Best Pigeon Repellents: [Proven Products That Work]

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Until pigeons start to mess up with your roof and backyard, you might think they are cool birds deserving a bunch of your grains and bread crumbs. 

Pigeons mess up with benches, statutes, and vegetable gardens with their acidic poop and scavenging habits. To make the birds even worth repelling, they flock into yards in large numbers, quickly causing damage and pausing health risks.

Besides being notorious pest birds, pigeons are dirty, carrying parasites and diseases. Pigeons are a health risk to your family and animals. You need a healthier yard free of pigeons. Fortunately, we have a list of the best pigeon repellents you can use to keep the birds away from your home effectively.

Best Pigeon Repellents(Our Top Picks)

Bird-X Electronic Repeller

Bird-X Electronic Repeller is an ultrasonic high-frequency device. Most humans can’t hear the device, but it irritates and annoys pigeons hence forcing them to fly to calmer and untreated areas.

To use the repellant, mount it using the provided keyhole slots and the hardware provided with it. The pigeon repellent is ideal to use in gardens, backyards, lawns, patios, barns, porches, boats, farms, koi ponds, greenhouses, garages, balconies, and other small outdoor spaces.

Additionally, the Bird-X Electronic Repeller minimizes the risk of disease and parasite spreads associated with pigeons such as red blood mite, Dermanyssus gallinae, and Argas reflexus. The repellent can effectively repel pigeons within 4000 square feet.

The Bird-X Electronic Repeller comes with constant or motion-activated modes which means you can operate with ease.

With constant or motion-activated modes, there is little upkeep for the product itself.


  • Effective non-toxic and safe
  • energy conscious
  • Perfect for residential areas because it is harmless to pets and humans
  • Besides repelling pigeons, the repellent is also effective against other pests like squirrels, bats, rabbits, skunks, boars, stray dogs, feral cats, rodents, and boars.


  • You will need more than one repellent if you want to keep pigeons in a more than 4000-square feet area.

Bird Repellent Reflective Scare Rods

They are large and conspicuous 15-inch size and effective at scaring pigeons away. Bird Repellent Reflective Scare Rods has a simple and minimalistic design that pairs well with garden decors and home exteriors. 

The reflective scare rods are better alternatives to disc, tape, and decal and are not an eyesore. The rods’ multiple refraction points combined with motion practical confuse scares and prohibit pigeons from adapting to your roof or yard. 

You get the best results using the reflective scare rods when you place them in direct sunlight and breeze. The reflective scare rods can also be used as a deflector to alert pigeons and other birds to prevent window strikes.


  • Effective in creating anti-pigeon zones and keeping the pest birds at bay.
  • A humane way of keeping pigeons from your garden, balcony, and roof. The rods will not harm the birds in any way.
  • Non-toxic to people, animals, and the environment
  • Looks good- the reflective scare rods are aesthetically pleasing. It is both a pigeon repellent and, at the same time, a decorative spinner for your home and garden.


  • May scare away other birds alongside the pigeons

Huttoly Bird Spikes

Huttoly bird spikes are the upgraded version of other bird spikes designed to deter roosting of pigeons on your property. The pigeon repellent comes with small spikes in addition to the regular long spikes.

The combination of different length spikes helps prevent pigeons from staying in the gaps between the long spikes. Additionally, the pigeon spikes do not harm the birds but act as a stimulus to discourage the pest birds from settling. The acrylic spikes are also tough and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Ways Of Installing The Spikes

You can install the pigeon spikes in three ways:

  • Fix the pigeon spikes on any flat surface frequented by pigeons
  • Tie the Huttoly Bird Spikes to a surface
  • Use glue and double-sided tape to affix the bird spikes.


  • All-weather- Huttoly Bird Spikes are made from high-quality acrylic plastic with impeccable weather and chemical resistance, rain, wind, and exposure to the sun.
  • Last for longer
  • Simple to install- the spikes can easily be affixed
  • Humane way of repelling pigeons as it does no physical harm to the animals
  • Besides keeping the pigeons away, the spikes also discourage other intruders from getting into your property.


  • A few of the pigeons might find somewhere unexpected in the house and yard to settle.

