Do Raccoons Eat Dog Poop? Discover the Unusual Facts

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Raccoons are opportunistic eaters and one of the cleanest mammals. They are famous for washing food items before eating them. Plus, they also have separate lavatory spaces. Even though they are ethical but still grubby animals. Therefore, you must be wondering, do raccoons eat dog poop?

No. Raccoons do not eat dog poop. Before eating any suspectable food items, raccoons analyze them by smelling. They are comparatively cleaner animal and avoids eating smelly things. Only rodents and worms eat on dog pop or another animal dunk.

Dog poop consists of various diseases that can cause severe infection in raccoons. To find more details continue reading the article.

Will Dog Poop Keep Raccoons Away?

Raccoons are afraid of the dog and can smell one from feet away. If you have a pet dog, raccoons will probably not break inside your house.

However, to prevent raccoons visit in your yard or garden, scatter dog poop around. It sounds filthy and disgusting, but this trick works. It will scare away the raccoons for good.

All you have to do is just let your pet dog shit where it wants in the yard, or you can place the dog litter near the raccoon’s entrance point. It will probably never come again.

You will no longer have to be afraid of raccoons ruining your favorite garden patches.

Does Dog Pee Keep Raccoons Away?

Raccoons are afraid of big dogs, wolves, lions, coyotes, and any other large wild carnivorous animal.

Raccoons can smell the animal or its presence from miles away. It will not even go near the area if it smells of any such wild animal.

Therefore, dog urine can work as a repellent to get rid of raccoons visiting your house. The most effective are lion urine, coyote urine, and wolf urine.

Spraying this urine around your house exterior or in the yard will scare away the raccoons. It sounds sickening, but it works. Instead of spraying urine, you can get a large pet dog.

Do Raccoons Eat Dog Poop Compost?

Raccoons will jump anywhere on anything in search of food. Compost bins or trash cans are the favorite raccoons to search for food. Mainly raccoons get attracted to the house because of leftovers in the trash.

However, it will avoid coming near your trash cans if there is dog poop around. This trick can work.

Just place the dog poop compost bin alongside your regular bins, or you can trash the dog poop in the household trash bin. Raccoons will no longer jump into the house compost bins.

You can also install a fence to keep raccoons away from the compost bins.

What Animal Would Eat Dog Poop?

Rats, mice, rabbits, beetle, and chimps are the animal that would eat dog poop. All these animals are dung eaters. Rats and mice are known as primary eaters of dog poop.

A raccoon is the cleanest mammal and will probably never come near the dog poop. Therefore, if an animal is attacking your dog litter, the culprit is rodents, not raccoons.

Will Dogs Keep Raccoons Away?

Raccoons do not like big dogs. They see them as a large predator. They tend to avoid houses or places with dogs in them.

The raccoon population is terrified by the howling sound of a ferocious dog. It will not be wrong to say that raccoons are slightly afraid of dogs. Even the smell of their poop will keep them far away from the property.

Can A Raccoon Hurt A Dog?

Raccoons can be a huge trouble if you have pet animals. It is common for cats and dogs to fight with a raccoon. A dog might get into a fierce fight with raccoons resulting in injuries.

On the other hand, cats are quick and will run away.

It is not common for raccoons to get into a fight with the dog, but it is not entirely impossible.

A large dog might run after a helpless raccoon-like the injured or a mother raccoon and cause harm to them.

Can Dogs Consume Raccoon Poop?

Surprisingly your dog can eat raccoon poop. Domestic dogs and wild dogs are not afraid of raccoons, and they do like to try on many different things.

Typically, a dog will not eat something as disgusting as poop unless it is starving or is experimenting. Raccoons shed many microorganisms in their poop which are dangerous for humans and domestic animals.

Therefore, being a pet parent, you must keep your dog away from the raccoon poop.

What Are The Diseases Caused By Raccoon Poop In Dogs?

Eating raccoon poop can cause many infections in dogs. Including Baylis ascariasis disease, giardia, and leptospirosis. Three of the raccoon diseases are discussed in detail:

Baylisascariasis Disease

A dog can be infected with this disease if it comes in contact with the raccoon poop. Baylis ascariasis disease is caused by B.procyonis larvae known as roundworms.

This disease is also known as raccoon disease because it is a common disease caused by the raccoon population.

A thesis on “The Ecology of Baylisascaris procyonis in Ontario, Canada” was presented by Shannon kylie French to the University of Guelph.

The thesis states that Baylis ascariasis disease can develop in hosts as a consequence of vigorous larval migration.

It results in granuloma formation in tissues in all the body organs resulting in localized infection. It also causes neural larva migrans, in which larvae travel to the brain and neurological system. It is also known as raccoon roundworm encephalitis.


Giardia in raccoons can transmit from raccoons to dogs to humans. It is fatal, and the initial symptoms are severe vomiting.

If a dog ingests or comes in contact with raccoon poop, it will become infected instantly, and worst it will infect its owner.

There is severe water loss from the infected dog and the human in the form of diarrhea and excessive vomiting.


Leptospirosis in dogs is caused by a bacterium known as Leptospira. It spread through the urine of the infected animal.

This bacteria is shed by; raccoons and rodents in their urine. When a dog comes in contact with raccoon urine, it will be infected.

Leptospirosis causes lung diseases, difficulty in breathing, and blood disorders.

What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Raccoon Poop? 

Immediately take the dog to the vet. Do not wait for symptoms to occur. A vet will conduct a few laboratory tests to confirm the parasites and prescribe antibiotics.

It would be better to avoid touching the dog feeder with bare hands because it can cause cross-contamination.

I recommend you do not deal with the raccoon poop on your call professionals to help you with it. If you have to do it yourself, wear safety overall, gloves, and a mask.


Raccoons are afraid of the dog and will avoid them. Therefore, they do not eat dog poop. You can use dog poop to scare away the raccoons from your property. The animals that eat dog poop are rodents and beetles.

On the other hand, a dog can accidentally eat raccoon poop and will become seriously ill due to the disease it carries. The most common disease found in a dog is Baylisascariasis Disease or raccoon disease, as it is predominant in the raccoon population.

This disease can kill the dog if not provided with proper care and treatment.