Is It Legal to Trap and Kill Raccoons in New York [Guide]

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New york state is among the developed and populous states of the USA. Raccoons could trouble some animals in urban and rural parts of Newyork. So, residents would be compelled to trap or shoot raccoons. But is it legal to trap and kill raccoons in New York?

Yes, it is legal to trap and kill raccoons in New York. However, there are specific laws and regulations which you need to follow while doing so. There is a particular protocol that should be followed for hunting raccoons. 

In this article, we will read about a few New York laws regarding the trapping of raccoons. Moreover, we will also look at all the rules that allow one to kill a raccoon in New York. It is only permissible under certain conditions. 

Yes, it is legal, but only under certain conditions. No one is allowed to own a raccoon without a license, and no one is allowed to keep wild animals as pets. Raccoon hunting and trapping require a license. The law permits unlicensed farmers and homeowners to kill raccoons that cause property harm.

You are not permitted to relocate or move an animal from your property. It is illegal to live capture a mammal and transfer it somewhere other than where it was captured, including in a park, on state property, or elsewhere. Contact a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator if you need to have a wild animal removed from your property (NWCO). 

Moving an animal can cause issues for the surrounding community, spread diseases like Lyme or rabies, and stress the animal unnecessarily. A qualified specialist is required to complete this task. Avoid or kill the raccoon and get in touch with your local health authority if you think it might be rabid.

In New York, it is legal to hunt furbearers like raccoons. You need to have a hunting license to hunt furbearers. Furbearer hunting is not permitted if you have a trapping license.

You can go for furbearers with a handgun, shotgun, rifle, bow, or crossbow. All regulations governing the use of guns are in effect. Crossbows are prohibited while using a dog to hunt any small game.

Any rifle can be used to track furbearers; however, during any open deer season, you are not allowed to take a gun larger than a. 22-caliber rimfire out into the field to hunt wildlife at any time of day or night. 

New York laws are environment-friendly and do not allow animals to be killed unnecessarily. Still, some animals have considered permitting hunting because of the benefits offered to animals. Also, hunting is allowed when wild raccoons become harmful to human life.

Laws Governing About Raccoon Trapping in New York

For trapping raccoons, a trapper education course is mandatory and needs to be passed by the trapper. An untrained person is not allowed to trap raccoons in New York. A trap legally laid by another person cannot be disturbed.

A legally captured animal cannot be taken out of another person’s trap. A trapper may not be bothered while setting a trap. It is forbidden to set or employ a leg-gripping type trap in a way that would cause the animal to hang when it is trapped. It is forbidden to utilize leg-grabber traps with teeth in the jaws. 

Raccoons have been classified as rabies vector species and cannot be relocated without seeking permission from the authorities. If the trapped raccoon looks diseased, it must be humanely killed, buried, cremated, or otherwise disposed of as instructed by the DEC Regional Wildlife Manager or the county health office in question.

Laws Governing About Raccoon Shootings in New York

The proper sports license may take all protected species during specific hunting and trapping seasons. Furbearer hunting may involve the use of air guns. You must have the authorization to use the gun.

First, you must have a proper license for shooting Raccoons in New York. If you start doing it at your whim, the consequences will not suit you. A permit makes your shooting legal, and you can use the animal for sports and food. 

It is also stated in the laws of New York that killing animals unnecessarily is brutal and unethical. It should be discouraged among people. However, if raccoons are harming you, killing them becomes necessary, and the wildlife authorities are there to help you.

How Can You Trap Raccoons in New York State?

Raccoons are simple to capture with traps. A cage or box trap should be employed in populous regions or if you have roaming pets in your neighborhood. 

  • Use a sturdy trap at least 10 by 12 by 32 inches in size. 
  • Make sure the area around the trap is clear of anything a raccoon could grab and pull to the trap before setting it down on a flat surface. 
  • A protective piece of plywood or other barriers that reaches about one foot out on all sides is required to prevent shingles from being ripped when cage traps are installed on rooftops.
  • Anchor-baited cage traps with stakes to stop them from rolling over. 
  • To stop traps from sliding off roofs or other surfaces, secure them with metal strapping or other supports. 

How Can You Shoot and Hunt Raccoons in New York?

With or without a light, you can hunt furbearers as follows:

  • 0.22 caliber gunshots are permissible if the user has a license
  • While using light, you must not go on a hunt while operating a motor vehicle, including an ATV. 
  • It is legal to use a flashlight and a gun under all applicable legislation.
  • Any of the following firearms may be equipped with a light-gathering sight for hunting in the dark.
  • You can employ a crossbow, bow, or handgun.
  • Use a shotgun that is loaded with ammunition (any size).
  • Headshots are encouraged. If an animal is seen in a brutally killed manner, you must pay a fine
  • Having a firearm other than the one registered is considered illegal. Therefore, you can only possess the licensed ones. 

Wrapping it up

Hunting and shooting raccoons are permissible in New York. However, there are some terms and conditions which you need to abide by. Without them, you can be charged with illegal conduct. You need to have a registered gun for hunting down raccoons. 

A licensed person is allowed to kill raccoons if they mean to cause you harm. You can always report the authorities and have them come over to look at your raccoon problem.