Does a Salt Gun Kill Wasps? Shooting Down the Myths!

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Summertime is fun with barbecues, picnics, and pool days. But wasps often join in uninvited. Many prefer to avoid these buzzing guests and look for ways to avoid them. Have you heard of the salt gun? Does a salt gun kill wasps? Some say it’s great for getting rid of wasps.

Yes, a salt gun can kill wasps when hit at close range. However, it’s only sometimes possible or successful, as wasps can be aggressive and might attack when threatened. 

Want to know more about the salt gun? Is it good or not? Let’s find out. Read on to see if the salt gun can help you enjoy a wasp-free summer!

The Wasp Problem


Time shows us many interesting things about nature. One of these is the wasp. With their thin bodies and bright colors, wasps are amazing but can also be a bother because of their stings.

Wasps do a lot of good things. They eat pests that harm our gardens. This helps plants grow well and keeps our gardens looking lovely. They also make detailed nests that many people find amazing to look at.

But there’s another side to wasps. They like sweet things and sometimes come too close to where people are, especially during outdoor events like picnics. This can make people scared and want to move away.

Even though wasps can be a problem sometimes, they are a part of nature. They have a role in our world. It’s important to remember that everything in nature, including wasps, has a purpose.

So, it’s good to stop and think when we see wasps again as the seasons change. We should understand them and know where to draw the line. This way, we can all live together in peace.

Traditional Methods of Dealing with Wasps


  • Use Smoke: Long ago, people found out that wasps don’t like smoke. Smoke can make wasps leave, Whether from a small fire or even a smoker’s pipe. They might go away if you put something smoky near where wasps live. But this can take time, and you must be brave to try it.
  • Set Up Traps: Like old stories where sailors are drawn to singing mermaids, we can use sweet things to attract and trap wasps. Using sweet water or juice can pull them into special traps. Once they go in, they can’t get out. But, for this to work well, you need to check the traps often and know what wasps like to eat.
  • Get Help from Birds: Some birds, like magpies and sparrows, eat wasps. If we make our gardens friendly for these birds, they might help keep wasps away. Putting out bird food and water is an excellent way to invite them.

Even though we try to keep wasps away, it’s good to remember they help the environment, too. We can live peacefully together by knowing more about them and treating them with care.

What is a Salt Gun?

salt gun

Salt Gun it’s nothing like regular guns. It’s not for scaring people or protecting yourself from big dangers. It’s made to help stop small bugs that bug us during summer parties or in our kitchens. The special thing? It uses plain table salt to do its job.

It’s a smart idea that came from being annoyed by flies. Whether in a small town in Italy or a big city like New York, everyone has been bothered by these flying pests. People wanted a clever way to handle this common problem.

The salt gun is more than just a tool. It shows that sometimes, the best way to solve a problem isn’t with something fancy. It’s with something simple and fun that we see every day. The salt gun reminds us that sometimes the answers to annoying things are right in front of us, in the most common places.

How It Works

  • Simple Idea: Like old slingshots, the salt gun uses a spring. When you pull the trigger, the spring shoots the salt out.
  • Where the Salt Goes: The central part of the gun is where the salt is stored. It’s made to put just the right amount of salt for each shot.
  • How It Hits Bugs: When you pull the trigger, the salt sprays in tiny bits. These bits are the right size to fly in the air and hit bugs hard enough to stop them.
  • Safe to Use: The salt gun is made to be safe for home use. It can’t hurt big things, like people, because it’s not that powerful.
  • Good for Nature: The salt gun is better for the environment than bug zappers or sprays. The salt it uses goes away on its own without hurting the earth.

The salt gun shows how smart we can be in all the cool things people make. It uses a simple idea to solve a common problem. It’s like a tool from a story, showing us that sometimes just a little salt can do a big job.

Common Brands

Salt guns are a fun mix of everyday kitchen stuff and cool gadgetry. They use regular table salt to help keep pesky bugs away. Some brands have become popular, and here’s a quick guide to the big names.


This is like the rock star of salt guns. Bug-A-Salt is known for its top-quality design and ability to shoot salt super accurately. Lorenzo Maggiore, the genius behind it, made sure it was both fun and valuable.

They even have different versions, including a cool camouflage one. It’s perfect for those who want a reliable salt gun that does its job and looks good.


If you like things bold and flashy, SaltBlaster is for you. Not only does it have a stand-out look, but it’s also designed to fit well in your hand.

And it has a bigger space for salt, making it great for handling bugs. Think of it as the show-off in the salt gun world – it’s stylish but also very practical.


This is the tough, no-nonsense choice. While it might not have the fancy looks of the others, Sodium Slinger is all about being strong and dependable.

This could be your pick if you’re as comfortable in the backyard as in the wilderness. It’s built to last and handle whatever comes its way.


This is like the superhero of salt guns. Imagine something out of a cool knight’s story – that’s SaltSaber. It’s not just about getting rid of bugs; it’s about making your home feel like a safe castle.

