[10] Proven Tips To Keep Cockroaches Away From Dog Food

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Tired of finding roaches in your dog’s bowl of food? You’re not alone. Roaches like pet food because it has a lot of protein and moisture, making it a good place to breed. Here the question is: how to keep roaches away from dog food?

Quick Tips

  • Store dog food in airtight containers
  • Clean the feeding area regularly
  • Use a raised feeding bowl
  • Use natural repellents
  • Keep the area dry
  • Seal any cracks or gaps
  • Use sticky traps
  • Avoid leaving food out overnight
  • Use a pet-safe insecticide
  • Keep the area well ventilated

In this blog, we’ll discuss some simple and natural ways to keep roaches from eating your pet’s food.

Does Dog Food Attract Cockroaches?

Yes, cockroaches can be attracted to dog food. They will eat anything they can get their hands on. Cockroaches are drawn to food sources, especially ones that have a lot of sugar and carbs. Some dog foods, especially those high in sugar or grains, can attract cockroaches.

And if you’ve ever had a dog, you know how messy they can be when they eat. Bits of kibble and other food can fall on the floor or get stuck in the corners of their feeding area. And then the cockroaches might come.

Is Dry Or Wet Dog Food More Attractive To Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are typically drawn to any food left out in the open, including dry and wet dog food. However, cockroaches might be more interested in wet dog food because it has more moisture.

Cockroaches like damp places, so if the wet dog food is left out, it could make it easier for them to live there. So, storing pet food in a container with a tight lid is important as is cleaning up any spills or crumbs as soon as possible to keep pests away.

Any food source will attract cockroaches, so it’s important to keep pet food in airtight containers and clean up any spills or crumbs immediately.

Why Do Cockroaches Like Dog Food?

Cockroaches are attracted to dog food because they are drawn to other foods. Since they are omnivores, they eat almost anything left out in the open. But there are a few reasons why cockroaches might like dog food more than other foods.

Protein is an important nutrient for cockroaches, and dog food often has a lot of it. Second, cockroaches can find it easier to live in an area where the dog food is wet or has a lot of moisture.

They like damp places and can even get water from wet dog food. If a dog’s food is left out in the open or not stored properly, it can give cockroaches an easy way to get food.

[10] Ways to Keep Cockroaches away from Dog food

Store Dog Food In Airtight Containers

Store Dog Food In Airtight Containers

One of the greatest ways to keep cockroaches out of dog food is to store it in airtight containers. Cockroaches can fit through pinhead-sized holes, thus they’re common in dog food.Cockroaches can’t cross airtight food containers. Remove food and odours to repel cockroaches.

Clean The Feeding Area Regularly

Clean The Feeding Area Regularly

Cockroaches can also be prevented from eating your dog’s food by keeping the feeding area clean. Cleaning up spills and crumbs immediately prevents these pesky bugs from entering.

After your dog finishes eating, use a damp cloth or paper towel to clean the feeding area. To remove crumbs and dirt, sweep or hoover frequently.

Use A Raised Feeding Bowl

Use A Raised Feeding Bowl

Cockroaches won’t be able to get into your dog’s food if you feed it in a raised bowl.Cockroaches like to live in damp, dark places. If you raise your dog’s food bowl, they will find it less comfortable to live there. Cockroaches have to climb up to get to the food, making it harder for them to get there.

Use Natural Repellents

Natural repellents prevent cockroaches from eating your dog’s food. Citrus, peppermint, and bay leaves repel cockroaches. These things can keep cockroaches away from your dog’s food dish.

Diatomaceous earth repels insects too. It is a powder produced from small aquatic creature fossils. Spreading diatomaceous earth where cockroaches eat can dry them out and kill them.

Keep The Area Dry

Keep your dog’s eating area dry to prevent roaches. Keeping water bowls indoors all day is one way. Give your dog fresh water at certain times of the day, and discard any leftover water.Use a dehumidifier if your feeding area is damp or humid. This can discourage cockroaches and other pests.

Seal Any Cracks 

Cockroaches may fit through the smallest gaps, so closing holes in walls or floors near where they eat can help keep them out. Cockroaches may enter through openings in doors, windows, and pipes. Caulk or weather stripping can seal these areas and keep pests out.

Look for gaps or openings in the feeding area where cockroaches could enter. Seal any you find to make the area safe.

Use Sticky Traps

Sticky traps also prevent cockroaches from eating your dog’s food. Sticky traps are sticky mats on the floor surrounding food. The traps trap cockroaches. This eliminates cockroaches.If you suspect a cockroach infestation, sticky traps can help. Trap cockroaches near your dog’s food.

Avoid Leaving Food Out Overnight

Another strategy to avoid cockroaches is not leaving your dog’s food out overnight. Leaving food out can attract cockroaches, which are active at night. Instead, set feeding times for your dog. After your dog finishes eating, seal the bowl.

Use A Pet-Safe Insecticide

A pet-safe insecticide can keep cockroaches from your dog’s food. But choose a pet-safe product and follow the guidelines.Before using a pesticide, check the label for warnings. Some products require you to keep your dog out of the treated area or wait a particular amount before letting them back in.

