Is It Legal To Trap And Kill Raccoons In Washington [Yes]

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Raccoons are fur-bearing and intelligent small creatures. Their presence can be maddening, as they can be damaging to properties like houses, buildings, farms, and small pets. Despite all their infuriating acts, is it legal to trap and kill raccoons in Washington?

Yes, it is legal to trap and even kill raccoons in Washington. This permission is not for everyone. Only authorized people can trap or kill raccoons. State laws also define the circumstances in which natives can exercise these rights.

This article will explain the fundamental laws about trapping, hunting, and killing raccoons in the State of Washington. We will also discuss some special situations in which laws are applicable. Rules of hunting, trapping, and killing will also be mentioned below.

Trapping of small, defenseless animals is not promoted in any State. However, in Washington, where raccoons are frequently seen, humans can trap Raccoons and protect themselves from the attack under certain circumstances. Moreover, the person trapping raccoons should possess a Trapping license from the government.

The state of Washington usually prohibits the relocation of raccoons or other wildlife. License holders can relocate raccoons only if they have a reasonable excuse. Relocating raccoons by authorization also has to follow proper protocols. Relocation can be done only on certain premises. The distance between the place of capturing and releasing should not be too much.

Despite all legal permissions, trapping and relocation require legit reasons. Other factors like the traps used and where raccoons are relocated are also monitored. Some places are put aside by the state for the relocated raccoons. These places are declared safe by federal and state animal protection institutes.

Hunting is legal in Washington, but not all the time. People are only allowed to hunt during the open season. It is the time when people are allowed to hunt raccoons openly. State laws regarding hunting are not functional during this season.

In addition to hunting season, there are areas mentioned as continuous zones where hunting can be done anytime. People with a hunting license can only hunt for raccoons. Family and friends of persons having licenses can also hunt if raccoons are out, causing distress in their homes or property.

According to the rules of “Washington Game bird hunting,” Hunting raccoons can be done by using dogs. There are several other protocols to follow, such as no aircraft and night vision glasses or strong lights. This is done for the entertainment of participants. This hunting is prohibited in the tenth and eleventh months of the year.

Laws Governing About Raccoon Trapping In Washington

Trapping of raccoons is permissible in the state of Washington. Trappers should have a trapping license; this license can be obtained online or by personally visiting headquarters. After obtaining a license, they are eligible to trap raccoons.

Trapping raccoons is not an entertaining activity. It is only done when raccoons pose a threat to humanity. They can damage your house and can spoil your garden and farms. They can go on a rampage and can hurt people or their pets. So, as the saying goes, “better safe than sorry,” we should try our best to avoid raccoons. If not, we should at least have a license to be able to trap them in emergencies.

Raccoons are better left on their own because they can act as vectors and spread diseases. If we are frequently trapping them, there is a chance that we will come in contact with infectious diseases one day. 

Laws Governing About Raccoons Shooting In Washington

Although shooting Raccoons is acceptable in the state of Washington, it is still under various stipulations. Some of them are about the time and place where shooting can be done. Others are about shooting practices.

There are several hunting zones defined by “Washington Hunting .”Hunters are strictly instructed to stick to those zones while shooting. Shooting licenses are mandatory for shooters. Special firearms are allowed for shooting.

House owners or landowners are allowed to shoot raccoons if they cause problems, but this can not be practiced in the city. There are several helping lines available for issues related to raccoons. The public should inform these helplines before resorting to shooting and killing raccoons.

How Can You Trap Raccoons In Washington?

Trapping of raccoons in the state of Washington is legal. People can trap raccoons on their land and house premises. However, they had to follow the following rules:

1. Cage or box can be used to entrap Raccoons; the dimensions will be in accordance with standard raccoons size in Washington.

2. Food or fruits can be a great temptation for raccoons; these things can be placed in the traps as bait.

3. We can also use a dirt-hole trap to capture raccoons.

These types of traps can be used with different baits, such as; fish, meat, fruits, sugary substances, and crops. After trapping, it is necessary to release areas declared safe by the state for raccoons.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Raccoons In Washington?

You can hunt and shoot Raccoons in Washington by following ways defined by animal protection societies and state governing institutes:

1. Hunting is only in allowed zones of Washington; other places are out of reach.

2. Shooting and hunting raccoons in open season, defined by authority.

3. A licensed person is permitted to the hunting; others will be fined according to law.

4. Shooters are encouraged to hunt humanely, like a single shot to the head.

5. Infrared lights to gain night vision are prohibited; their use can disadvantage you.

6. The use of strong lights is also discouraged.

7. The use of aircraft to hunt or shoot is also not allowed.

This is the basic summary of laws set by the State of Washington. Breaching laws can lead to severe punishments and fines. A licensed person can quickly lose their license. 

Wrapping It Up

Raccoons being annoyingly dangerous, are often subjected to trapping, hunting, and relocating in Washington. Such practices are legal in the State of Washington. Some conditions limit the excessive or inhumane killing of raccoons. We can always try and use other methods to scare raccoons away in Washington. 

We can cut their food source and remove their shelter, naturally reducing their lurking around town. We can install fences and traps to keep them away. License holders can inevitably trap, relocate or kill raccoons in Washington if precautions are proven useless.