Is It Legal To Trap And Kill Raccoons In West Virginia [No]

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Raccoons are small black creatures that lurk in your vicinity. Generally, they mean no harm, but if their population exceeds, they can lead to injury, but is it legal to trap and kill Raccoons in West Virginia?

No, it is not legal to trap and kill Raccoons in West Virginia. It is not permissible for hunters to shoot down nuisance wildlife animals. They need special permission for this first.

In this article, we will read more about the laws and regulations of the State of West Virginia. You will also read about the conditions under which hunting and shooting are permissible.

No, it is not legal to trap Raccoons in West Virginia. Hunters can trap Raccoons if they have a special permit. The hunters usually have to wait for the legal hunting and trapping season. Hunters can hunt Raccoons in the open season. However, it is illegal to keep furbearers in captivity

It is not legal to relocate Raccoons in West Virginia. You cannot move them from one location to another. Hunters should carry out relocation as per the approval of authorities.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources is responsible for keeping track of the permits issued. The laws in West Virginia are stringent. Relocation and trapping cannot be done without involving authorities.

No, it is not legal to hunt Raccoons in West Virginia. Hunting is only permissible during specific months. Hunters use guns to look out for Raccoons.

For hunting furbearers like Raccoons, a 0.22 caliber rifle should be used. For hunting Raccoons, people can also use pistols. People who know how to use firearms get a license.

For gun possession, one needs to have a license. Authorities issue the hunting permit. To pass this hunting test, you have to clear the training test. Sometimes, the authorities can get rid of furbearers for you. You can report the presence of Raccoons, and authorities will hunt them down for you.

Laws Governing About Raccoon Trapping In West Virginia

In the State of West Virginia, live trapping is done.  For trapping, you can make use of cages or box traps. There are special cages for trapping Raccoons. The authorities are responsible for approving cages.

The hunters should buy only those specific ones. Hunters seek DNR approval before carrying out trapping in wildlife management areas.  The same is the case for trapping in the state forest areas.

Professional wildlife biologists carry out Raccoon population monitoring. Biologists are appointed for this purpose solely. Over-trapping is not allowed in the state of West Virginia. It is a biologist’s job to monitor the population of Raccoons in the area and maintain balance in the community. 

Laws Governing About Raccoons Shooting In West Virginia

Hunters can shoot Raccoons in the open season in West Virginia. Hunters can hunt with archery equipment or firearms as well. It is preferable to use a gun. Hunting is banned on Sundays under code 29.1-521 of Virginia. However, there is an exception for Raccoons. Hunters can capture Raccoons till 2:00 am on Sunday Raccoons. 

Before going out to hunt, a nuisance Wild Life permit is required. Hunters are not allowed to shoot on public roads. The minimum distance maintained should be 400-500 feet between the shooting area and any residential building, church, or school. It is not permissible to hunt near parks where children are playing. 

How Can You Trap Raccoons In West Virginia State?

Live trapping is preferable in the State of West Virginia. The hunters should purchase cages of box traps to trap Raccoons in their state.

  • There is no limit to trapping Raccoons
  • You can trap as many Raccoons as you can find.
  • Trapping is permissible on Sundays too.
  • The standard size of a cage is ten by 12 by 32 inches 
  • For trapping Raccoons, box traps are used. They are safe and do not cause harm to furbearers

Several States of America allow furbearer trapping. Raccoons are famous for their fur. To reduce the Raccoon population in an area, trapping is done.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Raccoons In West Virginia?

Hunting and shooting are not permissible in West Virginia usually. To this date, a lot of people do hunting and shooting.  The hunters should know the guidelines of hunting before setting out to hunt:

  • It is illegal to kill a Raccoon during the day.
  • Hunting should be done at night from 6 pm to 5 am.
  • Hunters can only shoot a maximum of 4 Raccoons per night.
  •  Hunting is permissible on Sundays. It is only for limited hours.

It is difficult to attain consent for hunting in West Virginia. There are some strict guidelines to follow while hunting. The hunters should keep them in mind and then act accordingly. 

Wrapping It Up

Trapping and killing Raccoons in the State of West Virginia is not legal. You must seek permission from the authorities. Hunters can hunt throughout the week. It is permissible to hunt at night. You can kill only 4 Raccoons in a day, but you can trap as many as you want to.

It is better to read through state laws before setting out to hunt on the grounds of West Virginia. Hunters should stay away from public lands and parks. Hunters should avoid going near the state property. It serves better to read the code of conduct first and then act accordingly.