Can Squirrels Climb Chicken Wire? [Explained]

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Squirrels are a gardener’s worst nightmare. Gardeners are always looking for strategies to keep squirrels out of their gardens. These small mammals can slip through wires, so keeping squirrels away from your home may not be easy. But can squirrels climb chicken wire as well?

Squirrels can climb chicken wires and seem to be excellent climbers. There is no effective use other than making a roof with wire mesh. The plastic wire is too thin for squirrels to climb on, so you can use it to keep squirrels away. 

They can climb anything that provides enough support and is sturdy enough to support their weight. Read the full article for more details.

Video: See How Squirrel Climb Wire

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What Length Of Chicken Wire Keep Squirrels Out?

Chicken Wire

When installed properly, a 1-inch chicken wire can effectively hinder squirrels in your garden. Squirrels and other small rodents shouldn’t be able to get through the tiny hole in the 25mm thick wire. To keep squirrels away, many gardeners recommend the use of wire mesh no larger than 1 inch, but pests will get into your crops if they are any larger.

2-Inch Chicken wire cannot stop squirrels. Make sure squirrels can’t fit their heads through the wire mesh entrance. Rats are reported to be able to pass through fence openings if their heads are small enough.

Chicken wire with a diameter of two inches has two holes for every inch of the wire mesh. Most squirrels can’t fit through something this size, but some can with minimal difficulty. Even though it will certainly cost more, choose a smaller size.

Can Squirrels Chew Chicken Wire?

Squirrels Chew Chicken Wire

Yes, squirrels can chew a chicken wire. Squirrels have strong teeth that grow continuously. Squirrels nibble and archive things easily, they are skilled rodents and can pierce through any hard object. They can nibble on a wire depending on the thickness of the wire. 

Chicken wire mesh sizes range from 1mm -0.7mm. The chicken wire must be too stiff for squirrels to chew on, but you can avoid this by choosing a lower thicker gauge.

A variety of materials can be used to create wire mesh. Galvanized steel wire mesh is coated with zinc to protect from the sun, while PVC-coated wire mesh can also be used outdoors for extended periods without rusting. Even some chicken wire is made of plastic but not very strong.

How To Stop Squirrels From Climbing Chicken Wire?

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Chicken Wire is available in many variations on the market. When buying chicken wire, there are a few things to remember. Even when the chicken wire is used, most homeowners still experience squirrel panic in their yards.

The methods listed below will prevent squirrels from climbing chicken wire.

Dome-Shaped Squirrel Baffles

Dome-Shaped Squirrel Baffles

Squirrel baffles in the shape of a dome or an umbrella are typically constructed of transparent material. Typically, this serves to shield chicken wire from above. In this manner, squirrels will slide down if they jump from a nearby platform or a tree.

Cone-Shaped Squirrel Confounds

As the name suggests, the squirrel cone baffle resembles an upside-down funnel. It is commonly hung from chicken wire. This type of baffle effectively prevents the squirrel from climbing the chicken wire, even if the squirrel climbs or jumps off the ground. The conical baffle is designed to tip over and slide down when a squirrel falls.

Squirrel Disc Baffle

Similar to the conical baffle is the squirrel platform or disc-shaped baffle. The disc baffle is placed on a chicken pole just below the wire fence to prevent squirrels from trying to climb the wire fence. This baffle is probably the least recommended one. If the squirrel jumps high enough, the flat surface may help it land safely on the baffle.

Tube-Shaped Squirrel Baffles 

The majority of the bird feeder poles are covered with tube-shaped squirrel barriers. The squirrels are somehow tricked into continuing to climb the chicken wire, but as they reach the summit, they are stopped in their tracks.

Use A Slinky


Using a slinky is one method you can use to stop squirrels from scaling chicken wire. This is a very popular solution due to its low cost and simplicity. Slinky can be purchased at a nearby store. Tuck it into the chicken wire, pin it to the top, and then drop it. No matter how many times the squirrel tries to climb, it will fail.

Use PVC-Coated Chicken Wire

PVC-Coated Chicken Wire

The most common chicken wire is PVC-coated steel. Made from a synthetic polymer, the steel behind the PVC jacket is weather protected to prevent rust and corrosion and stop the squirrels from climbing chicken wire.

Remove Birdfeeders


Squirrels are too big to walk, so they have to jump up and down on vertically arranged chicken wires. Bird feeders should deter squirrels if suspended at least 8-10 feet from the chicken wire and 5 feet from the ground.


Squirrels are excellent climbers and can be difficult to keep out of your garden. The easiest way to get rid of squirrels is to use chicken wire mesh to create a barrier to keep them out. Squirrels have small bodies and heads, so using a 1-inch wire mesh also works well. Anything larger than 1 inch will not prevent squirrels from getting inside.

If the wire is thin enough, a squirrel can easily nibble it. Also, when buying chicken wire, it is recommended to keep a few things in mind. Material, mesh, width, and mesh are some important factors.