How to Get Rid of Pigeons on Deck: Best Methods

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Having a large population of pigeons near you can be disturbing for you. The pigeons are usually attracted to a water and food source; if that is available in your area, they will definitely not leave it so soon. 

In this article, we are going to explore various ways how to get rid of pigeons on deck. Some of them are stated below. Details of each method will be provided in this article:

  • Use of ultrasound repellers
  • Hanging wind chimes on your deck
  • Using a fake pigeon
  • Putting up spikes
  • Setting your dog or cat on the lose
  • Installing a motion sensor water sprinkling system
  • Getting rid of food sources
  • Changing Location Of Trash Cans
  • Installing nets
  • Using gels to keep pigeons away
  • Using slides to alter flat surfaces
  • Installing Shock-Track System

Though the pigeons are harmless creatures and not a frightening sight to see, having a large population near you will put you in a lot of inconveniences. The detail of each method is given below as follows:

[12 Methods To Get Rid of Pigeons on Deck]

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1- Use Of Ultra Sound Repellers

The pigeons are great listeners. God has bestowed them with the capability of hearing what humans can’t. Pigeons possess sharp ears so that they can listen to and answer the call of other birds- to communicate with them. 

This helps a pigeon in its survival as it can be informed about potential dangers, the presence of a food source, or the lurking of a mating partner. You can use an Ultrasound bird repeller device. What this device does is that it emits bird distress sounds. Each device has multiple settings; you can mix those sounds to make them seem more natural.

2- Hanging Wind Chimes On Your Deck 

People usually install wind chimes on their balconies so that they appear decorative They are also effective against pigeons. The wind chimes usually have shiny surfaces. 

Such a surface is a good reflector of light. This helps deter the birds away. To get rid of pigeons, you need to select wind chimes that not only have a shiny surface but also produce big sounds when they come in contact with the wind. 

However, wind chimes are only effective if the wind blows. If you reside in an area with less airflow, you might not want to opt for the wind chimes option.

3- Using A Fake Pigeon

Fake Pigeon

The pigeons are prey for birds like hawks and falcons. But unfortunately, these birds are not good enough to keep the pigeons out of your deck. One thing you can do is, use a pigeon to scare a pigeon away. 

The fake pigeon is a 3D complete-size pigeon that can make some moments like flapping wings or producing raptor sounds the contrary, no matter how real the installed pigeon looks, the pigeons will become used to it considering the fact that the fake pigeon never flies with them or sleeps, etc., you cannot trick the pigeons for long!

4- Putting Up Spikes


You can choose to install spikes around the deck. This will help keep the pigeons away from your property. These spikes are nothing but protrusions that makes it harder for the birds to sit on. 

The spikes are usually made up of polycarbonate material which is not only long-lasting, but it is also durable. It also does not require much maintenance. 

The spike is not too tall in height. If they were, the pigeons would notice them and avoid them from a distance. Having small spikes around your deck will also prevent your home from looking like a battleground of some sort. 

5- Setting Your Dog Or Cat On The Lose

Dog Or Cat On The Lose

If you have pets like dogs or cats with you, it is best if you let them roam around on the decks during the day. This signals to the pigeons that predators are on the lookout and need to keep away from decks. 

A cat or dog acts like a watchful protector. The pigeons are scared of their predators unless they have been co-residing with them for a while. Once the pigeons realize their landing on your deck is not a good idea. They will try to avoid it and change their course of action.

6- Installing A Motion-Sensor-Water-Sprinkling System

Motion-Sensor-Water-Sprinkling System

You can build a water sprinkling system in your deck and attack a motion sensor with them. The motion sensor detects the presence of pigeons on the deck, and it springs to life, sprinkling water droplets everywhere. 

The pigeons are scared of water and like to keep as far away from it as possible. It also depends on the proximity. If the pigeons get close to the sensor, it will become activated.

Once the pigeons have realized that your deck possesses water sprinklers, they will keep away from it and will not come near it even.

7- Getting Rid Of The Food Sources

Sometimes, the pigeons become such a nuisance, and your area gets so stinky that you have no other option but to get rid of them. Other times, you may have tried several different ways of keeping them away but may have failed in your attempts. 

If the same thing is happening to you, you need to look for food sources. Look around the deck and see if there is a food source inviting the pigeons over for staying too long in your space. Sometimes, if you eliminate the reason for pigeons’ descent, they stop coming to that place. 

8- Changing Location Of Trash Cans

Trash Cans

It would be best if you looked out for the presence of seeds, berries, beans, grains, and fruits. If these are not present, do look for signs of worms like snails, earthworms, and insects. They turn out to be the favorite snacks of the pigeons. 

Sometimes, the pigeons are also attracted to the trash cans. So, you might want to clear them out daily from your deck. You need to look for signs like pigeons hovering around dust bins or if they are bending on it. Your observations matter a lot as they will help you find solutions to your problems. 

9- Installing Nets

Installing Nets

Netting is the easiest and most convenient method of getting rid of pigeons. This prevents the pigeons from landing on or beneath your decks. Nets are cheap to purchase and are available in every other store. 

You just need to look out for the material of the mesh. It should not be too hard; neither should it be so fragile that its breaks with a pigeon’s pecking. One should always opt for a galvanized mesh. Netting also helps in blocking the entry as well as the exit points. The size of the net hole matters too.

10- Using Gels To Keep Pigeons Away

Bird repeller gels are available in the market. If the pigeons are explicitly targeting your deck to land, you can use a gel on top of it. The gel will make the deck a sticky place, and it will make the pigeons feel weird while landing on it. 

This will make the pigeons want to avoid landing on the tape. Gels can be used on a large scale, but it is not strongly recommended. Firstly, it will make your deck sticky. Secondly, the small birds also get stuck in that gel. It makes it difficult for them to fly away. 

11- Using Slides To Alter Flat Surfaces

It is a convenient way to use slides to keep the pigeons away. Installation of slides converts a flat surface to a 45-degree angle, and a pigeon cannot land on them. Usually, these slides are best for installing on interior surfaces.

The pigeons are masters of finding a new spot for themselves. You cannot install slides everywhere but reduce the physical presence of all the pigeons by lining your deck with them. Ultimately, their numbers reduce in size, and they fly away. Alternatively, they can reduce it to a number that does not bother you anymore.

12- Installing Shock-Track System

Installing a shock-track system in your decks will keep the pigeons away. This particular system works by providing stimulation. This stimulation is in the form of electric signals. The shock provided is not strong.

Care is taken to set it to a frequency that does not harm the pigeons in any way but rather keeps them at a safe distance from your decks. This way your decks can be cleared from the unnecessary presence of the pigeons. All you have to do is buy this device and install it underneath your decks for proper stimulation.

Wrapping It Up

The pigeons can cause harm to your wooden decks by their pecking behavior. They can also make a place stinky with their droppings. If a lot of pigeons are coming into your area and you are tired of them, you need to immediately implement the above-stated methods.

These methods will help in solving your pigeon-related issues and will drive them away in no time at all. You can also use a combination of one or more methods for the best results.


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