Is It Legal to Trap and Kill Raccoons in Louisiana [Yes]

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Raccoons live inside the city limits of most of Louisiana. Raccoons are rarely observed because they are nocturnal animals active at night. Raccoons are most likely the most destructive of all the wild creatures that have adjusted to city life. But is it legal to trap and kill raccoons in Louisiana?

Yes, it is legal to trap and kill raccoons in Louisiana. Raccoons may be trapped during the open trapping season, but only by legally licensed trappers and using a trap.

In this article, we will read about a few Louisiana laws regarding the trapping of raccoons. Moreover, we will also look at all the rules that allow one to kill a raccoon in Louisiana. Hunting and relocation laws shall also be discussed. 

Yes, trapping and relocating are allowed in Louisiana. Raccoons are the species you can shoot year-round in Louisiana. Raccoon hunting is not tightly restricted because of this. 

Within 12 hours of capture, raccoons must be put to death according to the current AVMA euthanasia rules without being moved. As raccoons are rabies vectors, that’s why their relocation is prohibited. Rabies can be transferred from the infected animals to humans and other animals too. 

While conducting nuisance wildlife control operations, all nuisance wildlife control operators (NWCOs) must have a current Louisiana basic hunting license (or an equivalent) and a current Louisiana trapping license on hand.

Yes, Raccoons can be hunted in Louisiana. The state’s annual trapping season lasts from November 20 through March 31. Furbearers, including bobcats, raccoons, opossums, and nutria, can be taken by lawfully licensed hunters outside of trapping season.

Year-round hunting is allowed. The law permits hunting raccoons that are a nuisance to public life, property, and community. Night hunting is permissible but only with a .22 caliber gun. That is why the people who are in possession of this gun can go out and hunt for Raccoons in the state of Louisiana. 

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It is also stated in the laws of Louisiana that killing animals unnecessarily is brutal and unethical. It should be discouraged among people. However, if raccoons are harming you, killing them becomes necessary, and the wildlife authorities are there to help you.

Laws Governing About Raccoon Trapping in Louisiana

The guidelines for live trapping and release of wildlife without a permit are described in Louisiana Administrative Code Title 76.

During the open trapping season, it is illegal for anybody to place or maintain any kind of trap to capture furbearers without a valid trapping license. During the available trapping season, a valid trapping license is required to a basic hunting license to sell and pelt raccoon carcasses and skins.

To prevent them from coming back, release captured animals at least five miles from where they were caught. Most wildlife breeds during early summer and spring; therefore, avoid trapping during those times. Handling animals that are trapped might be hazardous. 

Laws Governing About Raccoon Shootings in Louisiana

In all seasons of the year, raccoons can be hunted at night, but only with a.22 rifle. Raccoon hunting with dogs is permitted all year long, but the hunter needs to be in control of the dogs and carry a.22 rifle. Each group is only allowed one firearm.

There is no bag restriction for raccoon hunting at night or during the day on privately owned territory during the open trapping period. When the animals are seen harming crops, farmers and landowners may use a .22 caliber rimfire rifle for hunting raccoons as permitted by law.

Except for raccoons and opossums, which can be hunted or taken at night with lights as long as one or more dogs are used, it is illegal to hunt or take fur-bearing animals at night using artificial light.

How Can You Trap Raccoons in Louisiana?

Raccoons are relatively simple to catch using either Conibear® body-gripping traps, leg-hold traps, or wire-cage live traps.

  1. Install a live trap in a location where raccoons are known to congregate.
  2. Dog food, fruit, cat food, or anything else that the raccoons had been consuming, such as waste, can be used as bait for the trap.
  3. Be ready to deal with other species because these baits may draw in other creatures.
  4. Raccoons are active at dawn and nightfall, so place the trap before dusk.
  5. Conibear trapping is difficult and should not be tried without the correct training. 
  6. If the trap is set up improperly, there is a considerable potential that stray cats, dogs, or other creatures will get ensnared and hurt.

How Can You Shoot and Hunt Raccoons in Louisiana?

  1. Use a rimfire rifle chambered in .22 caliber
  2. Nighttime raccoon hunting is allowed.
  3. Headshots are encouraged.
  4. Raccoons can be pursued by hunters at night on feet.
  5. Hunters can only use lights to find or kill a raccoon if it has been trapped in a tree or dispersed by dogs.
  6. Having a firearm other than the one registered is considered illegal. Therefore, you can only possess the licensed ones. 

In most cities and towns, shooting is not permitted. Before employing any lethal raccoon control measures, consult with state and municipal authorities. If you set out on your own, you might end up doing something that is not permissible. 

Wrapping it up

Hunting and shooting raccoons are permissible in Louisiana. However, there are some terms and conditions which you need to abide by. Without them, you can be charged with illegal conduct. You need to have a registered gun for hunting down raccoons. Relocating raccoons is not permissible. 

A licensed person is allowed to kill raccoons if they mean to cause you harm. You can always report the authorities and have them come over to look at your raccoon problem.  It is better to abide by the laws and work under their limits rather than setting out on your own.