With a long body and a design that looks old-fashioned but also modern, it’s for people who want to protect their home in style.


Here’s a salt gun that’s super eco-friendly. Unlike others that use a lot of plastic, GranuleGuardian is made with better things for our planet.

This is a great choice if you care about the Earth and want fewer bugs in your home. Plus, when you buy it, you know you’re not harming the environment.


This is the tailor-made option. With Saline Sentinel, you can choose how much salt you want. If you’ve got tiny bugs, use a light spray.

For bigger bugs, go with a stronger shot. It’s like having a salt gun that adjusts just for your needs. And that makes fighting off pests super easy and effective.

How Salt Guns Kill Wasps?


You might think of salt as just something you sprinkle on food. But guess what? When used specifically, these tiny grains can help keep bugs away!

  • How Does It Work? Salt guns don’t work because salt is harmful. It’s about how fast the salt grains shoot out. They hit bugs like wasps in their weak spots.
  • Perfect Aim: Unlike big, powerful guns, salt guns shoot a small, controlled amount of salt. This is enough to bother the bugs without causing a lot of mess.
  • Weak Point of Wasps: Wasps might look tough when flying around but have soft spots. The fast-flying salt hits these spots and can really bug them.
  • Breathing Trouble for Bugs: When salt hits a wasp, it can enter its breathing tubes, called spiracles. This can make it hard for them to breathe and slow them down.
  • Keep Bugs Away: Even if you miss a wasp, the salt around can make other wasps stay away. They don’t like it.
  • Using It Right: You need to shoot the salt gun from close up to get the best result. This takes some practice and bravery!
  • Hit Moving Targets: Wasps move fast. If you want to hit one with a salt gun, you have to guess where it will be.
  • Good for the Environment: Salt guns are better for the Earth than sprays with chemicals. Salt is natural, breaks down, and doesn’t hurt bigger animals.
  • A Gentle Option: A salt gun is a middle option if you dislike using chemicals but don’t want bugs around. It keeps bugs away without harming everything else.
  • Safe for Homes: Even if you accidentally shoot the salt gun in the wrong place, it’s just salt. It won’t hurt anyone or anything in your home.
  • The Cool Thing About Salt Guns: These guns show how smart people can be. Who would have thought that simple salt could be used this way? It makes us wonder what other regular things can be turned into something amazing for our homes and the world.

Salt Guns vs. Traditional Methods

AspectSalt GunsTraditional Methods
Basic MechanismUse high-velocity salt granules to target insects.Typically employ chemicals, electric zaps, or manual swatting.
Environmental ImpactEco-friendly due to biodegradable salt as ammunition.Often involve chemicals that can harm the environment or electric methods consuming power.
SafetyMisfires result only in scattered salt, which is harmless.Chemical sprays run out and need repurchasing. Electric zappers depend on a battery or power source. Manual methods are evergreen.
Ease of UsePoint and shoot mechanism, requiring minimal training.Chemical methods need careful application; electric ones require setup, and manual methods require physical exertion.
EffectivenessTargets the soft joints and underbellies of insects like wasps, requiring precision in shooting.Broad-spectrum approach; chemicals and zaps affect a variety of bugs, while swatting depends on accuracy.
LongevityLimited by the amount of salt in the chamber, but easily refillable.Modern, often sleek designs, double as a conversation piece.
AestheticHigh – a unique blend of seasoning and pest control capturing the imagination.Conventional, often seen as mundane or even unattractive, especially in the case of large bug zappers.
CostInitial cost for the device but minimal ongoing expenses due to cheap salt refills.Recurring costs for chemical sprays, and electricity bills for zappers, but manual methods like swatters are typically cheap.
StorageCompact designs fit easily in household spaces.Sprays need careful storage away from kids; electric methods need space; swatters can hang or be stored easily.
TargetPrimarily smaller flying insects, especially those with discernible flight patterns.Broad, affecting most household insects.
Novelty FactorHigh – a unique blend of seasoning and pest control capturing imagination.Low – conventional methods seen in most households for years.

Pros and Cons of Using a Salt Gun

Pros of Using a Salt Gun:

  • Safe and Simple: The salt gun uses just regular table salt to get rid of pests. This means there are no harmful chemicals in your home.
  • Accurate Aim: Its design helps you target pests directly. This ensures that only the pests are affected and everything else stays safe.
  • Budget-Friendly: After buying the gun, all you need is table salt to keep it working. This makes it cost-effective in the long run.
  • Cool and Catchy: The salt gun looks modern and unique. It’s not only practical but can also be a fun topic of conversation.
  • Eco-Friendly: Since it doesn’t use chemicals or leave behind waste, it’s a great choice for those who care about the environment.