Keep The Area Well Ventilated

Cockroaches can be prevented by ventilating your dog’s eating area. Ventilation reduces humidity, which cockroaches like. To get extra air, open windows and doors, use a fan, or install a ventilation system. This improves ventilation and reduces dampness.

What Are Some Natural Ways To Repel Roaches From Dog Food?

You can keep cockroaches away from your dog’s food in several natural ways. 

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Journal of Pesticide Science shows that strong smell of these oils can keep cockroaches and other pests away. To use essential oils as a natural repellent, mix a few drops with water in a spray bottle and spray the mixture around the feeding area. You can also put cotton balls soaked in the oil around the area or mix it with your dog’s shampoo to make it even less appealing.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

According to Journal of Pest Science you can also use diatomaceous earth to keep cockroaches away naturally. This is a powder made from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms that can effectively kill pests like cockroaches. Just sprinkle the powder around where the cockroaches eat, and it will stick to their bodies and make them lose water and die.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Lastly, you can keep cockroaches away with the peels of citrus fruits. Cockroaches don’t like the smell of citrus, and the acid in the peels can also kill them. Put the peels around where the birds eat, or boil them in water and spray the solution around the area to make a citrus spray.

Using these natural methods, you can keep cockroaches away from your dog’s food without using dangerous chemicals. But it’s important to remember that these methods might not work as well as insecticides or hiring a professional pest control service.

How Often Should I Clean My Dog’s Feeding Area To Prevent Cockroaches?

Clean your dog’s food area regularly to prevent cockroaches. How often you clean the area depends on its size, number of pets, and pet mess.

Clean your dog’s eating area daily. Taking out leftover food, wiping down bowls, and sweeping or vacuuming up crumbs and other debris is required.

You may need to clean more often if you have many pets or one that eats a lot and makes a mess. Look for cockroach droppings and egg casings and clear them up immediately.

Can Cockroaches Infest Dog Food Bags?

Yes, cockroaches can get into dog food bags, especially if the bags are left open or kept in a damp, warm place. Cockroaches can simply eat through the bag’s packaging to access to the food inside.

To avoid cockroaches, lock your dog’s food bag and store it in a cool, dry spot.

You should also check the bag often for signs of an infestation, such as cockroach egg cases,, or live cockroaches.To keep cockroaches from living in dog food bags, move the food into a container that doesn’t let air in. This can help the food stay fresh and keep bugs from getting to it. 

What Is The Best Container To Store Dog Food To Prevent Cockroaches?

Airtight containers are the best way to keep cockroaches away from dog food. Airtight containers are made to keep air and moisture out, which can help keep food fresh and keep pests like cockroaches from getting to it.

When looking for a container for dog food that won’t let air in, look for a strong, food-safe material, like plastic or metal. Ensure the container has a tight-fitting lid that seals well so pests can’t get in through gaps or openings.

You should also choose a big container to hold the whole bag of dog food, plus a little extra space. This can help keep the food from falling out and make it easier to get what you need.


Are There Any Dog Food Brands That Are Less Likely To Attract Roaches?

No brands of dog food are made to be less appealing to cockroaches. But, there are general guidelines you may follow when selecting a brand of dog food to minimize the risk of roach attraction. Choose dog food brands with as few fillers as possible, like wheat or maize, which might attract pests. Instead, choose products with high-quality protein sources, like chicken, beef, or fish.

Can Cockroaches Harm My Dog If They Eat Their Food?

Cockroaches that eat dog food are usually harmless. Roaches are scavengers and will eat anything, even dog food, though they are not known to spread dangerous diseases to dogs.
But there are risks when there are roaches in your dog’s food. If cockroaches have been getting into your dog’s food, they may have left faeces and other debris, making the food unsafe to eat. If your dog eats food that has been tainted, it could make him sick.

Is It Safe To Use Insecticides Around My Dog’s Feeding Area?

Using insecticides near where your dog eats can be safe if you are careful. Pets can get sick if they eat or breathe in the chemicals in many pesticides. Follow the directions carefully and only use insecticides that are safe for pets.
When you spray insecticides around where your dog eats, take away his food, water bowls, and anything else that could come in contact with the insecticide. Before letting your dog back into the area, please wait until it completely dries.

How Do I Know If Roaches Are In My Dog’s Feeding Area?

There are several signs that roaches have infected your dog’s eating area. The most obvious sign that they are there is cockroaches, but they may also leave other signs.
One sign is little black or brown droppings that look like pepper grains.
You might also see small brown eggshells with an oval shape. Roaches will lay their eggs in hidden places, like cracks and crevices, close to where they find food.


In conclusion, there are various techniques for keeping roaches from contaminating your dog’s food. These measures include storing food in airtight containers, routinely cleaning the feeding area, utilizing a high feeding bowl, applying natural repellents, keeping the space dry and well-ventilated, sealing crevices, and avoiding leaving food out overnight.

It is also vital to recognize the indicators of a roach infestation, such as small droppings, egg casings, food bag or container damage, and a musty or greasy odour. If you suspect a roach infestation, it is crucial to destroy it as quickly as possible in order to save your dog’s food and your home.


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