Does Alka Seltzer Kill Pigeons

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The Alka-seltzer is an effervescent antacid. It acts as a pain killer. The primary ingredients of Alka-Seltzer have three active ingredients, i.e., aspirin, anhydrous citric acid, and sodium bicarbonate, but does Alka seltzer kill pigeons?

No, Alka seltzer does not kill pigeons instantly. It is an anti-inflammatory medication and is ineffective when it comes to killing pigeons. It is of the view that Alka seltzer causes a lot of gas in the stomach of pigeons and will eventually cause them to die. 

This article will explore some facts about Alka Seltzer and its related side effects. We will also examine why it is not enough to kill pigeons and what other alternative methods can be used to kill them. 

Why Does Alka Seltzer Kill Birds?

Alka seltzer is a famous chemical compound that is known to cause death in birds. The people who purchase it believe that it causes enough gas in the stomach of birds that it causes them to explode.

This is not true for every bird and it depends on the concentration plus the quantity of the chemical being given. This can lead to death in birds as they are not able to withstand all the pressure being put on their bodies.

The same compound is tested on pigeons and there are several myths regarding this. This article is there to clear the notion about Alka seltzer, pigeons, and explosion in birds.

Myths Regarding Pigeons That Explode

There are some myths related to exploding pigeons. Pigeons ingest the food will eventually cause birds to swell up and explore. Such foods include Alka Seltzer medication. 

However, many people believe these myths are true. This is due to what they see on social media, especially animated ones. Contrary to common perception, people should know about the fact that pigeons’ bellies are capable of expanding. 

When a pigeon’s stomach expands, it has sufficient space to contain all the air inside of it. Secondly, if the gas tries to exceed the threshold, it can easily be eliminated from the body of a pigeon. This is the negative-positive feedback loop in a person’s body. 

Pigeons Feeding On Alka Seltzer

Using Alka Seltzer to kill pigeons is much similar to feeding rice to pigeons to kill them. Rice is considered to be dangerous for pigeons in the context that it expands when it gets in touch with the water. 

The stomach of birds is thought to be inflexible towards all the changes induced, but this is a false notion for the birds show resilience towards this and later recover from whatever it is they have ingested. 

Most people just want something new to try so that they can kill pigeons. Sometimes, the product is not that harmful, but people think its excessive amount will eventually cause the animal to die. It would be best if you had more than Alka Seltzer for killing pigeons. 

Does Alka Seltzer Contain Paracetamol?

Yes, Alka Seltzer does contain paracetamol. It dissolves in the water ready to give a clear solution. The basic ingredient of this medicine is caffeine, sodium hydrogen carbonate, acetylsalicylic acid, and paracetamol.

This sodium hydrogen carbonate goes into the stomach to produce gas and it makes the stomach bloated. Due to this reason, the pigeons’ bellies become bloated and the myth circulates about them exploding during their lifetime.

However, in reality, every medicine has a counter effect on our body and our bodies can cope with the stress induced by medicine. Hence why the pigeons protect themselves against the harmful effects of medication

Having Gas In Body Won’t Kill A Pigeon

The birds have mechanisms that differ from us. They are not able to pass the wind as people usually do. That is because not enough gas is generated inside the pigeon due to the lower concentration of bacteria present in the gut. 

Still, if excessive gas is built inside the pigeon’s belly, it will have to release into the external environment. Hence, this negates all the previous myths about pigeons, gases, and the use of Alka Seltzer.

In this article, we will read about all the other ways one can kill a pigeon, except relying on the overdose of Alka Seltzer or compounds with a similar chemical composition. 

Is It Illegal To Poison Pigeons?

Yes, it is illegal to poison pigeons in some parts of the world. The pigeon problem is massive in some areas, and people do not know what to do with it. They get tired and frustrated over time. Many people think about whether it is legal or illegal to target pigeons and kill them. 

It also largely depends on the laws stated in the books. For instance, in some states, poisoning pigeons is like being cruel to animals, while others do not agree. They are of the view that pigeon poisoning can affect the food chain as a whole. 

For instance, a pigeon that has consumed poison and has died can be eaten by a pet living in the house. This way, you kill an intended animal along with an unintended one. Moreover, one can’t kill pigeons by poisoning them in great numbers as this can waste a lot of your money.  

What Happens If A Pigeon Eats Alka-Seltzer?

Pigeons, like most animals, can regurgitate the Alka-Seltzer. They immediately start feeling sick or dizzy afterward. The pigeons are not able to ingest Alka Seltzer and develop stomach issues. 

Usually, if a pigeon feels uneasy after taking something, it will not feel comfortable about eating it again. So, if they are being given this constantly, it will result in adverse health issues. The pigeons will not die then, but regular consumption will surely upset their standard working mechanism. 

You can opt for other ways to get rid of pigeons. The use of Alka-Seltzer is unpleasant for the pigeons and will not give you the desired results either. That is why you need to explore your options. 

What Is The Best Pigeon Deterrent?

The use of spikes is the best pigeon deterrent. It is not legal to kill pigeons, but you can do something to get rid of them. This way, you will be able to target them and reduce their population from your area by keeping them away. 

If you line up the fence with spikes, it will keep the pigeons away. You can also consider using ultrasound devices, optical gels, and plastic owls. The pigeons are frightened of them and will remain far from where you live. 

The use of reflective discs is yet another good option. Some people also make use of nettings. The pigeons do not come near it and will resort to an alternative way. 

Wrapping It Up

Alka Seltzer killing pigeons is nothing but a myth that has been circulating in society for a long time. The pigeons after consuming them, do get a bloated stomach and they fluff up, but they do not just explode in mid-air.

The pigeons cope with the stress induced by medication on their bodies. But excess of everything is bad and these pigeons have developed health issues if they keep on prolonging the use of Alka Seltzer.