Is It Illegal To Kill Pigeons In Vermont [No]

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Pigeons will invade your home for food and shelter and will probably never leave. Unlike other birds, they can stay in one place for a long time. To remove them, you might have to take extreme measures. So, is it illegal to kill pigeons in Vermont? 

No. It is not illegal to kill pigeons in Vermont. You can take them down at any time. But, you will have to wait for small games to shoot or hunt migratory pigeon species. Migratory pigeons are under state protection. So, hunting them without a permit is illegal.  

Pigeons are a health threat to humans. Killing them is necessary. But you must know all the rules. Read the articles to learn about it in detail. 

Which Type Of Pigeons Are Illegal To Hunt And Eat In Vermont? 

You cannot hunt and eat Mourning doves in Vermont. There are two pigeon species living in the state, Mourning doves and Feral pigeons. Mourning doves are migratory bird specie. So, they are protected by the state.  

You cannot legally hunt Mourning doves in the eight American states, including Vermont. It is easy to recognize a Mourning dove. They are plump and large and tend to stay on high places like poles. The overall color is tan or greyish-brown, with black spots on the wings.  

The feral pigeon is the most commonly found species throughout the state. So, you can hunt them all year without any essential permits. You might know Feral pigeons by many other names like City pigeons, city doves or street pigeons, and many more. They have a dark greyish-blueish head, neck, and chest. But, the wing feathers are glossy greenish and reddish-purple. 

Why Is It Illegal To Hunt And Eat Pigeon In Vermont? 

It is illegal to hunt Mourning doves in Vermont. Mourning doves are migratory birds. The birds that travel miles in search of favorable environments and shelter are known as Migratory birds.

The USA protects all migratory bird species as per the MBTA ( Migratory bird Treaty Act) 1918. So you cannot take down any such birds without federal authorities’ permission.  

As per Vermont law, no person can take, possess, transport, or export migratory birds at any time by any means or in any manner. Hunting Mourning doves is illegal, and you can face charges.

The state’s mission is to safeguard all such bird species. It means protecting their habitat. So, spreading awareness and educating locals about birds.  

It is legal to hunt and eat Feral pigeons. But eating Feral pigeons is not safe. These city pigeons carry several organisms that are a significant health risk to humans. So, it is better to avoid pigeon meat overall in Vermont. 

Laws Governing About Pigeon Shooting In Vermont state

Hunting laws in Vermont state ensure the safety of the hunter and the wildlife. Hunters must go through the state hunting rules to learn all the essential points. Following are the laws that you must know when hunting in Vermont.   

Hunting Education Course  

The hunting education course is necessary for all hunters. It is available for all Vermont residents above 12 years. To qualify as Vermont, you must have lived in the state for six months. You also must not have any property in any other USA state. Owning a property does not qualify you as a resident.  

The course is split into parts, one is online classes, and the other is on hand practice. You must be at least 12 years to enroll in the online lessons. After each unit, there is a quiz. You must earn eighty percent to move to the next. Once the online session ends, the certificate will be mailed to you. The course is free for all students.

Hunting License  

Anyone who wants to purchase a hunting license in Vermont must have a Hunter Education certificate course from any state or Canadian province. To remake the hunting license, you must have a copy of your previous one. People under the age of 16 are called youth hunters. So, the state issues Youth hunter licenses. But, people under 16 must have a parent or guardian sign in the presence of an issuing agent to obtain a Youth hunting license. 

Shooting Timings    

The hunting hours begin thirty minutes before sunrise in Vermont. So, it ends thirty minutes after the sun sets. The federal authorities do not permit hunting on Sundays.

Shooting On Private Land   

A landowner, spouse, and children can hunt on private property without a permit in Vermont. People leasing the land from landowners can also hunt on their property without any hunting permit. You will need a permit from the wildlife authorities to hunt pigeons on someone else land. People hunting on burrowed land must respect the owner’s demand. Leave the property in the same condition as you were given. You must also pay back for any damages. 

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Pigeons In Vermont State? 

Pigeon hunting is not difficult when you know all the laws. So, there are laws you must remember while hunting pigeons. The pointers below will guide you through all pigeon shooting and hunting steps.      

  • Purchase a hunting license online or through a wildlife agent. You must carry a hunting license on the field. It can be on an e-device or in print.   
  •  Children under 16 must have a youth hunting license and be with an adult.  
  • Purchase a legal weapon to shoot pigeons. You can only use an air rifle, shotgun, or bow and arrow.    
  •  You cannot hunt Mourning doves under any circumstances. 
  • To hunt in a public place, get your slot by registering online.   
  • To hunt on private property, obtain a permit from the landowner. Keep the hunting permit with you while you are on the field, or it will be considered trespassing.    
  •  Hunting in a residential area is illegal. Look for alternate methods to eliminate pigeons when you have a severe infestation. 
  • Wear safety gloves and goggles on the field, and also carry a first aid box.  
  • You can use decoys, baits, and electronic calling to hunt Feral pigeons.  
  • After hunting pigeons, discard them in large plastic bags.    

Summing Up

In Vermont, you can take down as many Feral pigeons as you want. But it is not legal to shoot or harm Mourning doves. These doves are Migratory bird species. So, they are under MBTA or the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. As the state law, no one can kill, transport, or sell these doves.  

So, hunting Mourning doves is forbidden in Vermont. But, Feral pigeon hunting is open all year with no limits. Hunters can use baits, electronic calls, or other items to lure them toward the field. Furthermore, you can use an air rifle, shotgun, or bow and arrows.