Do Cockroaches Come Out at Night? Unmasking the Nocturnal Pest

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Nothing is more unpleasant than finding a cockroach in your bedroom, especially when you enjoy a sound sleep. Cockroaches are used to hide in dark spots and emerge when they are overflowing. You may wonder now; do cockroaches come out at night?

Yes, cockroaches come out at night because they are nocturnal and feel energetic during these hours. Since there is less activity from people and other animals, roaches can consume and reproduce without interference at night. Moreover, due to their night vision, it is easy for cockroaches to explore things at night.

If you want to know more about cockroach vision and their activity during the night, read the below guidelines.

Does a Cockroach Love Light or Dark?

Cockroach love light more than dark because it is easy for them to hide during the night. They don’t hate natural or artificial light. It is because of their nocturnal nature and preference to hide in shadowy areas to avoid predators.

However, wild cockroach species are more active in light. Even common house roaches have been known to move near TV screens at night. Furthermore, they are so cunning and understand how to hide from others. All cockroaches will hide in their hiding places as soon as you switch on the light. Thus, they love dark or peaceful places more than light or illuminated areas.

Why Do Cockroaches Prefer Dark?

Cockroaches prefer the dark because it provides them with favorable conditions for thriving. Below are some reasons for cockroach preference for darkness:

  • Quietness: The little noise might frighten roaches easily. As nighttime is quieter than the day, cockroaches can detect danger through loud noise.
  • Coldness: Because darkness is cooler than light, cockroaches can go about without obstacles. Moreover, it assists roaches in looking for food and water.
  • Less number of predators: Humans and the majority of animals are asleep at night. Because of this, cockroaches have the ideal opportunity to move around freely and obtain a tasty feast.
  • Low risk of danger: In the dark, cockroaches can move freely and find food without any risk of danger.
  • Best time for reproduction: Cockroaches prefer dark to lay and hide their eggs.

Does a Cockroach Sleep at Night?

Based on their circadian rhythm, cockroaches may sleep for a few hours at night. The circadian rhythm is a cycle of sleep and wakefulness that alternates between periods of activity and inactivity.

According to the Journal of Comparative Neurology, the sleep-wake cycle in cockroaches is controlled by a circadian clock in the brain’s optical center. During the active part of the circadian clock, cockroaches stay awake and active while, during the inactive, they sleep.

Several household cockroaches stay active during the first few hours when the light goes off. And these few hours are sufficient for cockroaches to feed and breed. However, if there is a severe cockroach infestation in your house, you may see cockroaches hunting for food throughout the day.

Therefore, if you notice cockroaches in the early morning, you probably have a big issue on your hands.

Why Does a Cockroach Come Out at Night?

Since they are nocturnal pests, cockroaches emerge at night. An animal is considered nocturnal if it is active at night but rests during the day. It is due to their circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is a mental clock that regulates sleeping and waking, preparing an animal for optimal operation. Moreover, it works together with light and dark.

Although the sleep-wake cycle is the primary circadian rhythm, it controls hormones, food and digestion, and body temperature. There are two cycles of the circadian clock:

  • Diurnal: It is a biological function that naturally matches sunrise and sunset. This group includes humans, who traditionally work during the day and sleep at night.
  • Nocturnal: Animals that are nocturnal fall asleep during the day and stay active at night. Cockroaches are an example of such animals.

What Time Do Cockroaches Come Out at Night?

As cockroaches are nocturnal animals, they come out at night a few hours before midnight. During four hours after dusk, cockroaches are most likely to be active before going into a phase of immobility. This immobility period is similar to humans sleep.

Cockroaches awaken during the night and start their never-ending search for food and shelter. They can wander your dark kitchen to look for any food particles they can discover and will eat just about anything. Thus, keep your kitchen clean so that roaches don’t dare to move in during the night.

Do Cockroaches Crawl on You at Night?

Yes, cockroaches can crawl on while you sleep. Because they are skilled climbers, cockroaches have no trouble crawling onto your bed. Due to the same dietary habits, cockroaches enjoy coexisting with humans. There is a higher likelihood that you may spot them at night because they are nocturnal insects.

Cockroaches Crawl on You at Night

Because cockroaches are often wary of humans, there is a slight chance of showing up in front of you while you are awake. Yet, since you lay down while you sleep, cockroaches feel considerably more comfortable approaching you.

How to Deal with Cockroaches at Night?

Seeing a cockroach creep across the bed while you are asleep is the worst nightmare. Even though they don’t bite, roaches can cause sensations of dread and disgust. Moreover, inhaling these pests’ feces and skin in an infected home might set off an allergic reaction or exacerbate asthma symptoms.

To keep roaches away at night, follow the below steps:

Quick Steps

  • Don’t let food or moisture go inside your sleeping space.
  • Wipe out any standing water and discard the litter if you have pets.
  • Inspect for any cracks and gaps in your walls or doors and close them with caulk to ward off roaches.
  • Clean your bedroom and home regularly, and don’t leave food open in your kitchen and bedroom.
  • Dry out every wet spot, such as those near drains and under sinks. And to get rid of indoor dampness, use a dehumidifier.
  • Furthermore, avoid cluttering things and remove your trash regularly.


Do Roaches Come Out with Lights On?

Yes, cockroaches may come out with lights on, but they don’t prefer doing so. Cockroaches may flee as soon as you turn on the light because they are terrified of it. Moreover, cockroaches work best at night. Therefore, if you suddenly brighten the room, they wonder if the predator is nearby and leave.

Why Does a cockroach Come Out During the Day?

Although cockroaches are night lovers, they come out during the day in certain situations. Cockroaches are very adaptable, so if circumstances require them to leave during the day, they will. They used to move out during the day under two situations:
– When they are starving and have nothing to eat.
– When they are short of food and water due to overcrowding.

Do Cockroaches Go Near Humans at Night?

Yes, cockroaches may go near humans at night because of their shared eating habits. During their nighttime foraging for food, cockroaches occasionally come across people when they are fast asleep. They usually become closer to humans when they sleep without removing food from their bedsides.

Why Do Cockroaches Run Away from the Light?

Although light doesn’t harm cockroaches, they avoid light because they can’t hide when the light is turned on. Moreover, they are at risk of capturing by predators when the light is bright. Because of this, once the light is on in your house, they won’t dare go outside.

How Long Do Roaches Stay Out at Night?

Like other animals and insects, cockroaches sleep and adhere to a particular circadian rhythm. Since they are nocturnal insects, they rest or sleep throughout the day. After dusk, cockroaches typically remain active for four hours before becoming inactive.

Do Cockroaches Have Night Vision?

According to the Journal of The Royal Society Publishing, the main goal of night vision in nocturnal animals is to extract information from noisy visual input. Thus, cockroaches perceive their surroundings at night by translating a loud stimulus into sight. Moreover, the cockroach’s eye is like a compound lens, consisting of more than 2,000 tiny photoreceptors that enable them to see in total darkness.

Final Thoughts

Cockroaches are highly prevalent household pests, so managing them is a real hassle. They emerge at night as a cunning means of surviving. This strategy enables the roaches to locate food when there is less chance of being discovered by predators.

Further, they move out at night because they have a specific sleep-wake cycle and can see better during this time. To deal with cockroaches at night, you should clean your home before leaving for bed and don’t eat on your bed before sleeping. However, contact a pest control specialist if the infestation is more severe.