Cons of Using a Salt Gun:

  • Needs Good Aim: To use it effectively, you need to be good at aiming. If you miss often, it might not solve your pest problem quickly.
  • Short Range: You have to be close to the pests to target them. Some people might not like getting too close.
  • Not Always Effective: Some bigger or tougher pests might not be bothered by the salt.
  • Too Much Salt: If you use it a lot, especially outside, you might end up with too much salt in the soil, which isn’t good for plants.
  • Interesting for Kids: The design might attract children, who could play with it or use it incorrectly.

Alternative Solutions for Wasp Control

Alternative Solutions for Wasp Control

Natural MethodsPlantsSome plants like spearmint, thyme, and eucalyptus act as natural wasp repellents. Planting these around your yard can deter wasps from settling in the vicinity.
Essential OilsMixtures of peppermint, clove, geranium, and lemon oil can repel wasps. Apply diluted oil around outdoor eating areas or rub on pulse points when outdoors.
Sugar and Water TrapsMix sugar and water in a container. The sweet scent attracts wasps. Once they enter, they cannot escape. Ensure to change the mixture regularly to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground.
Soap and WaterA mixture of dish soap and water, when sprayed directly onto wasps, can break down their exoskeleton and eliminate them.
Citrus PeelsBoiling citrus peels (like lemon and orange) and then allowing the solution to cool can create a natural spray that deters wasps when sprayed around outdoor spaces.
Technological SolutionsElectric Bug ZappersDevices that lure wasps and other pests using ultraviolet light and then eliminate them upon contact. Suitable for outdoor use and covers large areas.
Wasp DecoysFake wasp nests can deter other wasps from building nests nearby, as wasps are territorial creatures. Hanging a few decoys around your property can prevent wasps from settling.
Wasp AppsSmartphone applications that provide guidance on identifying, deterring, and safely removing wasps and their nests. They may also give alerts about peak wasp activity periods.
Ultrasonic RepellersDevices emitting high-frequency sound waves. While inaudible to humans, they can deter pests, including wasps, from the area. Consistent use can keep areas wasp-free.
Motion-Activated SprinklersThese devices detect motion (like that of a flying wasp) and spray a burst of water. While not harmful, the sudden surprise can deter wasps from frequenting the area.

Precautions When Using a Salt Gun

  • Watch Your Aim: Always know where you’re aiming. Accidental shots can break things or hurt someone.
  • Keep Away from Kids: Store the salt gun where children can’t reach it. Kids might want to play with it because it looks interesting, which could lead to accidents.
  • Protect Your Garden: Don’t use the salt gun too much outside. Too much salt can hurt plants and change the soil.
  • Wear Safety Glasses: Put on safety glasses when using the gun. Even though it’s just salt, getting it in your eye can be painful.
  • Know Your Gun: Make sure you know how far your salt gun can shoot. If you think it can shoot farther than it really can, you might not protect your home from bugs as well as you want to.
  • Plan Your Escape: If you’re aiming at wasps or hornets, know how to get away quickly. They might try to sting you if you bother them.
  • Empty When Not Using: Pour out the salt when you’re done. If you leave salt in the gun, it might get wet and stop the gun from working well.
  • Only Point at Bugs: Don’t point the gun at people or animals, even if you’re just joking around. It’s always best to be safe.
  • Clean Your Gun: Every once in a while, clean your salt gun. Because salt can pull in water, the gun might get wet inside and break.
  • Use the Right Salt: Only put the kind of salt in the gun that the instructions say to use. Other things might break the gun or be dangerous.


The salt gun is a great example of how creative people can be. It shows our effort to live peacefully with nature while also keeping our homes safe. This simple tool is a mix of easy solutions and new ideas. But, like all tools, we have to use it wisely. It’s not just about how it works but also how we choose to use it. 

We have to be careful and think about our actions. Our homes are small parts of a bigger world. Every decision we make has an impact on everything around us. The salt gun is a small tool, but it reminds us to always think before we act. As we look to the future, let’s hope that our choices show both our smart thinking and our caring hearts, working together for a better world.


Yes, a salt gun isn’t just for wasps. Think of it as a multitool for getting rid of pests. It can deal with common flies in your kitchen or moths near your lights. But its effectiveness depends on the bug’s size and how good you are at aiming. Bigger bugs might need more careful aiming.

Using a salt gun inside can be a bit like an adventure. It’s generally safe, but you should be careful. If you shoot too much, you might find salt all over your furniture, carpets, or gadgets. Even though salt is safer than chemicals, too much of it can scratch or harm some surfaces. So, when using it inside, make sure you aim well and know where the salt is going.

You can use the salt gun on many bugs like flies, mosquitoes, moths, and some small beetles. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Bigger bugs or ones with tough shells might not be affected as much. It’s good at dealing with many pests, but not all of them.

While a salt gun is made to deal with insects, it can still hurt if not used right. Getting salt shot into your eyes or on sensitive skin could be painful. When salt grains are shot out fast, they can sting. It’s a reminder to use tools safely. The salt gun is made to protect against pests, not to harm people. Always use it carefully.

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