Silverfish In Bed : Mystery Solved

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Ever found a tiny, silver bug in your bed and wondered, “What’s this?” Well, you might have spotted a silverfish. These little bugs sometimes end up in our beds, and you might be asking yourself why. Silverfish in bed is due to damp and starchy stuff, which can sometimes be found in bedding.

Silverfish come to beds because they’re looking for food or a damp spot. They’re harmless but can be a nuisance.

Want to know more about keeping these critters out of your bed? Keep reading! We’ve got some easy tips to make your bed a bug-free zone.

Silverfish as Pests


Silverfish are little, shiny, and move fast. You might have seen them in your bathroom or basement. They are super old creatures, not harmful to us, but they can be annoying. They love places that are damp and wet. These bugs are like tiny survivors from a long time ago.

Silverfish like the dark and are good at hiding. This is why you don’t see them much in the daytime. They eat stuff like paper, wallpaper, and even clothes. So, they might damage things like your books or shirts. They’re sneaky and can fit into small spaces, making them hard to catch.

To stop silverfish, keep your house dry and clean. They love wet places, so using something to make the air less damp, like a dehumidifier, helps. Also, cleaning up food bits and vacuuming can make your home less interesting for them. Silverfish won’t hurt you, but they can be a bother because of the things they ruin.

Silverfish in Bedroom

Silverfish in Bedroom

Silverfish in bedrooms are common. They come in looking for food and a cozy spot. They eat things like cotton, linen, silk, and paper. So, they might snack on your clothes and books. They like the sugary and starchy stuff on bedroom fabrics. If you eat in bed, the crumbs might attract them.

Seeing silverfish in your room doesn’t mean it’s dirty. They’re just really good at finding food and hiding places. They can get in through small cracks and holes. In your room, they might hide under the bed, in closets, or behind wallpaper.

To keep them out of your bedroom, try to keep it dry. Silverfish like moist places. You can use a dehumidifier. Clean up food crumbs and store your things neatly. Closing gaps in walls and windows helps too.

Don’t worry too much if you see a silverfish. They’re just looking for food and a place to stay. With some easy steps, you can keep your bedroom free from these bugs.

Why Silverfish Are Found in Beds

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  1. They Like Warm and Damp Places: Silverfish enjoy warm and slightly wet places. Your bed can be cozy and a bit damp (especially if the room isn’t well-aired), making it just right for them​​​​.
  1. Good Hiding Spots: Your bed has lots of good spots for silverfish to hide, like between the mattress and bed frame. Since we don’t clean these places often, silverfish can live there without being disturbed​​.
  1. Food in the Bedroom: Silverfish eat stuff like paper and fabric, which can be found in bedrooms. They might nibble on things like sheets or books you have near your bed​​​​.
  1. They Like It Dark and Not Too Hot: Silverfish prefer places that are dark and not super hot. Underneath your bed or in dark closets can be just the right temperature and darkness for them​​.
  1. They Come In With Other Stuff: Sometimes, silverfish get into your house by hiding in things like boxes, books, or papers. If you bring these items into your bedroom, you might accidentally bring silverfish in too​​.

Identifying a Silverfish Infestation in the Bedroom

Signs of Silverfish Infestation

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  1. Seeing Silverfish: The most obvious sign is if you see silverfish in your bedroom. These bugs are small, with shiny, silver or blue skin, and they move very fast. They usually come out at night. If you start seeing them around, especially in dark corners or near books and papers, it might mean you have many more hiding somewhere​​.
  1. Damaged Stuff: Silverfish like to eat things made of paper and fabric. If you find holes in your books, papers, or clothes, and you didn’t see who made them, it could be silverfish. They leave small, round holes and can ruin your stuff if there are a lot of them. Look for this kind of damage to figure out if silverfish are living in your room​​.
  1. Droppings and Yellow Stains: These bugs leave tiny black droppings that look like small black dots or peppercorns. You might find these droppings in places where silverfish hide, like in bookshelves or closets. Also, silverfish can leave yellow stains on things they crawl over, like books and clothes. If you see these signs, it’s a clue that silverfish might be around​.
  1. Shed Skin: Silverfish grow by shedding their skin. You might find these tiny, pale skins in your bedroom. They’re really small and can look like tiny pieces of paper. If you’re finding these around your room, especially in darker areas or near books and clothes, it could mean silverfish are hanging around​​.
  1. Small Holes in Fabrics and Paper: Silverfish have quite the appetite for things like paper, wallpaper, and fabrics. If you start seeing small, irregular holes in your clothing, bed sheets, or books, it could be silverfish at work. They munch on these materials because they contain starches that silverfish love​​.
  1. Starchy Food Sources: Silverfish are attracted to starchy foods. This doesn’t just mean your snacks; it also includes things like book glue, paper, and some fabrics. If you keep things like old boxes, papers, or even a stack of magazines in your bedroom, you might be unknowingly inviting silverfish. They love these items and will often hide near them

