Is It Illegal To Kill Pigeons In Nevada [Check Updated Rules]

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Are you tired of pigeons roosting near your property? You must have thought about the ways to remove them. The most common way to get rid of pigeons is by shooting or killing them. It might sound inhumane. But it is common practice and the easiest way to control their population. So, is it illegal to kill pigeons in Nevada?  

No, it is not illegal to kill pigeons in Nevada. The federal authorities do not protect Feral pigeons. The Nevada state authorities allow the hunting of many pigeon species during their breeding season. However, it is illegal to shoot the common ground dove.  

Continue reading the article to learn more about state rules on pigeon hunting.

Which Type Of Pigeons Are Illegal To Hunt And Eat In Nevada?

It is not illegal to hunt and eat pigeons in Nevada except for Common ground doves. It is forbidden to hunt common ground doves as they are part of Migratory birds. According to the Migratory bird treaty act of 1918, you cannot trap, hunt, kill, shoot, or sell these birds.  

For centuries people have been hunting and eating a pigeon. Typically, people hunt pigeons during sports festivals or when their infestation is severe around their properties.

It is rare to find people eating pigeon meat in Nevada. Eating pigeons is not illegal, but it comes with health risks, especially with feral pigeons.  

Pigeons are not clean animals. In fact, they are filthy and carry numerous infectious diseases. Therefore, the state might allow you to hunt them. But it does not recommend eating pigeons; unless necessary for survival.

Why Is It Illegal To Hunt And Eat Pigeon In Nevada?

It is illegal to hunt and eat Common ground doves in Nevada. You can kill and eat other pigeon species, including the Mourning dove, Eurasian collared dove, and White Winged dove.

The common ground doves and the Mourning doves are in the Migratory bird act. These pigeons are not allowed to be killed, hunted, or sold. However, the state authorities permit the hunting of Mourning doves for a limited period.  

Nevada state allows the hunting of Mourning and White Winged doves each year from the beginning of September to the end of October. Each hunter gets a total of 45 hours each season and a daily bag limit of 15 daily.

On the other hand, Eurasian collared doves are unprotected pigeon species and can be hunted all year. Plus, there is no bag limit for the Eurasian collared dove.  

Where Can You Hunt Pigeons In Nevada?

You can hunt pigeons in any open space in Nevada far from residential areas. The state authorities take reservations for pigeon hunting in the Overton wildlife management area every year. However, it is legal to shoot annoying pigeons that are disturbing your daily life activities and destroying your property.

Nevada state protects animals and considers killing inhumane and illegal. However, authorities are linnet and allow the hunting of pigeons to a certain extent.

You can hunt Eurasian collared dove anywhere at any time. But there are restrictions on hunting Migratory pigeons like white-collared and Mourning doves. You can kill these species only in the state-permitted area during a specific period.  

Laws Governing About Pigeon Shooting In Nevada state

The USA has specific rules and regulations for hunting pigeons. These rules are pretty much the same all across the US. However, the laws are modified according to each state. The laws governing pigeon shooting in Nevada state are as follows.  

Hunting License  

A resident hunting license is made into four categories respectively; adult combination license for 18 years and older. A youth combination license is for minors from 12 to 17.

An adult hunting license is for people above 18 years. Apprentice hunting license for 12 years and older. The fee for each hunting license varies according to the type.

The state also issues licenses for senior citizens and disabled people. You are required to carry your hunting license during hunting.

Rules For Migratory Game Birds

Nevada state allows hunting of the Mourning and White-winged bird from September 1st to October 30th. Shooting hours begin a half hour before sunrise to sunset daily. The bag limit is 15 for both pigeon species separately or together. (CR 22-10)

Shooting On Commercial or Private Property  

You must possess a hunting license and permit for shooting on private or commercial property. Before hunting, you must send an application to the local authorities along with the name and address of the place you want to hunt.

The application must include the reason and the property type, whether commercial or private. You can hunt pigeons only after the application is approved. (NRS 504.310)

Record Of The Hunted Pigeons

You must report to the state officials the birds you have killed, their species, and the date. The authorities also record the weapon used for killing the pigeons and the method of disposal of the dead or hunted birds. (NRS 504-350,360, and 370)

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Pigeons In Nevada State?

The pigeons lingering around the properties are dangerous and cause many infectious diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate them. Shooting pigeons might sound inhumane, but it is common practice.

In fact, pigeon hunting is an outdoor sports activity. To shoot and hunt pigeons’ you must follow laws and the proper procedure.

Below are the instructions to guide you about shooting and hunting pigeons in Nevada state.

  • You must possess a hunting license, whether shooting on private or public property. The hunting license is according to age and another special requirement if needed.  
  • After securing your license, get a permit from the Nevada wildlife office to shoot on private or commercial property. For a hunting permit, apply by submitting an application.  
  • It is better to practice and learn shooting before you participate in the pigeon hunting season festival.  
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult while shooting pigeons.  
  • The bag limit for Migratory birds is only 15. There is no limit for Eurasian collared doves.  
  • To attract pigeons, you can use decoys or food to lure them. However, feeding pigeons in normal circumstances is illegal.  
  • After hunting, record the dead pigeon count along with the species types, and you must inform wildlife authorities.  
  • You will have to pay a fine for shooting illegal pigeons like a common ground dove.  
  • Proper and clean disposal of pigeon corpses is necessary to avoid infectious diseases.  


The state of Nevada does not protect all pigeons. Therefore, it is not illegal to hunt and shoot pigeons in Nevada if you possess a hunting license and a permit. It is legal to hunt white-collared doves, Eurasian doves, and Mourning doves. But you cannot hurt or kill any common ground dove.  

The Eurasian doves are common in Nevada. Therefore, you can hunt them all around the year at any place. However, the state restricts hunting of the white-collared and Eurasian doves to only once a year, from September to October.  

The state has rules and instructions according to the law. Carefully read the instruction and follow them before hunting pigeons in Nevada.