Will Dove Decoys Work For Pigeons?

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Pigeon hunting can take forever if you use an ancient method. Putting some pigeons’ feed on the hunting ground might attract few. However, if you want to hunt a maximum number of pigeons’ get yourself some decoys. When there is no pigeon decoy available, you can use dove decoy. Now, you must be wondering will dove decoy word for pigeons.

Dove decoy will work for pigeons just like it works for other birds. The pointer is using them effectively to attract the pigeon. The dove decoys should create a visual effect that makes them seem like the doves are feeding. Feed will cause the pigeons to move from nearby trees and flock towards the ground.

If you are a hunter or have some shooting experience, you must know it is difficult to catch and shoot pigeons without decoys. Dove decoys in the field will create a huge difference; you will no longer return home without any pigeons, not just a few numbers of pigeons, but a massive collection.

How Do You Attract Pigeons For Hunting?

There are several methods to attract pigeons for hunting. Yet only a few of them work. One of the old methods to attract the pigeon for hunting is to put some pigeon feed on the ground and wait for them. Using this technique, you will have to wait for a long time. Plus, you will be able to only a few pigeons.

The other most helpful tactic to attract pigeons in the field is using decoys. The decoys attract and catch the attention of the pigeons flying nearby. That lures the bird into the area, and they might change their flying path.

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Do Dove Decoys Work For Pigeons?  

Dove decoy works for pigeons. Put down the dove decoys all across the field in the direction of the wind to attract the pigeons. As soon as the pigeon comes near the dove decoy, it will become easier for the hunter to shoot it.

Store and freeze some dead doves and use them to decoy pigeons place them on the ground with their wings spread. Positioning a few dove decoys on the field can attract many pigeons. Place dove decoys like they are eating or placing them on the branch to create a natural effect that causes many pigeons to enter the field.

How Many Dove Decoys Should You Use To Attract Pigeons?

The key is not the count of the decoys in the field but the type and the placement. Pigeons are intelligent, and they can sense danger. To attract the pigeon towards the ground, you might need at least twelve pigeons or dove decoys.

The marketing companies of decoy tells to place the dove decoy in u- shape. However, it was observed that placing the dove decoy inline or in the group is more effective. You can place two to five dove decoys in a line, or you can put the dove decoys in two or three pairs around the field.

From previous experience, it was observed that placing the dove decoys in pairs is more effective than putting them in clusters.

What Types Of Dove Decoys Are Available?

There are many types of dove decoys available in the market. You can make one on your own as well, print out some colored pictures of doves and use a clip to place them on branches or anywhere on the field.

The other better option is to purchase the dove decoys and place them in the field or on vegetation using the clip attached to them.

Using dove decoys makes it easy to get some pigeons out in the field. Few dove decoys have fluttering wings which stop for a few minutes, and it begins fluttering again, which seems like real doves. The movement of decoys will lure the pigeons and the doves into the field.

There are motion dove decoys available too, which have spinning wings. These wings create contrast which catches the attention of the pigeons. 

Can You Decoy Pigeons?

You can decoy pigeons by carefully observing the pattern of pigeons’ movement and examining the wind direction position decoys according to that in the field.

A Pigeon decoy act like a magnet, they grab the attention of pigeons flying by, and most of them fly inside the field to see what is happening. 

President of the soar no more decoys Neal hunt from Idaho introduced the idea of hunting pigeons using pigeon decoys. In the early 2000s, while hunting for pigeons, they observed that dead pigeons on the ground allure more pigeons towards the hunting field.

Shortly after that, they begin using the frozen dead pigeons as decoys. Neal and his friends caught almost one thousand pigeons in a day using pigeon decoys.

How Effective Are Dove Decoys?

A dove decoy will make it easier to hunt pigeons. The dove decoys are effective; they are used to lure the pigeons that are flying or on the trees to the ground.

It is easy to grab the attention of pigeons through food. The dove decoy fools the pigeons by making them think that there is plenty of food on the surface. 

The secret to attracting many pigeons at one time on the ground is by evenly spacing them. However, make sure that the decoys look like they are feeding and having a good time. This trick makes the pigeon curious, and they will come looking for food.


To be successful in hunting pigeons, you should use dove decoys. You must know how to use and place them. The key to decoying pigeons in the field is positioning the decoys. The proper position and spacing of dove decoys will attract more pigeons. It must look like the dove decoys are feeding.

Pigeons are clever birds and can sense the danger. Therefore, one will have to be careful while placing dove decoys. To use a dove decoy, one can either use an old dead dove or purchase the dove decoys available at the market. You can also make dove decoys using plaster of pairs or simple printouts.


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