Identifying Silverfish


Appearance of SilverfishSilverfish are small, wingless insects. They have a unique silver or gray color with a shiny, scaly surface. Their bodies are shaped like a teardrop and taper towards the end. They are around ¾ inch long and are known for their quick, fish-like movements​​​​.
Favorite Spots in BedroomSilverfish prefer dark, moist, and secluded spaces. In bedrooms, they often hide behind furniture, in cracks and crevices, closets, and even attics. They are attracted to environments that are warm and damp. High humidity levels in bedrooms can make them a preferred spot for silverfish​​​​.
Signs of InfestationKeep an eye out for small, pale shed skins, damage to paper items and fabrics (like holes), tiny black droppings that look like peppercorns, and yellow stains. Also, a musty smell can be a sign of silverfish. These indicators point to a potential infestation in your bedroom​​​​.
Physical DescriptionSilverfish have a distinct silver or gray color, with shiny and scaly skin. They are about ¾ inch long, with a teardrop-shaped body tapering at the end. They move quickly and have long antennae, resembling fish movements​​​​.
Habitat PreferencesThey prefer warm (71 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit), moist environments. Typically found in dark, hidden areas like basements, bathrooms, and kitchens, they also invade bedrooms if the conditions are right. They seek out damp and secluded spots in these areas​​​​.
Feeding HabitsSilverfish are attracted to starches and sugars. They feed on various household items, including books, paper, textiles, and even dead skin. They can cause damage to these materials, creating holes or chewing through them​​​​.

Are Silverfish Harmful in Bed

Changing Your Bedding

Finding silverfish in your bed can be creepy, but they don’t hurt people. These bugs really like eating things like books, clothes, and furniture fabric. This can be annoying because they leave poop and bits of stuff around. Some folks might get bothered by this, especially if they’re allergic to dust mites, since silverfish skins can set off allergies.

Seeing silverfish in your house might mean there’s a bigger issue, like leaky pipes or gutters, since they dig wet spots. To keep them out, try using a dehumidifier to cut down moisture, clean your mattress often, and use natural stuff like diatomaceous earth or Epsom salt. You can also make little bags of strong-smelling herbs to keep them away, or use cedar, which bugs don’t like. If it gets really bad, you might have to use bug spray like pyrethrins.

So, while silverfish don’t directly harm your health, they can show you’ve got dampness issues in your house and they can wreck your things.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish in The Bedroom

1. Use Natural Smells

Cedar Oil

To keep silverfish out of your bedroom, try using smells they don’t like. Silverfish hate the scent of lavender and cedar. You can use lavender oil or cedar blocks in your room. Put a few drops of lavender oil on cotton balls and place them in corners, or put cedar blocks in your closet or drawers. It’s like setting up a smell that says “stay out” to silverfish. Plus, your room will smell nice.

2. Clean and Tidy Up

Clean Your Couch

Another great way to keep silverfish away is by keeping your room really clean and tidy. Silverfish love to hide in messy places and eat tiny bits of food or dust. Regularly vacuum your room, especially under the bed and behind furniture. This helps get rid of food crumbs and dust that silverfish like. 

Also, try to keep your stuff neat –don’t leave clothes or papers piled up. This makes it harder for silverfish to find places to hide and things to eat. Keeping your room clean not only stops silverfish but also makes your space nicer to be in.

3. Seal Cracks and Gaps

Seal All Entry Points

One effective way to keep silverfish out of your bedroom is to block their way in. Check for any small cracks or holes in your walls, windows, or floors. These tiny spaces are like doors for silverfish to enter your room. 

You can fill these gaps with something called caulk, which is like a special glue that blocks these openings. Think of it as putting up a “no entry” sign for silverfish. By sealing these cracks, you make it really hard for them to sneak into your room.

4. Use a Dehumidifier


Silverfish love damp and moist places. If your room is a bit wet or humid, it’s like a welcoming party for them. Using a dehumidifier can help with this. A dehumidifier is a machine that takes the moisture out of the air, making your room less damp. 

