Is It Legal To Trap And Kill Raccoons In New Hampshire [Yes]

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Raccoons are little furry creatures that live alongside humans in urban areas. They can come out of the wild time and time again to cause property damage, but is it legal to trap and kill Raccoons in New Hampshire?

Yes, it is legal to trap and kill Raccoons in New Hampshire. You can do this per the laws and regulations of New Hampshire. One must have a proper license to do so. Hunters can get this through proper training.

This article will go through the trapping, hunting, and relocating laws related to Raccoons in New Hampshire. One must know all the details before going out during the hunting season.

Yes, it is legal to trap and relocate Raccoons in New Hampshire. Hunters can trap raccoons by using live traps. Usually, the hunters use the most common method, baiting the Raccoons to trap them. It is best to set the trap right before the evening time.

You can trap and relocate Raccoons in New Hampshire. However, you need permission in written form from the property owner or the public agency. Generally, if you want to relocate, you are on your own as the authorities will not help you relocate the Raccoon to outside premises. You are also responsible for transporting and releasing it at some distance.

Yes, it is legal to hunt Raccoons in New Hampshire. There are specific hunting and trapping seasons in this particular State. However, if one wants to pursue outdoor season, one must seek a special permit. The residents of New Hampshire can apply for a license at the police station of the town they live in.

It is legal for hunters to hunt during the season from September 1st till March 1st. The authorities allow you to hunt them even at night. You need to get a special license for hunting. Thus, they are allowed to hunt five days a week in New Hampshire.  You can only go hunting Raccoons unlawfully if it is the season.

Laws Governing About Raccoons Trapping In New Hampshire

There is a particular season in which the trapping of Raccoons is permissible. The Wildlife Management Unit has determined it in New Hampshire. This season begins in October and can extend to January 15th. Usually, the hunters set traps in an area where the Raccoons are frequently found.

 The people of the State of New Hampshire usually don’t get sick while trapping Raccoons. That is why it is in their law to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) and go prepared to see a trapped Raccoon. Raccoons are carriers of Rabies, which is why hunters must take careful measures to ensure the safety of hunters and the population at large.

Laws Governing About Raccoons Shooting In New Hampshire

It is permissible to shoot the Raccoons only at night. Usually, a 0.22 caliber is allowed for shooting Raccoons in the hunting season. Any firearm that is larger than 0.22 caliber is not permissible. You can get fined if the authorities catch you using these firearms. 

It is also illegal to use light from any motor vehicle or OHRV. The residents must possess a license to shoot Raccoons. The authorities issue license only to people over the age of 18. These authorities reside in the headquarters located in Concord giving these permits. The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department can also deliver it.

How Can You Trap Raccoons In New Hampshire State?

You can trap Raccoons in a number of ways. Each individual should follow all those ways that the government of New Hampshire approves. Hunters can trap in the following ways: 

  1. Setting up a live trap in the hunting season
  2. You can add bait to the trap. It can be with dog food, fruit, cat food, or anything that will attract the Raccoons
  3. Hunters need to place the trap before the evening. Furthermore, they will wait for them to get caught.    
  4. The raccoons are active at dusk as well as dawn.
  5. Artificial food sources like pet food, compost, garbage, or bird seeds don’t attract raccoons.
  6. Hunters can trap Raccoons throughout the summer to fall season. 

How Can You Shoot and Hunt Raccoons In New Hampshire State?

You are allowed to shoot as well as hunt Raccoons in the State of New Hampshire in the following ways:

  1. A designated hunting and shooting season starts in September and ends in March.
  2. Hunting is permissible at night for small Raccoons
  3. You need to check New Hampshire’s website regularly to keep updated about the hunting and shooting laws.
  4. It is permissible to shoot down Raccoons on sight if they depict signs of Rabies. The State of New Hampshire considers it to check self-defense, and anyone can shoot them there and then.
  5. You can shoot Raccoons with a 0.22 caliber gun. Furthermore, you are also not allowed to use crossbows and arrows. These things can cause harm to the animal. 

Wrapping It Up

The State of New Hampshire has particular laws to permit Raccoon hunting, trapping, and relocation. However, you need to get an individual license which will be issued by the authorities. The authorities give them to both residents and non-residents. You need to apply for it at the Headquarters. Moreover, they will deliver it to you soon. 

Hunters are allowed to hunt and trap Raccoons in only some specific seasons. It is essential to respect the time limits that the authorities have provided. If you hunt or trap raccoons in the off-season, the rules will notice it and impose a fine on you. That is why one must be aware of the laws and regulations of the State.