Is It Illegal To Kill Pigeons In Georgia USA [Chek Rules Here]

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Pigeons are a source of disturbance to many landowners in the USA. Some states in the country allow killing pigeons under such circumstances. Killing pigeons might sound inhumane, but it becomes necessary. But, is it illegal to kill pigeons in Georgia USA?  

No. It is not illegal to kill pigeons in Georgia. The state authorities allow the killing, shooting, and hunting of pigeons. However, Georgia citizens cannot kill Migratory pigeons like Mourning doves. To legally hunt Mourning doves, hunters must register for a gaming festival.  

In Georgia, pigeons are also commonly known as rats of the sky. Continue reading the article to learn more details about the rules of pigeon hunting and alternate ways to eliminate them.  

Which Type Of Pigeons Are Illegal To Hunt And Eat In Georgia?

It is not illegal to hunt pigeons in Georgia. The state allows the hunting of pigeons all year except for the Migratory pigeons. There are four pigeon species in Georgia Mourning doves, Common ground doves, Feral pigeons, and White-winged doves. Mourning doves are Migratory pigeons. You can hunt them only during the hunting season.

The Georgia hunting season is split into three seasons; the first season runs from the 4th September-10th October. The second season is eight days and runs from 20th to 28th November. The third season is from 19th December to 31st January. The wildlife authorities limit bag count for Migratory birds. It is fifteen birds per day for Mourning doves in Georgia.  

It is illegal to eat pigeons in Georgia. The pigeons are filthy and the source of diseases. Therefore, the state authorities do not allow hunting pigeons for eating.  

Why Is It Illegal To Hunt And Eat Pigeon In Georgia?

It is not illegal to hunt and eat pigeons in Georgia. However, it is forbidden to hunt Mourning doves all year except during hunting season. Mourning doves are Migratory birds.

According to the Migratory bird act treaty 1918, it is illegal to harm, injure, trap, capture, or kill Migratory birds. Therefore, the state does not allow any landowner to kill Mourning doves even when it is living on your property.  

If Mourning doves have to build a nest on your land, it is better to leave it alone. During hunting season, there is a bag limit of ten Mourning doves per day.

Never try to exceed that bag count else the hunter will face legal charges. Eating pigeons is illegal in Georgia. Because pigeons are the carrier of disease-causing microorganisms, it brings more harm than benefits.  

Is It Illegal To Shoot Pigeons In Your Backyard In Georgia?

Yes, it is illegal to shoot pigeons in your backyard in Georgia. It is unlawful to hunt pigeons or capture the birds from your property. The state allows shooting pigeons in areas with severe pigeon infestation, far from the dwellings. A citizen cannot participate in capturing or hunting Migratory pigeons.  

The federal authorities are slightly lenient towards farmers. Typically, the rural areas are less populated than the city. Therefore, farmers can get rid of annoying pigeons using firearms as long as they possess a hunting license and a permit.

In the city, it is better to rely on other methods like traps and netting to eliminate pigeons. Remember use of firearms in a residential area is a crime.  

Laws Governing About Pigeon Shooting In Georgia State

Shooting pigeons in Georgia is not illegal, but it requires you to follow a set of rules. These laws help hunters in the shooting of pigeons and ensure their safety. Hunters need to abide by the rules else they will face legal charges.  

Following are the few basic shooting laws in Georgia. Read the detail; so you do not have to face any issues in the future.  

Hunting Age  

The minimum hunting age in Georgia is 12. While hunting, young people ages 12 to 17 must be under the direct supervision of an adult hunter of at least 18. According to state law, people under 12 must be under the guidance of an adult possessing a hunting license.  

Hunting License  

A hunting license in Georgia depends upon age and residence. For people under 18, the state issue a Minor hunting license, and people above 65 must have a senior citizen hunting license. The price for each type of hunting license differs.

The hunting license is slightly cheaper for residents of Georgia than it is for nonresidence. You can purchase a hunting license online or from a local agent or directly call to Georgia Wildlife office.  

Hunter Education

Every hunter in Georgia needs to complete a hunter education course before participating in hunting activities. This course is mandatory for all hunting licenses, regardless of age. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources provides free-of-cost physical classes for hunting education courses.

You also have the option to complete the course online with additional fee charges. The hunter education course certificate does not expire. Keep a copy of this certificate, as you will need it for the hunting festival application.  

Migratory Bird Hunting  

The Migratory pigeon in Georgia is a Mourning dove. The state does not allow minor hunters below age 16 to hunt the Migratory pigeons. Hunters must carry a Georgia Migratory bird hunting license to hunt Mourning doves during the gaming festival.  

Shooting Pigeons On Private Property  

It is illegal to shoot pigeons on private land or property without a license. Farmers or land owners must possess hunting licenses before shooting away any nuisance pigeons landing near the harvest. Illegal possession of firearms and shooting without a license and permit can lead to charges.  

The state does not allow shooting pigeons on private land without any valid reason. If anyone caught in the act of shooting wild birds for fun will be accountable to the wildlife authorities. It is illegal to use guns in the area within residential areas. To shoot pigeons, you must be 150 yards away from any residential area, stables, and sheds.  

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Pigeons In Georgia State?

Shooting and hunting pigeons in Georgia is legal. However, causing harm to wild birds without any valid reason is a crime. Following are some pointers to assist hunters in shooting pigeons lingering on your property. These tips will also help you during the hunting season.  

  • The hunters must possess hunting licenses on the field, whether shooting on public property or outdoors.  
  • Minor hunters must be under the direct supervision of adults having hunting licenses.  
  • Before planning any pigeon hunting activity take classes for mandatory pigeon hunting courses.  
  • You will require a separate Migratory pigeon hunting license or permit for hunting Mourning doves.  
  • The hunting time begins a half hour before sunrise and ends a half hour after sunset.
  • Hunters can only use shotguns and air rifles. The use of BB guns and pallet guns is illegal.  
  • It is forbidden to hunt young and injured pigeons.  
  • After hunting, collect all your targets, submit the count to authorities, and properly dispose of the dead pigeons.  


The federal authorities of Georgia prohibit harming wildlife without any valid reason. You can kill pigeons living in your house only in if they are the cause of the disturbance. Shooting pigeons in a residential area is not legal. To remove pigeons from your land, look for alternative ways, including decoys, netting, and reflective surfaces.  

Pigeons can be a cause of annoyance to the farmers. Therefore, they can eliminate pigeons only if the field is at least 150 meters away from the dwellings, stables, and barns. However, the state does not allow shooting Migratory pigeons even when they are the cause of annoyance.