Is It Illegal To Kill Pigeons In Indiana [No]

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Pigeons are more dangerous than you think. They are critters that cause significant harm to the infrastructure. Pigeons are one of the several pests in Indiana that can spread some serious diseases. It is essential to eliminate them. So, is it illegal to kill pigeons in Indiana?  

No. It is not illegal to kill pigeons in Indiana. They are one of the unprotected bird species living in the state. So, people can hunt as many Rock pigeons as they like. However, it is illegal to trap and kill Migratory pigeons.  

It is easy to eliminate pigeons when you know the rules. So, read the article to learn all the laws about pigeon hunting shooting in Indiana. 

Which Type Of Pigeons Are Illegal To Hunt And Eat In Indiana?  

It is illegal to hunt Homing pigeons in Indiana. You might spot Homing pigeons around your house. It is better to leave them alone or contact the wildlife authorities to help you. Remember it is forbidden to trap, injure or harm Homing pigeon in any condition. 

To hunt Migratory pigeons, hunters will have to wait for small games. It is unlawful to harm or kill their off-season. Migratory bird hunting season or small games is in three parts. 

  • 1st September till 16th October. 
  • 1st till 27th November. 
  • 17th December to 2nd January. 

Hunting Migratory pigeons other than the assigned period is illegal. Hunters can eat the doves they have harvested in small games. 

Wildlife authorities allow the hunting of Rock pigeons all around the year. But, the food authorities recommend people avoid Rock pigeon meat. Because Rock pigeons are the carrier of several disease-causing organisms like E. coli. 

Why Is It Illegal To Hunt And Eat Pigeon In Indiana  

It is illegal to hunt Homing pigeons in Indiana. They are domestic birds derived from Rock pigeons. But are selectively bred to find their way home. Homing pigeons are racing birds. In the past, they were used for sending mail and are still in the military. 

Additionally, hunters cannot hunt Migratory pigeons off-season. Few pigeon and dove species are included in the Migratory bird act treaty. This treaty was signed in 1918 between the USA and other countries. According to the treaty, it is illegal to cause any harm to Migratory birds.  It is also unlawful to trap, capture, and sell protected birds. 

However,  wildlife Indiana allows the hunting of Migratory pigeons for a few days every year. This is to control the pigeon population in the state.  The hunting period depends on the breeding season of doves.  

Laws Governing About Pigeon Shooting In Indiana State 

Pigeon hunting laws in the state ensure that hunting is safe and ethical. These sets of rules are the basic guideline for beginners. The shooting laws are similar in all the US states.

However, there is slight differentiation depending on the pigeon species and their infestation in the state. Below are some laws governing pigeon shooting in Indiana. 

Hunter Education Course 

In Indiana, all hunters born after December 31st, 1986, must complete a Hunting education course. There is no age limit for the Hunting education course. Also, there are no charges for the Hunting education course.

The hunting education course is a ten-hour certificate program that is held over two to three days. The course covers all the basics of hunting safely and ethically within Indiana.  

Hunters who cannot attend physical classes can take their lessons online. In the end, there will be a set of activities to test the hunter’s knowledge. After obtaining the certificate, hunters can apply for a hunting license.  

Hunting License 

A hunting license depends on age, residency, and background. Young hunters can purchase a youth hunting license after completing the course. However, the youth hunter must be under the direct supervision of an adult licensed hunter of age 21 or above. Youth aged 17 and below can also participate in small games. Youth and adults can purchase a license online or via a wildlife agent.

Private Property 

Indiana has a large amount of privately owned land. Landowners and tenants can hunt freely hunt on their property without any permits. However, to hunt pigeons on someone else, land hunters will have to take permission from the landowner.

The forum to request permission from the landowner is available online on the Indiana wildlife website.  Fill out the form and get it signed by the landowner to get your permit. When hunting on private land, hunters must abide by state laws and follow all the rules given by the landowner.

Bag Limit 

Migratory pigeons in Indiana are Mourning and Common ground doves. The daily bag count for both dove species is fifteen. Plus, the possession limit is forty-five. The daily bag count is the number of pigeon species you can hunt in a day. But, the possession number represents the number of species you can possess. Hunting Migratory pigeons after you have hit the daily limit is a felony.  


Hunters can use shotguns, bows, and arrows to shoot pigeons in Indiana. Shotguns must be of ten Caliber and cannot hold more than three pallets. The Shotgun, which has three shells in the chamber but can hold more, is not allowed on the Migratory bird hunting field. Additionally, hunters can use mechanical bows and arrows. But the arrows must not be Poisonous.  

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Pigeons In (Indiana) State? 

Shooting and hunting pigeons are easy as long as you know the basic laws of the state. Below are a few pointers to guide you about pigeon shootings within Indiana.  

  • Complete the Hunting education course and take the test at the end of classes.  
  • Submit the Hunting course certificate and purchase your license online on the Indiana wildlife website or through an agent.  
  • Register yourself for the upcoming gaming festival to hunt Migratory pigeons.   
  • To hunt on private land, make your request by submitting the permission slip to the landowner.  
  • Purchase legal weapons, which are shotguns and archery equipment.   
  • Wear a blaze orange or pink vest, cap, and backpack on the hunting field.   
  • Shooting time begins a half hour before sunrise and ends half-hour after sunset.  
  • Do not hunt pigeons on Sundays and also within 500 meters of any worship place.   
  • Avoid shooting pigeons in residential areas and look for alternative options to eliminate pigeons.  
  • Wear safety gloves and goggles on the field, and carry a first aid box on the hunting field.  
  • The wildlife authorities do not allow decoys and electronic callings for Migratory pigeons. However, you can use decoys and food to attract Rock pigeons.  
  • Submit your daily harvest count by filling out the form online on the wildlife website.   
  • Always use separate bags for different pigeon species.   


In Indiana, there is an alarming increase in the pigeon population. It is causing a number of problems within the state. These issues range from damaging homes to the transmission of various diseases. The pigeons are famous for the spreading of E-coli. Their nests are also the source of house mites. Therefore, it is essential to remove sky rodents from the state. 

Shooting pigeon is the easiest solution to decrease the pigeon population. However, wildlife has laid out some rules. The most basic and essential requirement is a hunting license. In Indiana, hunters can hunt all pigeon species except Homing pigeons.