North Dakota Squirrel Trapping and Hunting Guidelines

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There are many squirrels in North Dakota. The overpopulation of squirrels causes a lot of property damage. Moreover, it is a game species to hunt squirrels in North Dakota. That is why the hunters need to know about the laws to trap and hunt squirrels in North Dakota.

Hunters are permitted to hunt squirrels till the end of the open season. It extends till the end of February. Trapping is also permissible in this season. The hunters must be aware of the codes when the open season arrives.

In this article, the hunters will learn about the types of squirrels residing in North Dakota. Moreover, they will also get to know which methods to use for killing and hunting squirrels and how to get a license.

Squirrel Types Found In North Dakota

There are many types of squirrels in North Dakota. They are as follows:

Eastern Grey Squirrels

The Eastern Grey squirrels are widely prevalent in the state of North Dakota. They are seen in dense deciduous forests. Moreover, the hunters see them on mature trees like hickories and oaks. These squirrels love nuts, and you can often use these nuts to lure them out in the open for hunting. 

Red Fox Squirrels

The American Red Squirrels are aggressive. Usually, the hunters usually see them clinging to the bird feeders. This makes them easier to hunt down. These squirrels are smaller in size as compared to the other squirrels residing in North Dakota. 

American Red Squirrel

The American red squirrel is recognized through their tails and eye rings. They have bushy tails, which are dark red. These squirrels are 12 inches with fur colors ranging from gray to red. Some of them even have black stripes on the sides.

Flying Squirrels

The flying squirrels usually come down from the trees to eat the bird feeders. Some people have lights attached to their trees to monitor the activities of flying squirrels. As flying squirrels are nocturnal animals, hunters seldom see them.

There are many squirrels the hunters can hunt and which they can’t. Here is a list of them:

  1. In North Dakota, it is permissible to chase squirrels in Eastern Grey Squirrels 
  2. The hunters can also hunt red fox squirrels in the open season 
  3. The authorities also permit the hunting of American Red squirrels 
  4. It is not permissible to hunt flying squirrels in North Dakota

Squirrels Hunting Season In North Dakota

Like every other state in America, North Dakota also has a specific hunting season. During this season, hunters from all over America come to visit North Dakota for hunting. The season begins in September and extends till the end of February. 

After this, hunting is not permissible. The open season allows for opening all areas in which hunting is acceptable. The hunters can apply for an official license and start hunting during the designated season. It is not permissible to trap or capture squirrels throughout the year. 

Laws Governing Trapping Of Squirrels In North Dakota

Many laws govern the trapping of squirrels in North Dakota. They are as follows:

  1. It is illegal to trap squirrels in North Dakota without a license.
  2. The authorities allow the use of live cages for trapping squirrels
  3. It is not permissible for hunters to use body-gripping traps or any gear that harms the squirrels in any way. 
  4. The hunters cannot trap squirrels in the off-season.
  5. The maximum limit for bagging squirrels is seven squirrels per day. 

The hunters must follow all these rules and regulations; otherwise, they will violate state laws.

Laws Governing Shooting And Hunting Of Squirrels North Dakota

According to Michigan University, there’re many laws governing the shooting and hunting of squirrels in North Dakota. They are as follows:

  1. People over the age of 16 must possess a valid gaming license.
  2. Those people who can hunt on their land do not need a license at all
  3. The state authorities put their special stamp on licenses for squirrel hunting
  4. It is not permissible to do any shooting in April.
  5. The state of North Dakota does not allow hunters to take archery equipment with them
  6. It is legal to hunt and trap squirrels or do both.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Squirrels In North Dakota?

You can shoot and hunt squirrels in North Dakota in the following ways:

  1. The authorities permit the use of 0.22 caliber firearms in North Dakota.
  2. The state authorities do not allow the use of archery equipment for hunting
  3. Hunters can start hunting after sunrise and keep on hunting till sunset
  4. Hunters cannot hunt squirrels at night.
  5. The hunters can hunt individually as well as in groups in North Dakota.

The hunters must keep the following ways in mind before setting out to hunt in the state of North Dakota. It is important to abide by the law and its regulations. 

No, it is not legal to shoot squirrels with a pellet gun in North Dakota. No hunter can discharge any sort of firearm within the city’s premises. It is also not permissible to carry a loaded gun in arms or within a vehicle. 

Moreover, the hunters cannot also use all those weapons that have compressed gas in them. Moreover, the hunters also cannot use BB guns or CO2 guns. Additionally, it is not permissible to use firearms near public places or residential areas. The hunters must shoot at least 100 yards away from the areas in which people are living. 

Yes, like many other states of America, North Dakota also allows the residents to hunt squirrels on their property. However, those hunters who still need their property must seek the landlord’s permission first. Also, they have to get special permission from the authorities and the owner. 

 In some cases, the authorities demand written permission. In some cases, the word of the owner is sufficient. However, while hunting, the hunters must maintain a safe range between the residential areas, property, and the squirrels. The authorities have put this limit to ensure that no person or property faces any harm in lieu of shooting.

Wrapping It Up 

On the whole, the hunters must understand the laws to trap and hunt squirrels in North Dakota. These laws are there to make hunting, shooting, and trapping easy. Moreover, if you know the regulations, you can get the proper gear to go hunting. Furthermore, knowing which squirrels are legal and which are not is necessary. 

 Additionally, the hunters renew their licenses once the limit has been crossed. The hunters should know about the guns they can use for shooting and which cannot. It is a universal rule that no hunting is done during the off-season. However, if the squirrels are causing you more harm than good, you can take action against them.