Can You Kill Squirrels With An Airsoft Gun

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People often use guns for hunting down animals and for killing them. Over the past years, people have used airsoft guns and bb guns to track various animals down. Some people use it even for targeting animals, but can you kill squirrels with an airsoft gun?

No, you cannot kill a squirrel with an airsoft gun. A squirrel can be stung by that gun, but it is not enough to kill it. However, one can cause damage to squirrels by cracking one or two bones of the eye, ears, and jaw. A squirrel will suffer a lot of pain and eventually die from unhealed wounds.

In this article, we will read about airsoft guns and which ones are better for killing squirrels. I will list a few verified products on amazon to help you in the selection process. Happy Reading!

Airsoft guns

The airsoft guns are replica toy guns that military officers use in airsoft sports. Airsoft is a simulation sport. The players take part in a mock battle with military-style tactics and weapons. The airsoft gun uses 6mm round BBs of hard plastic or a biodegradable resin.

The pellets used in this gun have less stopping power and are less penetrative. This makes them less potent than the conventional guns used in actual combat. Airsoft guns are considered safe and used for recreational purposes if proper protective clothing has been worn. 

Airsoft guns can be categorized based on their pellet propulsion.

  • The mechanical ones consist of a coil-spring loaded piston air pump which can either be manual or automatic.
  • The pneumatic ones operate by a valve-controlled release of bottled gas i.e., compressed propane mixed with silicone oil. 

The police also use airsoft guns. However, many people get a license to keep airsoft guns so they can use them to shoot rodents like raccoons, squirrels, and rats. 

How Deadly Is Airsoft?

Airsoft guns have not been designed in a way to kill human beings. They can only cause minor damage like leaving behind small skin marks and stingy skin.

While handling, if you don’t wear protective clothing or armor, the gun will leave behind spots on your skin that are harder to remove. 

You can adjust the gun’s velocity by making changes like installing a longer barrel or making it tighter. Still, it will not be enough to kill people but harm them. The exposed parts of the body like eyes, ears, and joints can suffer damage by air soft strikes. 

Airsoft guns can be fatal if used in the wrong environment, like shooting people in a rally or targeting motorcyclists. The same goes for people who point it at the squirrels. The gun can target squirrels’ body parts, and they can die from the inflicted wounds.

Can You Hunt Squirrels With An Airsoft Gun?

Yes, you can hunt squirrels with an Airsoft gun. If you have bird feeders in your yard, the squirrels automatically attract them. Thus, you need something to protect. People do not quickly get a license to use a BB gun. That is why they turn towards buying a small airsoft pistol.

The airsoft guns are used for the ‘small game’ animals. This particular phrase is very famous in the hunting world. It refers to the animals like rabbits, birds as well as squirrels. People mostly keep this gun with them. 

They mostly take them out to drive them away whenever they see squirrels. Not many people hunt the squirrels down, intending to kill them. Firstly, the squirrels get frightened by the gunshot noise. Secondly, the gunshot hits the squirrel. Those who shoot with the intention of killing often target the head.  

How To Shoot Squirrels?

Here is how you can shoot the squirrels by working on a few guidelines. 

  • Firstly, get your small game license issued. Squirrels have been classified as a small game in most states. You just need to fill out a form with your driver’s license number, address, and identity details and pay a small fee. 
  • If you have any other queries, you can contact the governing authorities. 
  • Once you have obtained the license, you should practice using the gun. 
  • You must set and correct your aim. Target practicing can be done better by using a board. 
  • Once your hand is set on the gun, make sure that you target the head of the squirrel.
  • A clear shot is enough to cause damage to the brain. 
  • You can also choose to shoot on any other body part.
  • The shots of airsoft guns are not that powerful, and the squirrels have a thick hide. 
  • Hitting squirrels anywhere other than the head will only result in a painful death for them.

Best Airsoft Gun For Squirrels

Plenty of airsoft guns in the market can be purchased for targeting squirrels. I will enlist the ones with good views so that you may have the option of choosing among the best ones.

1- GameFace Airsoft Rifle- Full Metal Gearbox

Game Face GFM4NFB Ripcord M4 Electric Full/Semi-Auto Airsoft Rifle


  • Size: ‎ ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 2.99 Kg
  • Rounds: 300
  • Speed: 450 FPS

This gun comes with a metal gearbox due to its nylon fiber body design and adjustable stock, which makes it easier for the users to shoulder during shooting. The gun has 300 rounds of airsoft BBs. The speed is 450 FPS. The gun even has a mountain rail. 

 GameFace Airsoft Rifle-Real Pics

2- Glock BB Gun Air Pistol .177 Caliber

Glock 19 BB Gun Air Pistol


  • Size: ‎ ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 0.72 Kg
  • Rounds: 15
  • Speed: 410 FPS

This gun, is a 15-shot, 0.177 caliber BB air pistol. A 12 g CO2 cartridge powers it but CO2 itself is omitted. The speed is 410 FPS. This gun also has a mounting rail so all your accessories can be there. It also has fixed-Glock style sights in it. The Glock markings are licensed.

