Get Rid of Mites on Dogs’ Ears Quickly and Effectively

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The mites present in dog ears are also known as Ear Mites. These are contagious parasites that are present in ear canals as well as skin surfaces. These clingy mites affect several species of dogs. Many dog owners are looking for ways to get rid of them.

In this article, we will look at multiple ways to get rid of mites on dog’s ears. The methods are as follows:

Key Methods

  • Use of Topical Medication
  • Giving over-the-counter medication to dogs
  • Application of Ear Drops For Treating Ear Mites
  • Using Ointments For Treating Ear Mites
  • Cleaning The Infested Dog’s Ear Canal
  • Oral Medication For Dog Ear Mites
  • Treating Ear Mites With Baking Soda
  • Use of Injections To Kill Ear Mites In Dogs

By using the methods mentioned above, you need not worry about the mite problem affecting the health of your dogs. Read till the end to know about the causes as well as symptoms of ear mites in dogs. 

What Are Ear Mites?

Ear mites are a type of mites that reside in the ears of humans and animals. More than 90 % of ear mites cause infection in the ear canals of dogs. Ear mites are tiny parasites that cause itching in either one or two ears of the dogs. Sometimes, the production of black wax confirms the presence of ear mites

These tiny parasites can feed off the ear wax and skin oil of the dogs. That is why they prefer living in the ear of dogs. Additionally, the mites can jump from one animal to another as they are contagious. Humans, too, can get ear mites from their dogs 

Life Cycle Of The Ear Mites

The life cycle of Ear mites is quite tiny. This cycle starts from the egg stage. It takes at least three weeks for a mite to grow into an adult. Within these three weeks, the mites undergo five stages. The eggs develop into the larva, which later develops into a nymph.  After a few days, nymph one grows into nymph two.

Life Cycle of ear mites

The nymph two grows into a complete adult in three weeks. The adult stage of the ear mite continues for about two months. This is the prime time for the ear mites to produce.

What Do Ear Mites Look Like?

Ear mites appear to be tiny crawling creatures. It is often difficult to spot them with the naked eye. However, the dogs start itching excessively when they have ear mites. The ear mites produce a lot of wax that irritates a dog’s ear.

Ear Mites Microscopic Image

Moreover, the ear mites cause a black ear discharge. This makes the ear appear black from the inside. The vets usually confirm the presence of ear mites with an otoscope or by taking a sample and viewing it underneath a microscope.

What Are Signs Of Ear Mites in Dogs?

Multiple signs and symptoms indicate the presence of ear mites in dogs, for example, itching and scratching in dogs. The dog’s ears start to give off a bad smell. Moreover, dog owners observe that their pets move their heads too much.

The more they shake, the more it means the infestation is much in the ears. Another indication is that mites leave a lot of debris inside the ears. These black specs give away the presence of ear mites in dogs. 

What Causes Ear Mites In Dogs?

Usually, dogs come in contact with other animals like cats or dogs, which causes ear mites in dog ears. However, ear mite infestation is much more common in puppies than in older dogs. Additionally, the mites stick to the bedding in which dogs lie. This is how mites transfer from one dog to another.

Moreover, ear mites are also spread in areas where many dogs socialize and play with one another. The ear mites are also present on the surface of animal skin. If they start reproducing at an exponential rate, they can spread to the ear canals of animals.

How Much Time Is Required To Get Rid Of Ear Mites In Dogs?

Once the infestation of ear mites begins, it is hard to overcome it. The mites take a lot of time to reverse. Here is how you should proceed with the treatment:

  1. The dog owner should continue the treatment for about three weeks.
  2. The life cycle of mites lasts about 21 days. That is why the treatment should be longer. 
  3. Prescribed medicines are more effective and can help eliminate mites within seven to ten days. 
  4. Dog owners must use creams, ear drops, and ointments to eradicate the colonies of mites inside a dog’s ear canal.

Potential Complications From Ear Mites

The ear mites reside in the ear canal and feed by piercing the lining of the ear. This often results in severe itching and swelling of the ear canal. Moreover, the complications can increase to the level of causing partial or complete deafness in dogs.

The ear mites, if left untreated, can develop blood clots in the ear canal. This condition is an aural hematoma. Due to this, the ear canals and ear drums can face permanent damage and stop functioning.

Difference Between Dog Ear Mites And Ear Wax

There are some differences that help you differentiate between normal ear wax and dog ear mites. It would be best if you kept an eye out for these differences. The average production of resin in ears is yellow. Also, its consistency could be thicker.

