How Do I Get Rid Of Rats Under My Mobile Home? Tips & Tricks

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A mobile home is like a caravan that is used for accommodation purposes. It can be moved from one place to another. It can become a house for rats, so how do I get rid of rats under my mobile home? This query is problematic for many. 

There are several ways by which you can get rid of them for good. The effective methodology and use of certain chemicals can keep the rats out. However, you must be cautious enough not to leave any food sources behind. 

In this article, we will take a look at each of the ways by which one can quickly get rid of the rats in a mobile home. You can follow any one of them and have a rat-free mobile home. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Rats Under My Mobile Home
Get Rid Of Rats Under My Mobile Home

What to Do to Keep Rodents Away From Your Mobile Home?

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There are several ways by following which you can keep rodents away from your mobile home. They have been listed as follows:

  1. You must look for holes in the mobile home and patch them up. 
  2. Check where the lines and the piper are connected to your home from the outside. If they are broken, you must get them replaced immediately.
  3. Keep an eye on the chewed areas and cover them up with tape. 
  4. New skirting must be installed. Skirting is a board that covers the border between the floor and the interior wall. It ensures that all openings have been covered. 
  5. Food remnants must be either placed inside a fridge or thrown away immediately. Food scraps are the biggest invitation for a rat. 

Rats In Mobile Home Walls

Rats can start living inside the walls of a mobile home. It would help if you kept an eye on the holes inside the wooden panels.

Also, if there are any un-covered holes, you must get a new lining or cardboard to cover the walls properly.

The presence of rats can be detected by the holes they make in the walls as well as the wiring. If your things seem ‘chewed off,’ that means that rats live in your space.

Moreover, rats leave behind their dropping or fecal matter. 

If you see the excretory products, there it becomes confirmatory that a rat is living alongside you in your mobile home. Now, you must take action and get rid of them. 

Rodent Proof Mobile Home Skirting

Skirting is basically lining the walls in a way that connects the floor with the wall. So, if you have reliable skirting, it can protect you from the frequent visits of rats. 

Skirting is done in mobile homes to keep the rodents (i.e., mice, rats, guinea pigs, and hamsters away). Certain materials can be used for skirting. This includes:

  1. Tin (Metal)
  2. Plywood
  3. Hardy board
  4. Faux Rock 
  5. Vinyl 
  6. Bricks
  7. Stucco 
  8. Cinder Block 

The use of skirting can help prevent the damage caused by the rats that start existing inside mobile homes.

Rats In Insulation Under House

Rats In Insulation Under House

A rat will likely nest behind the wall insulation and the ceiling. The movement of rats rips the insulation off the nails and the staples. This leaves the insulation torn and sagging. 

If this is the case, you must take a stick and tap the insulation. Upon tapping, you will hear the rattle of droppings.

If you are lucky enough, you might even hear the scramble of disturbed rats. As rats are nocturnal animals, they mostly come out at night.

You can target them at night when they are most likely to come out and start looking for food sources inside your mobile home. You can trap them and kill them. 

What Scent Will Keep Rats Away?


Rats have a strong smelling power. They can smell food sources even while they are underground and will come out on the surface at night when they find the perfect opportunity to do so. 

You can repel the rats away from your mobile house by using the following scents

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Clover
  • Hot Peppers
  • House Ammonia
  • Peppermint
  • White Vinegar
  • Citronella Oil

So, when a rat smells either of these scents, it will not come near such places. 

Does Bleach Keep Rats Away?


Yes, bleach can keep the rats away. Like Ammonia, bleach has a pungent smell, and the rats run away from it.

Although bleach is an effective household remedy, its strong odor can be lingering and keep you up at night. 

Once the bottle has been opened, the pungent smell evaporates into the surroundings, and it prevails for a long time.

For confined spaces, like a mobile house where aeration is limited, and you have to reside in that limited space, the use of Ammonia should be discouraged. 

However, you can keep it as an option. If nothing else can be done, bleach can be used immediately as a weapon to get rid of the rats that come out from the wilderness. 

Is There A Spray To Keep Rats Away?

Tomcat Repellents Rodent Repellent Continuous Spray has been specifically designed to effectively and safely deter rats and mice.

This prevents them from entering mobile homes. 

The specialty of this spray is that it has a no-stink formula. It is long-lasting. It is rain resistant as well as ready to use.

The procedure has been tested before marketing, and it has been proven to prevent the entry of rodents. It also prevents them from nesting in a place. 

Thus, if you buy this spray and use it regularly, it will not only keep the rats away but will also prevent them from settling in and breeding.

This way, your mobile home can be saved from the rat population. 

What Does Baking Soda Do To Rats?

Baking Soda

Baking soda is also called sodium bicarbonate, and it will kill the rats when they consume it.

There is a mechanism behind it. When baking soda has been ingested, it enters the stomach of rats via the GIT (gastrointestinal tract). 

When the soda combines with the acid already present inside the stomach of rats, it starts producing gas. Rats are unable to pass wind and release it into the surroundings. 

As there is no other way of releasing the gas, a large amount of pressure builds up inside the bodies of rats, and it eventually leads to their death. 

What Attracts Rats To Your House?

Rats can be attracted to your house in several ways. Mostly, if you are living in a mobile home, you are exposed to all kinds of animals as you are on the move. Rats like to come out and explore during the night. 

Food Source

They come out looking for shelter as well as food sources. If you do not maintain cleanliness and tidiness inside your mobile homes, you are indirectly sending an invitation to the rats to come over for dinner. 

The rodents will start occupying the corners and holes inside your mobile home before you may even begin to notice. Rats love having a home near a constant food source. 


During the harsh cold weather, the rats seek shelter and try to occupy it. They then tend to gather food sources that sustain them. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Rats?

It takes about three to six weeks to get rid of rats. It depends on the level of infestation. If there is a colony of rats, it is harder to get rid of them.

However, if there are one or two, it is easier to repel them. 

If only a rat or two is disturbing your house’s peace, then they are relatively easy to get repelled. So, you can keep a few repellents with you on your way from moving from one place to another. 


Getting rid of rats is easy if one proceeds with precaution. Generally, the minimum precautionary measures for mobile homes are sufficient to keep the rats away.

However, keeping a few snap traps or repellents can keep your residency rat-free. 

One can also adopt house remedies by using bleach and Ammonia to get rid of the rats. Although, the immediate solution is to get all the openings checked and fixed. If the rats cannot enter, they may not colonize a place.