Glock BB Gun Air Pistol-real Pics

3- GAME FACE Airsoft Rifle

Game Face Spring-Powered Airsoft Rifle


  • Size: ‎ ‎24.2 x 3.6 x 10 inch
  • Weight: 1.6 Kg
  • Rounds: 400
  • Speed: 350 FPS

This is a full-size, dual-action gun with 700 rounds per minute as the maximum limit. The weapon is electric. It sends out bullets at the speed of 375 FPS.

Game Face Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle-Real Pics

The adjustable stock makes it easy for the guns to be handled. The 375-round magazine is in-line with the airsoft BBs which are 6mm. This gun has a battery charger and a rechargeable battery.

4- Bushmaster Air Rifle – Red Dot Sight And  Dual Action

Bushmaster Full Auto CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle


  • Size: ‎ ‎29.5 x 3.1 x 9.2 inch
  • Weight: 3.4 Kg
  • Rounds: 25
  • Speed: 350 FPS

It is a full-size, dual-action real feel gun that delivers up to 1400 rounds per minute. The CO2 cartridges fuel it. The speed is 430 FPS. The adjustable stock makes the rifles handleable. It can be shouldered easily.

Bushmaster Auto-Powered BB Air Rifle-Real Pics

The drop-out magazine has 4.5 mm BBs of steel. The rail mount keeps your eye right on the target. The gun is ideal for target practice and has a blowback action. It is fun and enhances your training skills.

Will An Airsoft Gun Hurt A Squirrel?

Yes, the airsoft gun can hurt a squirrel. Although, it may not be enough to kill it. However, it also depends on the range from which the person is fired. Moreover, the body part being targeted is also important.

If you target the head, it would most certainly end up killing the squirrel. If you target areas like legs, arms, and torso, there are more chances of hurting a squirrel. Airsoft guns fire small plastic BBs that are not having enough penetrance to go underneath the skin.

They cut generously through the flesh of the organism. They can cause bruising, and the impact can also result in internal bleeding. It can cause serious injury to the squirrels to the point where they might die because of a wound that takes much time to heal.

Can I Shoot Squirrels In My Backyard With An Airsoft Gun?

Yes, you can shoot a squirrel in your backyard with an air-soft gun. It is legal to kill squirrels most humanely. The Wildlife Act 2006 states that it is not necessary to cause any unnecessary harm to the animal that is reliant on your care. 

However, you can kill the wild squirrels that make their way to your garden to feed on the birdfeeders. Moreover, squirrels are known to cause a lot of property damage, especially the house in the wild. 

You can go ahead and shoot squirrels down. However, it would help if you took care while shooting. There are no humans that are falling in your shooting range. Moreover, it would be best if you also cared not to kill the squirrel mercilessly. There is no point in bringing multiple shots after a squirrel has escaped. 

Do People Eat Squirrels?

You might be wondering why squirrels are hunted down. Well, here is the answer. In many countries, eating squirrels is a delicacy. A lot of Americans consider it to be the ‘best meat of the woods. The British do not like it much and are against the killing of squirrels.

The meat of a squirrel is sweet and nutty. The Americans, especially the ones living in the countryside, always hunt for a squirrel. Squirrel meat has a lot of nutrients and vitamins and helps prevent certain diseases like diabetes, cancer, and mental health illnesses.

However, there are a few issues. You must clean the meat very correctly before consumption. Also, cooking squirrel is a skill in itself. It would be best if you learned it properly first and then proceeded to cook a squirrel’s meat. Also, it is not advised that you consume it daily.

Will An Airsoft Gun Be Able To Scare Off Wild Animals?

It is generally not a good idea to scare off wild animals with an air-soft gun. This might not just work for you. There are a few reasons why:

Most animals have limited exposure to humans and may not know what a firearm looks like. That is why there are chances that they will not get intimidated by the presence of a gun. 

Wild animals have different behaviors and characteristics than tame ones. They have thought of their own. If you pop them with an airsoft gun, there are chances that you will make the wild animal angrier. 

It is only rarely that you will end up scaring an animal with the airsoft gun. It will be more due to the human presence rather than a weapon. 

If you want to scare them off without the intention of killing them, then you must take a shot into the backstop. It is advised never to shoot in the air as you do not know where the bullet will ricochet off. 

It must also be mentioned that before you start shooting, getting your license is very important. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine for using it without any authority. Your gun should also be a registered one.

Wrapping It Up

 Airsoft guns are used for mimicking battle combats by military men. However, it is also used by people to hunt down and kill squirrels. You must know after reading this article that squirrels cannot be killed by an airsoft gun unless it is a headshot.

Airsoft guns are readily used to either scare the animals or injure them. However, injuring them is not a good option. You must either kill them in one go or use other methods of deterring them away.

It is strongly advised that you get your gun license before start using it. Also, you must practice before you actually start shooting.