However, the wax production by ear mites is darker in color. Also, the discharge strongly resembles the coffee grounds. Furthermore, the ear wax produced by ear mites has a strong, repelling smell. The regular wax is not smelly at all.

Difference Between Ear Mites Vs Ear Infection

The presence of ear mites in ear canals is usually in both ears. The ear mites do not affect just one ear. On the contrary, ear infection affects both ears. The discharge due to the presence of ear mites is dark or black.

However, the release resulting from an ear infection is very sticky and thick. Contrary to this, the ear discharge due to ear mites is relatively dry, crusty, and waxy. However, in both cases, the ears experience inflammation with a distinct odor.

How To Prevent Ear Mites In Dogs In Advance?

There are ways by which you can prevent ear mites in dogs in advance. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Pay a visit to a vet every month. 
  2. Make sure that the vet examines and cleans the ears of the dog.
  3. You should also make sure to clean the dog-bedding kennel as well as your house to prevent the dogs from getting ear mites. 
  4. Last, you should keep your dog away from other pets or animals that may have ear mites. 

How To Stop Ear Mites From Spreading In Other Pets?

There are several ways by which you can stop the spread of ear mites to other animals:

  1. Limit the animals from socializing with one another. 
  2. Make sure the animals do not sleep in the same space. 
  3.  Ensure that each animal goes to the vet for getting its ear flushing once a month at least.
  4. Isolation of the animal with ear mites helps to stop the spread of ear mites from one animal to another.
  5. As ear mites are also present on the surface of the skin, make sure that you wash and clean your animals every week.

How To Get Rid Of Ear Mites In Dog Ears?

Here are 8 methods to get rid of ear mites in Dog ears.

1) Use of Topical Medication

Topical Medication

As ear mites are present inside the ear canals of dogs, there is some medication you can apply to get rid of them. For instance, the use of topical medication is entirely every day for treating ear mites in dogs. Usually, people do not prefer going to the vet. They rely more on topical medicines as they are pretty effective.
You can apply this medicine to the dog’s ear. Usually, such a remedy is readily available at any store. However, in some stores, they might need a prescription. You must consult the vet first before applying topical medicines to your dog. Examples of topical medications are Acarexx and Milbemite.

2) Giving Over-The-Counter Medication To Dogs

Counter Medication To Dogs

There are many over-the-counter medications available that you can give to your dogs. However, many experienced doctors compare them with prescription medication. In their opinion, over-the-counter medication is less effective. This is in terms of the time this medication takes to work in a dog’s body.
The over-the-counter medication needs three to four weeks to work properly. On the other hand, prescription medicine can begin to show its effect in seven to ten days or less. It all depends on the drug you are giving to your dog. Example of over-the-counter medication includes Eradimite and Otomite.

3) Application Of Ear Drops For Treating Ear Mites

Ear Drops For Treating Ear Mites in Digs

Many people like to go for liquid medication as it is portable and easy to apply. Hence why the use of ear drops is quite common when it comes to getting rid of ear mites in dogs. One of the most effective ear drops is NexGard.
All you have to do is purchase this bottle of ear drops and add them to the ears of dogs. Usually, a single dose of these drops is sufficient to be effective against the ear mites in dog ears. However, if the dog continues to feel irritation, you must plan a visit to the vet.

4) Using Ointments For Treating Ear Mites

Ointments For Treating Ear Mites in dogs

Dog owners can use a lot of ointments like Frontline, Ivermectin, Tresaderm, Simparica, and Bravecto. However, you must consult the vet and then start applying the medication. The creams are effective when treating ear mites inside the dog’s ears.
The main advantage of applying ointments is that a dog’s body absorbs these ointments very well.  Moreover, the creams are easy to use on dogs’ ears. Additionally, the ointments are very effective in preventing any secondary infections in dog ears due to the presence of mites.

5) Cleaning The Infested Dog’s Ear Canal

Cleaning The Infested Dog’s Ear Canal

Sometimes, the medication does not work correctly to kill all the mites inside dog ears. Additionally, it would be best if you took your dog to the vet so that the doctor can use the strategy of flushing ears of the dog. During this process, the vet uses specific tools to flush out the content of the dog’s ear.
Plus, the vet is also able to do an internal examination of a dog’s ear. This way, the vet can state whether there is a fungal or bacterial infection. This is helpful in the complete treatment of the disease. Moreover, it cleans out all the debris left behind by the mites in a dog’s ear.

