Can Rats Climb Washing Lines [Revealed]

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Rats are known for scuttling across the floor and climbing surfaces. Rats are so fast that they can climb almost any surface with their speed and agility, but can rats climb washing lines?

Yes, rats can climb washing lines. Although it is rare, some people have observed it. A rat that has acrobatic skills will be able to mount a washing line to grab a few bird seeders. 

If you leave pet food behind on the top of a wall and that wall is accessible by a washing line, a rat will likely climb to have access to food or remnants of food.

How To Keep Rats Away From Washing Machine?

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You can keep the rays away by:

  1. Soaking cotton balls in peppermint oil
  2. Placing these balls near your washing machine
  3. When the rats smell them, it repels them away 
  4. The new balls can be replaced when the smell of the old ones has diminished away. 

Can Rats Climb Wires?

Barbed Wire

When it comes to climbing, rats can run along any surface, whether ropes, wires, vines, cables, washing lines, trees, or even shrubs. Rats do this to gain access to various places. 

For instance, by climbing on top of wires, a rat can directly enter a place via the window and find places to hide and breed other than food particles. 

Do Rats Like To Climb?


Yes, rats are indeed excellent climbers, and they love to climb. Rats climb surfaces to have access to food and find shelter. 

Moreover, rats come out at night to explore their surroundings and eat food particles. Climbing the house walls and pipelines is on their list of exploring new places. 

Rats are very good at leaping as well. According to the University of California, Rats can jump vertically up to 36 inches and horizontally to 48 inches.

Can Rats Climb Flat Walls? 

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Rats are resourceful animals and will be able to climb anything as long as they have a good grip on it. Surfaces like concrete, brick, and stone are easy for rats to climb. 

Can Rats Climb High Walls?

High Walls

For rats, the height of a surface does not matter. As long as their paws can have a firm grip, a rat will be at the top in no time at all. 

Furthermore, a rat can move its body up with the aid of walls and pipelines by just ‘shimmying’ upwards. They do this so quickly that it seems as if they are walking up the wall. 

Can Rats Climb Smooth Surfaces?

Smooth Surfaces

Rats find it hard to climb smooth surfaces like glass and interior walls. That is because they are not able to grip these surfaces well enough.

However, pebble work and bricks are ideal for the rats to climb. 

The easiest way to prevent the rats from entering your house is to rat-proof it. This means that you install such surfaces that prevent the rats from climbing onto them. 

Can Rats Climb Upside Down?

Yes, rats can even climb in different positions. As long as they have something to cling to, like a pipe or a textured surface with tiny grooves that they can grab with claws, rats can climb in any position. 

Rats can climb, squirm and land in the gutter at any time. Mainly, this kind of activity is observed during the night.

People have witnessed this, especially in abandoned homes and isolated places. 

What Material Can Rats Not Climb?

Although rats are excellent climbers, they cannot climb all the surfaces. This includes: 

  • Glass
  • Tiles
  • Concrete
  • Polished metal 

The reason for their inability is that rats need something with a bit of texture so that their tiny paws can have a grip on it. They lack the tiny hook hairs (as in insects) to latch onto a flat surface. 

That is why a rat will have a hard time climbing smooth surfaces and will keep on falling if it continues to try. 

Can Rats Climb Up Pipes?


Other than the washing lines, rats can climb big and small pipes too.

The height of the pipe does not matter, as long as the rat has some surface to support its body, the rat will keep on climbing upwards. 

Rats can enter your homes via the drainage pipes. That is why it is necessary that you keep an eye out for the noise inside the pipes.

Putting small blockades or strainers will keep the rats out of your sewage system. 

Wrapping It Up

Rats with their little paws can climb up any surface. Rats climb different places in search of food, shelter, and breeding places. Mostly, a rat will climb up a certain place to get food and return to its own hole. 

Rats are often seen climbing weird things as well like washing lines. A rat will do this to have access to the food being offered to birds and other pets.

Even if you place the food on a raised platform, it can be easily picked up by a rat. 



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