Some Shocking Facts Why Do Cockroaches Run From You

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Cockroach infestation is a nightmare for all homeowners. The worst part is as you go near a cockroach, it will run away from you. So, it becomes frustrating to look for them in the whole house. But, a thought must have crossed your mind, Why Do Cockroaches Run From You?

As much as you are afraid of cockroaches, they are also scared of you. Cockroaches are not domestic insects. Plus, they do not have a good experience with humans. So, as soon as a cockroach feels a human coming towards it, their natural instinct tells them to run away. 

But some cockroaches can run toward you. The article below will guide you more about their behavior towards humans.

Why Do Cockroaches Run Away From Humans?

Cockroaches are more comfortable at night. They will crawl out of hiding after you turn off the lights around your house and retire to your bedroom. They try to avoid daylight. It is their way of hiding from predators like humans.

When you spot a cockroach, you obviously run after it, and chances are it will run away from you. So, why are they running away from you? There can be a few reasons. Below I have discussed a few reasons in detail. 

Cockroaches Are Not Used To Humans

Cockroaches are not domestic animals. As nasty as it may sound, some people might have a pet cockroach. But those cannot survive for a long time. Unlike cats or dogs, they are not used to being surrounded by humans.

Cockroaches fear from humans

So, naturally, they consider you a threat. When you approach a cockroach, it will go in another direction to hide. The most obvious reason it considers humans a threat is a difference in size. Most animals think of all the things that are larger than them as a threat. It includes animals and humans. 

Bad Experience With Humans

Cockroaches are uncomfortable with other creatures being around them. Even when they are living inside a house, cockroaches are used to seeing humans. But they will come out when there is no one around. It can be due to their bad experience with humans. So, they will run away as soon as they see you.

Maybe some humans have stepped on their colony before or have sprayed insecticide directly on it. So, to avoid making the same mistake and to protect themselves, they will run away as soon as they spot you. 

Cockroaches Hate Human Contact

Cockroaches hate human contact. In fact, they hate anything that touches them. According to them, anything that can come into contact with their skin can kill them immediately. So, cockroaches tend to avoid humans. As much as humans hate that a cockroach comes near them or their home, roaches also hate humans at the same level. So, to protect themselves, they will never try to go or come in contact with human skin. 

Natural Instinct

Due to their past experience and the idea of predators, cockroaches have the instinct to avoid humans. So, as soon as they see you coming near it, they will run away. It is to protect themselves from any possible danger.

Natural Instinct of cockroaches

In general, insects fear humans. It comes from human size and their behavior towards them. Plus, insects that are more careful of their surroundings and avoid going near predators usually live a long life. So, their natural hunch is to avoid humans at all costs.  

Why Do Some Cockroaches Fly Towards You?

Cockroaches might fly towards you to protect themselves. As surprising as it sounds, cockroaches also use offense as a means of defense. Pretty similar to how an attacking football player would play during a game. They will turn to face you and fly directly in your direction. 

Cockroaches are adaptable creatures. They are aware of changes in the atmosphere and their surroundings. So, when they come across people, they notice their behavior too. Some cockroaches are aware of human fear of them. And they can use this to their advantage to frighten others. 

So, if cockroaches make you sick, your first instinct is probably to turn around and run. It is only to startle you. They don’t carry any poison in their teeth or claws. Cause it is their last attempt to protect themselves. But sometimes plans cannot work, and they can get smashed in midair. 

Do Cockroaches Feel Fear?

Yes. Cockroaches can feel fear. Despite their reputation as nasty pests, cockroaches are intelligent. They can feel emotions and have sharp instincts. So, one can say cockroaches can feel and display their reaction even if you cannot see them. They can express a fear reaction when confronted with predators. They can also express similar reactions when in a dangerous situation.

So, this is why when cornered by a human or any other predator, they will either look for ways to run away or fly straight into the face. It is their way of defense and expressing their fear emotion. 

Do Cockroaches Jump At You?

No. Cockroaches don’t jump. They have six flexible legs. But their legs are not designed for jumping. However, they can fly toward you. Cockroaches tend to avoid human contact. In fact, they hate touching. So, they keep their distance from many creatures. But it can accidentally crawl on you. 

Or it can fly directly towards you to scare you off. It is to startle you. So, you can leave it alone. Cockroaches are afraid of humans as they are afraid of any other predator. So, it will never willingly come towards you. Plus, cockroaches hate light or brightness. So, if you are sitting in a bright place, it will probably never fly or crawl toward you.

Can Cockroaches Bite You?

It is highly unlikely for cockroaches to bite humans. The only possible expectation can be severe infestation when the food sources are scarce. They never bite humans as a response to attack or defense mechanisms. Their mouths are not strong enough to pierce through human skin. 

It can bite off a part of dead skin or a toenail. But cannot make a full flesh bite. It is rare for them to even come near a human. Cockroaches will almost never attack people. At first, they will look for other food sources. Even chewing even on a dead skin cell of a human is very last when they are starving. 

Do Cockroaches Take Revenge?

Cockroaches might or might not take revenge. It all depends on the type of cockroach. Some cockroaches can fully attack you by flying directly toward you. Some might look for a hiding place. Others can die by your hand. 

Their instinct is to avoid humans. They hate humans and avoid coming near them. So, if you attack a cockroach, it might not launch toward you in attack mode. But in the future, they will avoid going near humans. Cockroaches might have a strong community sense. But they never go after a predator, especially humans.


Cockroaches are afraid of humans. So, as much as you try to avoid getting in contact with a cockroach, it also avoids coming near you. Cockroaches are not domesticated insects. They are not used to living in places surrounded by humans. So, they consider you a threat.

Chances are, when you approach a cockroach, it will go in another direction to hide. So, they have developed an instinct against humans. But a few cockroaches can fly toward you instead of running away. It is their defense mechanism to protect themselves. This move is solely to startle you and run away. 


What Happens When A Cockroach Walks On You?

Cockroaches avoid human contact. If accidentally any cockroach crawls onto you, it will cause you nothing. The maximum it can cause is redness and slight itching. There are very rare cases in which cockroaches have caused a severe skin reaction. Even that is treatable. So, if a cockroach crawls on you, knock it off and wash that part as a preventative. But this might be a sign of infestation in your house. 

Why Do Cockroaches Chase You?

It is unlikely for a cockroach to chase you. Cockroaches are afraid of humans and consider them a threat. But if it chases after you or flies toward you, it is to startle you. So they can escape the situation. It is their defense mechanism to protect themselves when cornered. 

Can Cockroaches Cause Allergies?

Yes. Cockroaches can trigger allergies. They carry protein, which is an allergen for humans. An allergen is a substance that can produce or trigger an allergic reaction. So, cockroaches shed their skin and leave feces and saliva, which act as allergens. These can even trigger asthma. Even dead cockroaches can cause allergic reactions. 

Why Do Cockroaches Crawl On You At Night?

At night cockroaches can crawl onto you. They come out of their hiding when it is dark. And there is no activity in the surrounding area. At night when you are inactive, a cockroach can crawl onto you by accident. It can also be due to the warmth and humidity of your body. Cockroaches are attracted to the hot environment with moisture. Plus, they also enjoy the soft tissues found in human bodies.


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