Where To Shoot A Raccoon ? Humane Control Techniques

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You might be tempted to kill a raccoon to end the annoyance if it is tearing up your walls or digging around your trashcans. Suppose you decide to shoot the raccoon, you might think, at what part to shoot a raccoon to kill it immediately?

In most circumstances, the skull zone is the best place to shoot a raccoon. But the risk of being wounded is lower since the chest death zone offers a far bigger target area than the head kill zone. Shots to the raccoon’s skull will effectively end its life without pain.

Please read the full article below to learn more about shooting a raccoon to kill it immediately.

Shoot A Raccoon

Raccoon killing is permitted in certain situations. While some areas in the United States and Canada forbid killing raccoons under any circumstances, others in the United States place absolutely no limitations on the practice.

Raccoon hunting is a state-sanctioned religious activity in some Southern U.S. states. In contrast, it’s illegal to kill raccoons in some Canadian communities and have dangerous weapons in others.

Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, outlaws the slaughter of non-commensal animals or those that do not rely on people for survival. Raccoons are governed as fur-bearing animals in most U.S. states and Canadian provinces, and hunting, trapping, and killing raccoons is permitted with a license.

Raccoon hunting “continuous seasons” exist in some states. A hunting license or permission must still be obtained. Raccoon killing is always permitted in some rural areas, as long as certain conditions are met.

Where To Shoot A Raccoon With A Pellet Gun?

Pellet Gun

A formidable weapon, Pellet guns are frequently employed to hunt small wild animals. When used properly, a raccoon can be immediately and humanely killed with a pellet pistol.

Many people use this technique to hunt raccoons with a Pellet gun or another powerful air rifle. These weapons, which are incredibly accurate up close, enable the hunters to quickly and thus humanely eliminate the raccoons.

Something that is mandated by legislation in the majority of nations.

If you live in a raccoon-populated area or have a problem raccoon that is damaging your property and robbing your garbage, you may need to kill it.

Although most of their native territory in North America is protected, it is still illegal to hunt and kill raccoons without a permit. Many states also have a designated hunting season.

Where To Shoot A Raccoon With A 22?

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A raccoon can be killed with either a 22lr or a 22 magnum; there are two areas to focus on. Shoot the raccoon with 22 upper chest cavities instead of the brain. The only two positions worth vying for are these two.

A mature raccoon’s brain is around the size of a golf ball, although a juvenile’s brain is more petite.

Although the 22 Magnum, which has double the power, is preferred, trappers and varmint hunters almost always use the 22 L.R. to take down raccoons. The 22LR and 22MAG are Caliber 224. They have an average energy of 130 and 300 ft. lbs., respectively.

Given the bullet’s small diameter and power, a raccoon can be fatally wounded at almost any range you can safely hit. Raccoons are low-powered creatures and can be killed with a little bullet.

Where To Shoot A Raccoon With An Air Rifle?

Air Rifle

Regarding shot location, headshots with an air rifle are best when available.

However, a chest shot will be effective with more powerful air rifles as long as there is no immediate danger of losing the animal if it moves a few yards before dropping.

Air guns are a reliable, effective, and silent means of pest control, whether working in a city or out in the country.

The air rifle is believed to be suitable for these hardy little critters, has an energy output of at least 25 ft./lbs, and can be either a spring-piston or pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) power source.

You don’t want to struggle for pellets with freezing fingers or when there isn’t enough light to see what you’re doing in the winter and at night when coons are frequently pursued.

Raccoons often enter buildings in groups of two or more, so having a quick follow-up shot can be helpful.

Where To Shoot A raccoon With A Bow?

A Bow

Always aim for the raccoon’s lungs or heart to kill it instantly with a bow shot. If you’re doubtful of the raccoon’s kill, give it 10 to 15 minutes before you check on the raccoon.

Before the raccoon leaves after hearing the bow shot, you only have one chance to hit it. The raccoon should lie injured within 50 yards of where you fired your shot.

Extreme caution must be taken when using a bow to aim at raccoons because they are highly hazardous animals. Raccoons can be hunted with a bow and arrow for their meat and frequently for their fur. This pastime is known as “bow hunting.”

The most straightforward technique to lure or attract these sophisticated animals is to use delicacies like eggs, fish, shrimp, frogs, and insects once you have located a raccoon habitat to shoot with a bow. Raccoons may be attracted to nuts and fruits as well.

Where To Shoot A Raccoon For Fur?

The best place to shoot raccoons for fur is headshots. Raccoon fur is used for more than just fashion accessories. It is a popular fur that deserves some time in the spotlight due to its variants and quality.

There are two varieties of what we call raccoons. One of them is the Procyon lot, sometimes known as the raccoon. The raccoon, commonly known as the American raccoon, is a mammal of the Procyonidae family native to North America.

It has a ringed tail with five to seven brown or black rings and grey-brown fur, some of which have more and some less distinct hues. It has a dense, medium-length coat that gets shorter in the summer.

Rare American white raccoons do exist. However, they always have albinism. Raccoon fur is a well-liked and frequently used fur in the U.S.

How To Shoot A Raccoon In A Live Trap?

Live Trap

A raccoon who had been getting into the garden was caught using a live trap. Use an air gun to shoot the raccoon after trapping it in live traps. Before killing the raccoon, capture it in a humane live trap.

If you’re allowed to do so legally and genuinely want to kill the raccoon, you must first set up a trap for it.

Purchase a one-way, non-lethal trap that can keep a raccoon, then place it where the animal was last seen. The most humanitarian course of action is usually to shoot a raccoon.

Get a hunting-specific small game air gun. Once the raccoon is in your possession, gently aim at its head, wait for it to stop moving, then shoot it in the head.

How To Shoot Raccoons At Night?

It is always preferable to shoot raccoons at night because that is when they typically move around and feed. Use a small searchlight with a head cap to see raccoons while killing them at night with a gun. 

People will require hunting lights to secure coon hunting because they are hunting at night without vision equipment. Bring a top-notch coon hunting light to lock your raccoon targets securely.

Nighttime hunting is impossible without a vital light source like an LED lamp. Additionally, our group advises purchasing a hunting light that is portable, effective, and has long battery life. The reasonable thing to do in this situation is to put scopes on your rifle. Coon hunting is never advised during a full or bright moon. The raccoons will be more active throughout the night as the sky gets darker.

Can You Shoot Raccoons On Your Property?

Raccoon In a House

Raccoons are naughty animals that can do damage to your property. Considering effective raccoon control measures, the possibility of shooting a raccoon on your property has probably crossed your mind.

Most states permit you to shoot a raccoon if it is causing damage to your property, as long as you are not within municipal limits.

To legally shoot a raccoon, however, you will probably need to have a hunting license that is up to date and be outside of the specified hunting season. Nevertheless, these rules will change based on the state in which you reside.


The head kill zone and the chest kill zone are the two main places to aim a shot when hunting with a weapon. These regions house important blood veins and essential organs, which die quickly and humanely when harmed by projectile impact.

Among all the types of guns, formidable weapons, B.B. guns are frequently employed to hunt small raccoons. A raccoon can be immediately and humanely killed with a B.B. pistol when appropriately used.

Impact from a projectile disturbs blood flow to essential organs like the brain and causes harm to the target animal by transferring destructive concussive kinetic energy.


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