Do Pigeons Carry Bed Bugs As a Host?

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The infestation of any pest is annoying and feels disgusting. Especially; if the infestation is something like a bed bug. Pigeons are one of the most unclean and dirty birds. Pigeons transmit several bacteria and pests to humans and house pets; they transmit diseases to humans and house pets. Many birds, including pigeons, are famous carriers of several bacteria and pests. Are you wondering: do pigeons carry bed bugs? 

Yes, pigeons do carry bed bugs. Pigeons are famous carriers of bed bugs and bird mites. The bedbugs live as a host on a pigeon body. The pest gets its nutrients from the bird’s blood. 

The bed bugs will not live as a host on human skin, but they infest human skin and might cause severe itching and inflammation. Pigeons are not considered a pest by many people. Instead, they are liked and sometimes kept as a pets.

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Can Pigeons Carry Bedbugs?

There are several species of bed bugs; one such species, the Cimex lectularius, exists on birds, bats, and rodents. The bed bug can also survive on the fur of cats and dogs. They suck the blood from their host body. It is said; that it consumes blood five times more than its body weight, causing anemia and lethargy in animals.

The bed bug will infest and, eventually, it will make the bird body its home and lay eggs on it. The bed bug eggs are small and white. 

Can You Get Bed Bugs From Birds? 

The bed bug can transfer to humans through birds. Many birds like pigeons, sparrows, and starlings carry bed bugs on their body. You can get bed bugs from these birds. They do not live on human skin as a host. Neither the bed bug will consume the blood of a human.

The pet pigeons or the domestic animals that came in contact with the pigeons carrying bed bugs can infest your home. The bed bugs typically begin living on household furniture. When you come in contact with bed bugs, it will cause severe itching and inflammation. Bed bugs often attack the face, neck, and hands of the human body.

What Bugs Live On Pigeons?

Pigeons are a famous carrier of several bugs. They transmit the bugs from their body and droppings to the other organisms. Besides the bed bugs, pigeons might have mites, ticks, lice, and fleas. These bugs live as hosts on the pigeon body. Bed bugs, mites, and flea feed suck blood from a pigeon. Though, lice feed on pigeon feathers.

All of these mentioned bugs are extremely dangerous for humans and domestic animals. A pigeon can transfer these bugs to the animal that eats them, such as rats, snakes, cats, crows, and falcons.

Haag-Wackernagel, in his research, states that pigeons create hefty health risks for humans as they are the carriers of several diseases. In his case study, he did research on a patient whose balcony was infested by the Cimex lectularius the bed bugs, the pigeon tick Argas reflexus, and the red mite Dermanyssus gallinae.

Do Pigeons Bring Insects?

Pigeons are dangerous birds; they carry more diseases than rats. They serve as hosts for several parasites and insects. There has been a rapid increase in the pigeon population in the last decade, and almost all of them carry certain insects.

The pest living on the pigeon’s body can cause inflammation, redness, and itching in humans. The most common insect among pigeons is mites. Other insects include bed bugs, ticks, fleas, and lice. The lice infestation can be transmitted to domestic animals through a pigeon. The pigeon body serves as a home to all these pests, the pests feed on the host blood. 

Additionally, Pigeon scats have a foul odor and consist of many bacteria like salmonella, Histoplasma, and E. coli. All of these bacteria cause life-threatening diseases in humans. 

Do Pigeons Carry Mites?

The most popular mites host is pigeons, starlings, chickens, and sparrows. The mites living on the pigeon’s body can leave their host and find others. Mites survive on pigeon blood and make the pigeon’s body its home. When a pigeon dies, it can move out of its body and find another for the host. 

The mites can invade your home through a pet pigeon or an adopted animal, especially when you have adopted a stray animal like cats and dogs taken in from the street. 

Additionally, mites can also enter the home through cracks in doors and windows. The mites do not cause any infestation on furniture like bed bugs. However, they can cause scratches and inflammation in humans.

Are Bird Mites And Bed Bugs the Same?

Bird mites and bed bugs live on a pigeon’s body and suck pigeon blood. The blood provides more nutrients which help in the growth of the pests. However, they are slightly different in structure and behavior. Bed bugs are significantly larger than bird mites. 

They are active during wet and humid days. Plus, both pests are active during the night. Once they find a suitable host, their population increases rapidly. The number of bird mites and bed bugs increases with the increase in the bird population.

Typically, the pest attacks young birds. When the bird dies, it will invade another bird or mammal. In case there is no animal host, they can attack the humans. The bird mites will not live on furniture like bed bugs. It only surrounds nests or pet cages. They both cause itching and inflammation in humans. 

How To Get Rid Of Pigeon Bugs?

One must get rid of the pigeon bugs from their home. The most typical places bugs are found: are in chimneys, backyards, roofs, doors, windows, ceilings, and the foundation of the building. The bed bugs infect the furniture as well. 

If you have a nest in your house or the surroundings, get rid of it as they are the root cause of the bug infestation. When you have pets in the house take them to a vet or groomer to get rid of the bug from their fur.

Once you will get rid of the bug’s food source or host, it will not survive longer than 20 days. To get rid of the bugs, use insect repellents in all the places. You can use sprays or powders, but make sure that your pet does not eat or inhale these chemicals. It is recommended to call pest control.

Can Bed Bugs Live On Humans?

Bed bugs can transfer to humans through birds and other animals, but they do not live on the human body as they reside on the bird. The bed bugs live on beds and are most active at night so the bugs can irritate a person sleeping near them. 

Bed bugs are not attached to human skin or hair like lice, but they prefer to live near the body where it is moist and wet. The bed birds can cause irritation and inflammation on human skin. 


The pigeons are filthy birds and contain more germs and insects than rats. The bed bugs live on the pigeon body, which serves as the host for the pest. The bugs feed on the pigeon blood; which provides its nutrients to grow. The usual place the bed bugs attack the pigeon is a nest, and from that, it spreads to the other areas. 

Inside homes bed bugs live on beds and other furniture items. It might not be life-threatening for humans but can irritate the skin. The bug can transfer bugs to other animals as well. The house pets can get infested by bed bugs, and they reside on their fur.

The bug also transmits to the animals that eat infested animals like a rat. It is essential to get rid of pigeons or nests from your surroundings to remove the bugs.