6) Oral Medication For Dog Ear Mites

Dog owners can also choose to give oral medication to their dogs. This will help the dogs be free from the mites. Oral medication has a fast-working mechanism for getting rid of mites in dogs. Dog owners can give certain drugs to their dogs, including Nexgard, Simparica, Credelio, and Bravecto.
All these drugs have a license. Moreover, the advantage of giving these drugs to dogs orally is that they help eradicate ticks and fleas. Such medications are multi-purpose. That is why many dog owners prefer to give them to their dogs.

7) Treating Ear Mites With Baking Soda

Treating Ear Mites With Baking Soda

Many people prefer to avoid visiting the vet for common problems and are looking for an easy way out. This remedy is for them. The dog-owners can use baking soda in their homes to get rid of mites in dog ears.
Dog owners can eliminate mites by mixing a cup of lukewarm water with one teaspoon of baking soda. Next, they should soak a cotton ball or bud in this mixture and apply it on the inside surface of the dig’s ear. Within a week, the mites and their reproduction slow down. After some time, the mites start to die, and the dog is cured.

8) Use of Injections To Kill Ear Mites In Dogs

Use of Injections To Kill Ear Mites In Dogs

The use of injections is one of many choices of any vet. However, in some cases, ear infestation by mites is so much that no medication in the form of oral or ointment has any effect on the dog. In such cases, the vet decides to inject dogs with some medication.
Usually, Ivermectin drug is given to dogs. The frequency of providing this injection is once a day. This injection is given to dogs for a week. If the infestation continues for a long, the vet may feel the need to prolong this treatment for a couple of weeks. Most of the mites stay for a longer duration and take their time to reverse.

Wrapping It Up

Ear mites in dogs are a common infestation. The ear mites might spread from one animal to another. The animal might also contract them from pet kennels and bedding. Ear mites differ from ear infections, so you must check for the differences. You can also take your dog to a vet to confirm the presence of ear mites.

Since the life cycle of ear mites is about 20 to 21 days, you should continue medication for about three weeks. Furthermore, it would help if you took your dog for ear-washing. You can also adopt some house remedies mentioned in the methods above.


1. Will Peroxide Get Rid Of Ear Mites In Dogs?

People use home remedies to treat their dogs instead of relying on prescriptions. It is common to use peroxide to get rid of ear mites in dogs. However, it has more disadvantages than benefits. Using peroxide instead of ears can lead to burning sensations and may result in inflammation. It is preferable to take your dog to a doctor for proper treatment.

2- Can Tea Tree Oil Kill Ear Mites In Dogs?

It is common knowledge that tea tree oil has anti-microbial and antifungal properties. However, it has no use against ear mites in dogs. That is why you should avoid putting it in dog ears. Moreover, it will only cause stinging and burning inside the dog’s ears if you do so. Furthermore, it can also damage the eardrums of dogs.

3- Can Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Ear Mites In Dogs?

No, this is a myth that needs to be addressed. Hydrogen peroxide does not get rid of ear mites in dogs. On the other hand, using peroxide can cause a lot of irritation in the healthy ear cells of dogs. Moreover, if you keep using hydrogen peroxide inside dog ears, it will damage the ear directly.

4- Does Vaseline Cure Ear Mites In Dogs?

Yes, Vaseline is effective in curing ear mites in dogs. Like all the other oils, Vaseline is excellent in removing ear mites. Vaseline works by suffocating the ear mites in the ears. It provides a thick covering and causes the mites to stick together. The mites cannot escape the thick tendency and ultimately die out.

5- What Happens If Ear Mites Go Untreated?

Not treating ear mites can have dire consequences. The mites keep on eating the inside linings of the ear. They can inflict damage on the ear drums. With time, it develops into partial deafness. If left untreated, your dog can become entirely deaf too. That is why you must jump to action and treat your dogs timely. 

6- Can Humans Get Ear Mites From Dogs?

No, humans cannot get ear mites from dogs. Though ear mites are contagious from one animal to another, they do not transfer from dogs to humans. You need not fear going near the dogs if they have ear mites. You can quickly go near them and offer them treatment.

7- Can A Dog Get Ear Mites From A Cat? 

Yes, dogs can get ear mites from a cat and other animals that already have mites. That is why keeping your dog away from cats with mites in their ears is preferable. The dogs come near the cats and get the mite infestation. The dogs can also get the mites infestation if they sleep or roam around in places with cats. 

8- Do Ear Mites Produce Smell? 

Yes, the ear mites do produce a distinctly bad smell. The normal ear wax is odorless and is simply yellow. The ear wax with mites appears black in color and has a bad smell. This particular smell is a sign that your dog has a mite infestation. That is why you must spring to action and do something about it.