It’s like telling the silverfish, “Sorry, no damp party here” By keeping your room dry, you make it less attractive to silverfish. Plus, a drier room is also good for your stuff and can make the air feel more comfortable.

5. Store Items in Airtight Containers

Silverfish love to munch on things like paper, clothes, and even wallpaper. A cool trick to stop them is to keep your stuff in airtight containers. This means using boxes or bags that close really tight, so silverfish can’t get in. 

Put things like books, clothes, and other items that silverfish like into these containers. It’s like creating a mini fortress for your belongings. This way, silverfish won’t have anything to snack on in your room, and they’ll likely go look somewhere else.

6. Regularly Wash Your Bedding

Wash Bedding

Your bed can be a cozy spot for silverfish, especially if there are food crumbs or skin flakes (yuck, I know!). Washing your bedding regularly in hot water helps a lot. This not only cleans your sheets and blankets but also gets rid of any silverfish eggs or little bugs that might be hiding.

Think of it as doing a deep clean for your bed. It’s like having a fresh, clean start every time you wash your bedding. Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of getting into a freshly made bed? It’s comfy for you and not so comfy for the silverfish.

7. Avoid Eating in Your Room

_Avoid Eating in Your Room

Keeping silverfish away can be as simple as not eating in your bedroom. When you eat in your room, crumbs and food bits can fall on the floor or bed. These tiny leftovers are like a feast for silverfish. 

So, try to eat in the kitchen or dining area instead. If you really need to eat in your room, be super careful to clean up every little crumb afterward. It’s like making sure there’s no food party invitation for silverfish.

8. Use Diatomaceous Earth


Diatomaceous earth is a powder made from a type of rock. It’s safe for people but really bad for bugs like silverfish. You sprinkle this powder in places where silverfish might come in or hide, like near your walls, under the bed, or in closets. 

When silverfish walk over it, the powder damages their outer layer, and they can’t survive. It’s like setting up a barrier that’s safe for you but stops silverfish in their tracks. Remember to use food-grade diatomaceous earth, which is the safe kind for people and pets.

9. Use Sticky Traps

Sticky traps can be a handy tool to catch silverfish. These are simple traps with a sticky surface. You place them in areas where you think silverfish might be running around, like under your bed, in closets, or near bookshelves. 

When the silverfish walk over the trap, they get stuck. It’s like setting up a little sticky obstacle course for them. These traps can help you see if you have silverfish and also reduce their numbers. Plus, it’s a chemical-free way to deal with them.

10. Try Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils aren’t just for nice smells; they can also help keep silverfish away. Oils like peppermint, citrus, or eucalyptus are known to be smells that silverfish don’t like. You can mix a few drops of these oils with water and spray it around your room. 

Focus on areas where silverfish might come in or like to hide. It’s like creating a scent barrier in your room. This method is great because it’s natural, and you get to choose scents that you like. Plus, your room will smell fresh and clean.


Silverfish might seem a bit creepy, but they’re just tiny bugs looking for a snack and a cozy spot. Remember, they love damp places and munch on stuff like paper and fabric. If you spot them, it’s not a big worry.

Just keep your room clean, use a dehumidifier, and maybe try some natural smells like lavender. Seal any small gaps where they might sneak in. With these simple steps, you can say ‘bye-bye’ to silverfish in your bedroom. It’s all about making your space less inviting to these little guests. Stay curious and keep learning.


Keeping lights on doesn’t really stop silverfish. They’re not scared of light. They like hiding in dark, cozy places. So, even with lights on, they might still come around. Better to keep your room dry and clean to keep them away.

Silverfish don’t like certain smells, like lavender and cedar. Try putting lavender oil or cedar blocks in your room. These smells tell silverfish to stay away. Plus, your room will smell nice.

To permanently get rid of silverfish, make your room less attractive to them. Use a dehumidifier to keep it dry, clean up crumbs, and seal small openings. Also, wash your bedding often. This makes your room a tough place for silverfish to live in.

Silverfish being around might mean your room is too damp, and that can lead to mold. They both like wet places. To stop both mold and silverfish, use a dehumidifier and keep your room dry.

If you keep seeing silverfish, your room might be just right for them. It’s maybe damp, with food they like, like paper or fabric. They get in through tiny holes and like dark spots. Dry out your room, clean up food bits, and close up cracks to make them go away.

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