Is It Legal to Trap and Kill Raccoons in Idaho [Guide]

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In Idaho, raccoons come under the category of unprotected and predatory wildlife. Raccoons are nocturnal animals and usually live alone, but you can also find them in home ranges. They can damage your property and belongings. To get them rid of it is essential to know: Is it legal to trap and kill raccoons in Idaho?

Yes, it is legal to trap and kill raccoons in Idaho, but you must have a valid trapping or hunting license to trap raccoons. You can trap raccoons without a daily limit. According to recent hunting laws in Idaho, you can kill raccoons only if they cause damage to your property.

There have been significant changes since July 1 for Idaho residents who want to hunt or trap raccoons. This article will give all the recent updates about raccoon hunting and trapping in Idaho.

Yes, you can tarp raccoons in Idaho if you possess a valid trapping, hunting, or combination license. Under Idaho fishing and game regulations, you can relocate raccoons on any private land after getting consent from the land owner. For trapping or relocating raccoons, you must keep in mind the following points:

  • You cannot trap raccoons if you don’t have a trapping or combination license.
  • After getting a license, you can tarp and relocate raccoons without a bag limit.
  • If a raccoon harms your crops and pets, you can relocate it.
  • According to Idaho Fish and Game Department (IDFG), you must submit a trapping report to the director.
  • You will be exempt from a trapping license if you cannot submit such a report to the director of IDFG.
  • You cannot trap raccoons using illegal bait.

According to recent amendments in Idaho trapping or hunting regulations (IDAPA), raccoons remain under the category of predatory wildlife. Although you can hunt raccoons without any limit on the number and time, you must stick to below guidelines:

  • According to Idaho hunting laws, if you were born after Jan 1, 1975, you must have a hunting education certificate.
  • Besides the hunting license, you can hunt raccoons without completing a hunting education course.
  • You can hunt raccoons without a hunting license if you are under 14 years.
  • To complete a hunting education course, you must be nine years old.
  • Children with life-threatening medical conditions can hunt raccoons without a license.
  • In Idaho, there are different hunting licenses according to your age and residential status.
  • Moreover, you can hunt raccoons in other states of the United States with your Idaho hunting education certificate.

Laws Governing About Raccoon Trapping in Idaho

In Idaho, raccoons come in the group of predators and unprotected species. They can spread rabies or other deadly diseases. They can also attack your dogs and cats. It is necessary to trap them to protect yourself and your belongings. Before going further, remember the below rules and regulations:

  • First, you must have a  trapping, hunting, or combination license.
  • If you are under 14 years, you can trap raccoons without a legal permit.
  • You can trap raccoons without following bag limits.
  • The trap or any device you use for trapping a raccoon must have a tag with your name and address.
  • In line with Idaho trapping regulations, you cannot use any edible as bait for trapping raccoons.
  • Furthermore, if a licensed trapper sets a trap unlawfully within Idaho, you cannot remove it yourself.

Laws Governing About Raccoon Shootings in Idaho

Although raccoons shooting is not an appropriate choice, their predatory and annoying behavior evokes you to kill them, especially if they start destroying your crops and lawns. Do you want to throw them off by shooting? Follow the below points:

  • As predatory wildlife, you can shoot raccoons at any time, in any way, and in any quantity.
  • You can shoot raccoons only if you have a valid hunting license or if they cause damage to your crops.
  • Raccoons cannot be shot or killed with a device or gun that has internet access.
  • You cannot shoot raccoons within city limits and other prohibited areas.
  • To shoot a raccoon on private property, you must take permission from the landowner.
  • You can shoot raccoons on public land only if you have a permit from the director.
  • Moreover, you can shoot raccoons with the help of artificial light with firearms.

How Can You Trap Raccoons in Idaho?

In addition to predatory wildlife, raccoons are furbearers and game animals in Idaho. A special permit or license is required to trap them if they cause a nuisance. You can trap raccoons freely in Idaho by below steps:

  • In Idaho, you can get a resident or a lifetime hunting or trapping license to trap raccoons.
  • Although trapping from a motor vehicle is illegal, you can do it if you are disabled.
  • You cannot use any part of the game animal or bird as bait for trapping raccoons.
  • The Director of IDGF may seize the trap if you place it unlawfully.
  • Before hiring a company to trap raccoons, you must know that it specializes in wildlife removal.
  • After trapping a raccoon, you can release it on private land with a permit.

How Can You Shoot and Hunt Raccoons in Idaho?

If a raccoon enters your house, it may start damaging your lawns and other household things. They also act as a carrier for various diseases that may be fatal for you and your pets. You can hunt or shoot them by carrying out the following steps:

  • The first thing you have to do is to get an Idaho hunting or combination license.
  • You cannot hunt raccoons if you are not an inhabitant of Idaho.
  • If you are a disabled person, you can hunt raccoons from a motorized vehicle after getting a permit.
  • You cannot hunt or shoot raccoons from aircraft.
  • Moreover, you cannot hunt or shoot raccoons from a helicopter except at a recognized airport.
  • You can hunt raccoons with the help of a flashlight, spotlight, and artificial light.
  • Additionally, you can hunt or shoot raccoons using mechanical broadheads during the archery season.


Raccoons can depress you by attacking your dog and cat or damaging your lawns and crops. Raccoons might even rip through the roof of your house if the wood is soft. When raccoons have taken your home, it is necessary to hunt them to avoid harmful consequences.

Have you tried a lot of solutions to throw them off but all in vain? The above guidelines will undoubtedly help you in relieving your stress. Now you can trap raccoons legally using the above methods. Above all, if you are not an expert in hunting raccoons, hire a professional firm for trapping.