Reflective Scare Tape

Pigeon deterrent reflective scare tape is one of the most friendly ways to keep the pest birds away from your yard. It works by reflecting the sunlight to blind the pigeons. 

The birds then scatter away without a chance to settle on your home. Reflective Scare Tape is made of high-quality materials to keep them shining for longer without fading, even in harsh weather conditions. 

Installation Method

Depending on where you want to place them, cut several stripes, like the decks, rooftops, barns, or balconies. Fix them, and you will not see pigeons again in space.

The reflective scare tape comes with the following features:

  • 2” wide and reflects on both sizes
  • Reflective Scare Tape is 350 feet long
  • Made from strong construction material
  • Reflective diamond pattern
  • Last longer, even in harsh weather conditions


  • Effective in preventing pigeons from coming to your property
  • Easy to install; You only need to hang or tie it in targeted areas to keep steady and keep on repelling pigeons.
  • The reflective scare tape is non-toxic and environmentally friendly hence safe for use.
  • Low maintenance. Once you have fixed tape, they will keep repelling pigeons with little or no maintenance routine.


  • May repel other birds alongside the pigeons.

Homescape Creations Owl Bird Repellent

The owl pigeon repellent comes with four reflective hanging owls and four pigeon bird deterrent spinner rods. The Homescape Creations Owl Bird Repellent effectively scares pigeons away from your backyard, house, garden, balcony, and fruit trees. 

The owl pigeon repellent is also made from superior quality material, complete with realistic 3D eyes. The owl pigeon repellent is made from plastic and vinyl material with an iridescent mylar surface making them harmless to the birds.  

It comes with a holographic diamond pattern to reflect light in different directions from multiple angles. For best results, use the owl pigeon repellent with direct sunlight and breeze and keep the owl decoy moving in the wind to produce the ringing sound. This way, pigeons not scared by the owl’s flashing lights are repelled by the sound.


  • Durable-Made from thick, long-lasting, non-fading, and waterproof double-sided plastic comes with a holographic diamond pattern.
  • Easy to Use – Quite easy to hang the reflective Owl with a strap to the areas frequented by pigeons who want to cover.
  • The owl pigeon repellent is safe and eco-friendly and does not harm the birds in any way.
  • It acts as a stylish decoration for your garden, home, and yard.


  • You need more than one decoy owl pigeon repellent to keep the pest birds at bay effectively.

Types of Pigeon Repellents

A pigeon repellent causes irritation and aversion and forces the pigeons to choose somewhere else to fly. Historically, pigeon repellents were rare, but today we have several pigeon repellents thanks to modern technology. 

The pigeon repellents come with varying degrees of success- some being more effective than others. The main types of pigeon repellents are decoys, ultrasonic, repellents, and olfactory.

Sonic And Ultrasonic Pigeon Repellents

Noise frightens pigeons and other birds.  Ultrasonic noises are barely detected by the human ear but are effective in repelling pigeons. 

Undulating ultrasonic noises used for scaring pigeons come with varying tones and pitches. They tend to cause irritation in the pigeons and give them a desire to get away as possible from the sound.

Sonic noises, on the other hand, can be detected by the human ear.  The sonic noises produce hisses, animal growls, and grunts which are similar to what predators produce. Pigeons get threatened and frightened when they hear this noise. 

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Eagle and owl decoys have been in use for years to scare away nuisance birds such as pigeons. However, the older models of the decoys are that pigeons learn with time that they are fake and would even perch on the decoy.  

Modern decoys encompass motion, flashing eyes, sounds which makes them more effective. The current decoys work better than the older versions, but you still need to move them from place to place to reduce the chances of pigeons getting used to them.

Visual Pigeon Repellents

Visual pigeon repellents include reflective spinners, hangers, and pigeon-scaring tape work by reflecting light into the pigeon’s eyes and frightening them away.

Olfactory Pigeon Repellents

These are liquids that contain urine extracted from a predator. Substances with irritating smells also make Olfactory repellents. These pigeon repellents, therefore, need to be refreshed regularly for maximum effectiveness.

Do Pigeon Repellents Work?

