above 49°C (120°F )and below -9°C (15°F). They prefer a temperature between 25 to 30 °C. And are likely to move out if the temperature falls below 25°C. Cockroaches are cold-blooded. So, they cannot survive well in lower temperatures. 

This article will explain how to use heat and cold to get rid of cockroaches. So, continue to read till the end.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Cockroaches To Survive?

The ideal temperature for cockroaches to survive is 25 to 30 degrees Celsius ( 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit). At this optimal temperature, their body achieves the highest metabolism rate. Cockroaches will move according to the warmth and moisture. So, when searching for shelter, cockroaches also look for the perfect temperature and humidity. 

They breed during the summer. And lay eggs when the summer is at its peak. Their young ones are more sensitive to warmth and temperature. So, cockroaches take care of their eggs. They will provide them with an ideal environment to hatch. If the temperature is too high or low, it can kill their young. 

What Is The Highest Temperature That Can Kill Cockroaches?

Temperatures above 49°C or 120°F can kill cockroaches. They are heating-seeking insects and can adjust their body temperature like humans. Cockroaches prefer to live in dark, humid, and warm places. And take in the warmth from the surroundings to adjust. And can even thrive at 43°C. But the high temperature can be fatal for them. 

The higher the temperature, the less time it’ll take to kill cockroaches. As temperature increases, their body function starts to decrease. And will completely stop within a few hours. At first, they will hold their breath to stop organs from shutting down. But with time, the internal organ will fail. German cockroaches are the most sturdy. And they can live up to four days, even at the highest temperature.  

What Temperature Kills Cockroaches Cold?

A cold temperature below -9°C (15°F) will kill cockroaches. But it does not mean they will die in the winter. As the temperature drops below 4°C or 40°F, cockroaches decrease their activity. Their metabolism slows down. And their activity decreases. But temperatures between -17° and -9°C are deadly for them. 

Cockroaches breathe via exoskeleton. So, in the extreme cold, their respiratory openings can freeze. They stop breathing, which can lead to death. To protect their survival, they will search for warm hiding places. So, the best place to hide in winter is home. The garage, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, drains, and appliances are perfect. It is also easy to access food sources. 

Why Do Cockroaches Die From Heat?

Cockroaches are cold-blooded insects. So, it means they lack the brown fat required for increasing body temperature. They take in the heat from the surroundings and change their body temperature to adjust. They do this by nesting in warm places and absorbing sunlight. When their body is at its ideal temperature, they conserve fat and reproduce. 

This fat storage also helps them go through tough times. But they cannot use this fat for heat generation. They also have no means of cooling off their body in extreme heat. Instead, extreme heat will shut off their organs by dehydration. 

Also, cockroaches slowly adapt to the temperature. But if the temperature changes within an instance, they might not be able to survive. For example, if you take a jar of cockroaches and place it in a warm oven, it will die within seconds. But, when exposed to the warm temperature slowly, it will adjust. And can survive for a few days. 

What Temperature Kills Cockroaches Eggs?

Cockroach eggs are more sensitive to temperature than adults. An adult cockroach will fight hard to live in extreme temperatures depending upon its size and species. But eggs are vulnerable and cannot adapt. So they will die within a few minutes. Unlike cockroaches, eggs can not live at 49°C or 120°F. They will die as the temperature changes to 66°C or 150°F. 

If you want to freeze them to death, expose eggs at  0°F or -18°C. Cold temperatures can instantly kill adult cockroaches. But it can take up to three days to kill eggs. Unlike adult cockroaches, their eggs do not breathe via openings in the skin. Instead, they exchange gasses through diffusion. So they can survive for a longer time in the cold. 

Can Dryer Heat Kill Cockroaches? 

Dryer heat can kill cockroaches. It is only possible when they are exposed to high temperatures for a long time. Although cockroaches can adjust to the temperatures, they still have a limit. If you find cockroaches in your clothes, separate them from the non-infested ones instantly. So they cannot spread further. 

Wash both clothes in a different machine to prevent any contamination. Put the infested clothes in a double-dryer bag. And throw them in the dryer. Set the heat to the highest temperature you can. The magic number for roaches is above 120°F. To avoid damaging the clothes, read the instructions in the dryer manual. 

This method can only kill a few cockroaches. You will still have a bigger problem to sort out. Cockroaches in clothes are just a part of the problem. Search for their source to prevent this from happening again. 

Do Cockroaches Like Air Conditioning?

Cockroaches don’t like air conditioning. They hate the cold. Cockroaches might adjust to the heat. But the cold will kill them. So, when the temperature increases, they look for warmer areas. And hide until it gets warmer. So, if you want to get rid of cockroaches from your home, keep the AC temperature below 77°F or 25°C. It might not look good on your energy bill. 

But it will keep the pesky little creature out of your home. Decreasing the house temperature for a few days might give you an effective result. Cold will prevent roaches from coming out of their nest. Eventually, after a few days, they will give up. And will move out of your house. 

Methods To Kill Cockroaches Using Heat

Cockroaches die at very high and low temperatures. To achieve this temperature, you cannot put your house on fire, or you can freeze it. So, how do you achieve an ideal temperature to kill cockroaches? There are many methods through which you can use heat to get rid of cockroaches from your home. I have explained a few in detail below. 

Professional Heat Method

Pest control services provide heat treatment to eliminate cockroaches from houses and offices. These treatments work against adult cockroaches and their nymphs and eggs. Professionals often use dry heat, which can cause burns and damage human skin. So, you might have to leave the property under their care. Never try to use dry heat by yourself if you have no experience.

One area is targeted at one time. Professionals will remove all the objects that can get damaged from extreme heat. Then they insulate the area to prevent heat and cockroaches from escaping. The fans, pipes, and boilers are used to raise the temperature in a controlled way. Thermometers and cameras are for detecting cold spots in the area. 

The heat is then blown in that direction using a fan. It is to ensure that there is no place for cockroaches to hide. But the dry heat treatment is not suitable for all buildings. Some housing materials cannot handle extreme temperatures. 

DIY Heat Method

The best way to use heat at home is to force cockroaches out of hiding and use any insecticide on them. Take any heater available at home and set it at the highest settings. Place it near the suspected cockroach nest for a few hours. Then, wait for cockroaches to come out. As you see them coming out, spray cockroach killer on them. You can also place traps and baits near their hiding. 

Another method is the use of a steam gun. But it is only possible if the area is well insulated. First, remove all the items that can get damaged by heat. It also includes all electronic appliances.

Set the highest temperature on the heater by using the knob. Target one area at one time. And below steam for 3 to 5 minutes. Blow out heat in every corner of the room. You might have to repeat the process a few times in massive infestation.

Lastly, you can also use dry ice to kill cockroaches. Take a few pieces of dry ice in a bowl. And place them in the suspected cockroach hiding place. Ensure that the place is insulated to prevent roaches from escaping. According to the research, it can take up to 24 hours for them to die from the dry ice.

Will Roaches Leave A Cold House?

Yes, Cockroaches will move out of the cold house. They are endothermic. So, cockroaches can absorb the surrounding heat. But cannot change or increase their body temperature. So, when your home is cold, it will look for warmer places. At first, it will hide in warmer areas for a few days. But as soon as their fat reserve and food finish, they will come out of hiding in search of more. 

And if the temperature is still too cold for them, they will leave your home instantly in search of another warm place. So, if you have a cockroach infestation on furniture, place them outside in the garage when the temperature is freezing. You can also keep the AC on for a few days. 


Cockroaches prefer to live in a hot and humid environment. They are cold-blooded and can adapt to the surrounding temperature. But, they also have a limit till which they can function best. Cockroaches prefer living between 25 to 30 °C. They cannot survive temperatures above 49°C or 120°F or below -9°C or 15°F. 

When the temperature rises, cockroaches will try to adapt according to it. But soon, their organs will fail to sustain extreme heat. Similarly, when the temperature falls, cockroaches will look for warm hiding places to maintain their body heat. Cause in the cold, their respiratory openings can freeze. It makes it difficult for them to breathe.


At What Temperature Do German Cockroaches Die?

German cockroaches will die within an hour at temperatures below -10°C or 14°F. They cannot survive in extreme heat either. But they can take hours to die when the temperature is above 45°C or 113°F. German cockroaches are much more sturdy than any other type of cockroach. They are more capable of adjusting. 

What Is American Cockroach Temperature Tolerance?

American cockroaches prefer to live in a hot and humid environment. They can tolerate the temperature between 70°F and 85°F or 22°C and 30°C. When the temperature falls below 15°F or -9°C, it will kill cockroaches. Similarly, they cannot survive too long in high temperatures either. The temperature above 115°F to 120°F or 46°C to 49°C is lethal for them. 

Do Cockroaches Die At 32 Degrees?

There are several different types of cockroach species. And each has a different temperature tolerance level. But most cockroaches prefer to live between 25 to 30 °C. So, 32°C cannot kill cockroaches. It will become slightly hot for them. But they can adapt and survive through it. 

Can Roaches Live In A Fridge?

Cockroaches cannot live in the fridge. The fridge temperature is usually between 40°F or below. Cockroaches cannot survive temperatures between 32°F to 40°F. So, if you place a jar of cockroaches in the fridge, they cannot live more than a few hours. But cockroaches can hide and live behind it. 

Are Roaches Worse In Summer Or Winter?

Cockroaches infestation is worse in summer. They prefer warm and humid environments to live and grow. Cockroaches breed during the summers. And their eggs hatch as the temperature begins to fall. So, you will see more cockroaches when the summer is at its peak. They also eat a lot in summer to survive through winter.

Can Cockroaches Survive In An Ac Room?

Cockroaches hate the cold. They might and might not survive in an AC room. But air conditioning can drive them out of the room. To kill cockroaches in cold temperatures must be 4°C. But, it is hard to achieve with the AC. So, in an AC room, cockroaches will look for hiding places. And will eventually leave in a few days.

Are Cockroaches Attracted To Moisture?

Yes. Cockroaches are attracted to moisture. They survive best at a humidity level above sixty percent with a temperature between 25 to 30 °C. So, this is why you find most roaches infestation in the kitchen and bathroom. Also, leaky faucets and pipes in the home can increase moisture levels, attracting cockroaches inside your house.