Pigeon repellents work, but the effectiveness depends on the type used. There are two broad categories of pigeon repellents working with varying effectiveness, namely;

  • Audible pigeon repellents
  • Physical pigeon repellents

Audible Pigeon Repellents

These are noises from speakers and ultrasonic devices. Speaker systems for repelling pigeons imitate predators’ noises and more to scare birds. They definitely work if you get the right product. 

Some audible pigeon repellents work, while others are less effective. In addition, there may be implications for environmental protection regulations. 

You need to check the suitability of the ultrasonic device before placing your order by checking product descriptions and reviews. 

Physical Pigeon Repelling Measures

Physical pigeon repelling measures may include the mesh, reflective tapes, spikes, and electric fencing. These physical pigeon repelling products induce a non-lethal electric shock to keep the pigeons away. 

Physical pigeon repellents have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on particular devices. However, if you do your homework well, you are sure to find an effective mesh or other measures to help you keep pigeons away.

What To Look For When Buying Pigeon Repellent

Ultrasonic pigeon repellents are both safe and effective in repelling pigeons in addition to other physical and chemical measures. However, you need to be sure you choose the right pigeon repellent by considering the following factors.

Site Location – The areas in your property inform your choice of the pigeon repellent to use. The ultrasonic pigeon repellents are suitable for semi-enclosed spaces such as courtyards and parking garages. The mesh may work well in the garden, while the spike is suitable for the roof and attic. The scarecrows and decoys are great for the gardens.

Timeframe– If you are looking forward to protecting an enclosed space from pigeons for a year, you might want to get the ultrasonic pigeon repellent. Use weather-resistant pigeon repellents for long-term use. On the other hand, get an owl or hawk decoy if you want to protect your crops for a few weeks. 

Installation Framework– Go for an easy-to-install device for pigeon control, such as ultrasonic pigeon repeller. Once you have bought the device and plug it in in a targeted area, you can focus on other things. Decoys and reflecting tapes are also easier to install than mesh or spikes.

How To Make Your Homemade Pigeon Repellent

Before you buy the commercial pigeon repellents, you can keep pigeons with the following simple Projects.

Homemade Pigeon Repellent Spray

What you need: 

  • One Cup of White Vinegar
  • Cup of Water
  • Two teaspoonfuls of Cayenne Pepper OR
  • Two teaspoonfuls of  Crushed Red Chilli Pepper

How To Do It

Mix all the ingredients, place the mixture in a pot and boil for about three. Let the solution cool down. When the mixture has cooled down, pour them into a spray bottle, and you are good to go. Spray it in your garden, eaves, sidings, decks, and any other place to repel pigeons.

The chili or cayenne irritates pigeons forcing them to look for other places. The vinegar will further repel them before they land in the yard or somewhere closer. The pigeon repellent is safe to use. However, you need to think of where you use the spray. Avoid areas where children and pets play because this might irritate their eyes.

Homemade Pigeon Repellent From Balloons or Beach Balls

While pigeons can be intelligent, they are scared by large moving objects. To deter pigeons from your property,  attach the balloons or beach balls to areas frequented by pigeons. You can even be creative and draw eyes on the balloons or beach balls to further scare the pigeons. 

Homemade Pigeon Repellent From Reflectives 

Reflective mirrors scare pigeons away. Hang aluminum foil around the perimeter of your home in areas pigeons frequent. Another way of making reflective surfaces is to hang old CDs around your property with the shiny side facing up.

When To Call A Pigeon Removal Professional

In some regions, pigeons can be a problem all year round. Pigeons can roost inevitably around your yard if food resources and water are found. Pigeons may also be destructive in places where they have nests in large numbers. 

If you are dealing with large flocks of pigeons that may be unresponsive to repellents, you need to contact a pigeon removal professional for assistance. Once you get rid of the pigeons with the help of a professional, use repellants to discourage them from returning.


Pigeons are not only a nuisance, but they are also destructive and a health risk. To keep pigeons off your property, choose a suitable repellent and install it properly. Contact a pigeon removal professional if the birds are difficult for you, and continue using repellents to keep them at bay.